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Watch Samsung’s designers get way too deep and contradict each other with the Galaxy S 4

Samsung galaxy s 4 design generic

The design process of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 was no joke. “How can it be a meaningful life companion?” “It understands me… it’s aware of me… It knows what I’m trying to do…” “How can we change people’s lives for the better?” These are the thoughts of Samsung’s smartphone designers.

“A precious stone glittering in the dark, or countless stars sparkling in the night sky. We were inspired by these kinds of elements of nature,” says Samsung product designer Jongbo Jung, right after product designer Hyoungshin Park says, “While Galaxy S 3 has natural elements as a motif, in Galaxy S 4, the form factor was designed with a more rational approach, and the CMF was created with more emotional elements in mind.” “Not a radical difference. But more of an evolution,” says one designer. Followed by another designer saying, “Like nothing you’ve seen before?”

Never change, Samsung. Never change.

As an added bonus, in another video today, Samsung has crafted their very own Gangnam Style parody, “S 4 Samsung style.” I swear, you can’t make this stuff up.

Source: DroidLife

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  • Jehu

    Sure, if you think different employees working on different parts of a very elaborate projects talking about their own feelings about it as if they’re speaking for the whole, sure. You’d think they’re being contradictory. But note that the S3 *software* had natural elements in the motif whereas the S4 has it on their hardware. Different statements altogether and not contradictory. Also, the software and sensors are something you’ve never seen before, yet the hardware design is evolutionary. This wasn’t rocket surgery. Just show the video if you have nothing to write about.

  • Gir

    Why are you so judgmental about the video? Everyone chooses their phone for whatever reason they want it to be. This doesn’t make one’s reasoning as to why they chose the phone right or wrong. Let the owner decide what it means to them. These designers worked on the phone on different parts and each had a connection as to what the phone meant to them.

    • Mobile Recharge App

      Yes i agree with you.

  • Max.Steel

    Samsung can go to hell for all I care.

  • donger

    Samsung phones are shiny, cheap plastic phones. Not worth the price compare to HTC’s offerings.

    • Joel

      Not worth the price? I’m sorry but I’d rather a plastic outside with new insides n a plethora of new features than a metal outside with boring insides where I can pretty much do everything on the phone in under 10 minutes. thats like saying you would prefer a metal ps2 over a plastic ps3.

      • herbivore83

        How much time have you spent with the One? With the S4? Personally, I’d rather something new and refreshing with beautiful hardware than what I see as a rehash of old features and new bloated “features” taking up 8GB of memory.

        Both phones are great pieces of technology and have their own niche. I prefer one, you prefer the other. No reason to go putting people down for having different opinions.

    • SGB101

      I spend more than I should, I a don’t think many are worth what they cost. Not for a device to last me, 12-24months

      They have basically replaced the 18 month laptop upgrade.

      I can’t say the Samsung is cheap, the insides are great, but I wouldn’t say the insides of the One are boring.

      As long as the battery holds up on the One, I can’t see any owner being disappointed. The one will not be as popular, which is also nice to have

    • Danger

      I wanted to get the HTC one before I looked at the camera comparison done by cnet.

    • scubabum

      I agree that Samsung could use better materials for their phones’ backside.
      As for features, Samsung’s phones are the top of the lines.

    • Kevin

      I used to have nothing but HTC phones Mougel evo and evo3d and as nice as the phones were on the outside they were junk on the inside. They all crashed with updates every one of them.
      Apparently you have never owned an HTC phone because if you did you would not have left one sided comment.

  • h0ruza

    I’ve not watched the video yet so this is a statement that’s shooting from the hip.

    If the statements are or seem contradictory could it be that the video was made after the fact by the PR team and is a tool to make you talk about the S4 on blog comments?

    Do we really need an explanation for them delivering an obvious production tweak? Come on the screen is predictably bigger and they made its sides less curved.
    Are we to believe that took a year of looking at a drawing board and endless late nights of scrapping sketch after sketch.

    Believe what you like but I’ll lay bets that there’s a program that helps squeeze all the parts they need into the most economic foot print and then the result is handed over to the plastic elves.

    • Ben

      This is what is expect. Many other industries do this. I expect Samsung invested its R&D money expecting an initial product and a face lift.