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HTC One Q&A Part 2


Several weeks ago we asked for your questions about the new HTC One, and nearly 1k people responded. We have been sifting through the comments and we hand picked a select few to feature in today’s Q&A feature. Read on for Part 2 of our answers, and don’t forget to check out Part 1 if you missed it.

Question by DevCompany: How well does HTC One sync my data with Mac OS computers and how easy is it to transfer my contacts and emails from iPhone?


Transferring content from an old phone is easy with the transfer tool.

Answer: HTC provides a tool to transfer data from almost any smartphone including the iPhone (models 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5). For an iPhone it is easy to restore your content from an iTunes backup file. Users just need to connect their iPhone to a computer, install HTC Sync Manager, and then choose the content they want to transfer. Select content can also be transferred from an iPhone to the HTC One via Bluetooth.

For transferrring content from an Android phone to the new HTC One, users can install the HTC Transfer Tool from the Google Play Store. This Android app establishes a direct WiFi connection between the two devices and allows users to select the content they want to transfer.

Question by sandwich: What is the actual, regular-usage battery life? After all the excitement fades and you get into a regular usage pattern, does it last the whole day and then some, or do you need a charger part-way through?

Answer: Every user will see different battery life based on their location and the types of Android apps they have installed. For me, the new HTC One typically lasts 14-16 hours on a single charge. I consider myself an average user, but I keep all the radios on including Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi.

HTC also provides an optional Power Saver mode that further extends battery life. This tool allows you to throttle the CPU power, reduce the screen brightness, turn off vibration, and puts your data connection to sleep when the screen is off.

Question by mcheung: Here is my question for HTC. Why did you decide to take away the “Recent Apps” button and just have the “Home” and “Back” buttons?


The HTC One only features two buttons — back and home.

Answer: From what I understand, HTC removed the multitasking button to further simplify the phone operation for average users. Recent apps can still be opened by double-tapping the home button, and Google Now can be launched by holding down the home button.

Question by tommydaniel: With all the camera features, which new feature is your favorite?

Answer: My favorite part of the camera experience has to be Video Highlights. This feature takes all the photos, videos, and Zoes (3 second clips of video and photos) from your gallery and then automatically creates a 30 second highlight video. There are six theme packs to choose from that determine the video effects, timing of the cuts, and background music.

This is my favorite feature because the phone does all the work. You can take your new HTC One out to the park and record a bunch of video clips and photos of your family, and then watch a video of the event by the time you get back to your care. Each video file is compressed to around 10-15 MB, so they are easy to share on any social network of your choice.

I have been using Video Highlights every weekend since I got my HTC One, and I can’t wait for HTC to add some new theme packs to remix my content.

Brought to you by the new all-metal HTC One®. It’s everything your phone isn’t.


Source: HTC One

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  • Co1e

    Thanks for doing these Q&A’s. Great work! Hate to ask another question but do you miss the “menu” button?

    • Dannyhyu

      A digitizer was found behind the HTC logo.

      To those who want a third capacitive button where the HTC logo is, or the Home buttons typically were. Tbalden of the XDA is working on a kernel that makes the HTC logo the menu button or a wake/sleep button.

      • tommydaniel

        They should have used the HTC logo as a home button from the start. Why have it available and turn it off?

      • Co1e

        I read about that. I was asking more for my gf who never roots and therefore would never have access to that. Thanks for the link. I’ll be keeping an eye on that.

  • Roxing

    Thanks for the Q&A, there was some good questions.

    One thing bothers me though, about removing the Recent Apps button.
    So, HTC made it more simple to navigate by hiding an action (actually two) within a button? I say rubbish. Do it more inline with vanilla Android, HTC.

  • irishrally

    What’s your screen on time with the 14-16 hours battery life?

    Is your One review coming soon?

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    So who’s the winner? :p is there another giveaway? and thanks for the answers, very helpful, for when i get it, if i do lol

  • masterpfa

    Is this phone, like many, prone to heating up to iuncomfortable levels during prolonged use?

    A video review would be appreciated if at all possible, especially

  • GenTrevNL

    Who ended up winning

  • Nathan D.

    These Q&A are so helpful and really makes me want this phone even more.

  • Dannyhyu

    A digitizer was found behind the HTC logo.

    To those who want a third capacitive button where the HTC logo is, or the Home buttons typically were. Tbalden of the XDA is working on a kernel that makes the HTC logo the menu button or a wake/sleep button.

  • Joel

    I got a chance to go into the store and play with the phone Finally. I must say that it felt way lighter in hand than I was expecting. Its a great phone however after about 20 mins i couldnt see it as my daily driver. No matter how hard i try i couldnt deal with sense, even in its new simpler form. its still my number 3 pick behind the sgs4 and nexus 4, and ive recommended it to several coworkers.

  • donger

    Q&As should be longer, great nonetheless.

  • Davidjan

    You should add how a question to expand HTC One storage: http://goo.gl/lfEXI

  • tommydaniel

    Ohhh, exciting! Thanks for choosing my question!

  • Cwalden21

    Taylor can you give us an honest hands-on winner between the One and the Galaxy S4? It’s such a hard decision..I really dont want to lose the ability to have a replacement battery and an external sd card but the one looks so good and i like the features…any suggestions?

    • tommydaniel

      Go and try both of them out at Best Buy. Only you can make the decision of which is phone is best for YOU.

  • leozno1

    Does the HTC One include group messaging within a single thread with iPhone users?

    • tommydaniel

      I believe that is an Android 4.2.2 feature.

  • herbivore83

    When I started learning about the features on this phone I thought Zoe and Video Highlights sounded like pretty useless features. I probably wouldn’t find the Zoe feature very worthwhile by itself, but Zoe videos mixed in with pictures to create video highlights is amazing.

    I got my HTC One last Thursday and took a trip to Seattle from Sunday to Wednesday. I took a million billion pictures and Zoes and the video highlights are so cool. I am so glad these features exist.