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Bang With Friends for Android helps you get frisky with Facebook

bang with friends

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I wish I knew if my Facebook friends wanted to engage in coitus, but it’d be so embarrassing to just ask!”? Boy have we got an app for you. Bang with Friends has been officially released for Android today, helping hot-to-trot Facebook users connect with like-minded friends looking to form the two-backed beast. Or just hang out, you know, whatever’s cool.

Using the app is simple enough, you just sign in with your Facebook account, and as you scroll through your Facebook friends list, you can either click, “Up to Hang,” or, “Down to Bang.” It’s totally anonymous, until you’re matched up with someone who has expressed a desire to experience the same level of relationship as you have, at which point you’ll be notified that you may be getting lucky. It’s really as simple as that folks.

If you have not a single shred of decency in your body, feel free to use the download widget below.


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  • fenlon

    Thank you for using the word coitus in an android article.

    • Galen20K

      ^ this!

  • Cillit Bang & Olufsen

  • SGB101

    U can see this being a big hit and causing a lot of trouble.

    I have visions of people out side night clubs (failed pulled) and firing the app up and marketing every opposite see friend as ‘up to bang’ , hoping for a hit.

  • J-Man

    All I could think of:

  • Sean Riley

    Where’s Google Plus on this one? Don’t tell me this “Down to bang” circle I made is just useless.

    • Dustin Earley

      You have to do it the old fashioned way.

  • I must Select all friends who are girls now, even the fat ones

  • xaml

    Disgusting showcase of typical weak male profanity.

    • Tangent

      Funny, I didn’t see anything focused only at males here…

    • Tangent

      Or are you upset at the implied exposure of naughty bits in the picture? I hope you never go to the beach or water park…

  • ECP

    alas, I did the final delete thing on facebook a couple months ago. Had I known this app was coming… welp, time to make a new fb account! That or stick with OKCupid for this type of thing.

  • Jeffrey Boutte

    Please take this post down. This is a tech blog, not a sex-site. The photo of the naked woman is both degrading to women and disrespectful to men who are trying to live a chaste life. Promoting promiscuous sex is not something I ever thought I would find from Android and Me.

    I hope you do the right thing and remove this post.



    • supremekizzle

      As an adult, it is your responsibility to filter the messages you don’t want to see, not encourage paternalistic behavior of removing messages you don’t deem “appropriate.”

      • Jeffrey Boutte

        Objectification of women isn’t appropriate for adult. A photo of a woman, naked from the waste down with her legs in the air and her face covered isn’t appropriate. It is objectification. We should all expect better from a professional tech blog website.

        • SGB101

          chill, there are a billion things in the world to get worked up over, you need to filter them or youll be having a early heart attack.

        • Jeff Butt

          Cry me a river and fucking drown in it, you big baby.

    • cosmicWy

      Down vote me all you want…


      You. Are. A. Big. Bitch.

      Everyone except you.

    • Tangent

      Yes it’s a tech blog, which is why they wrote an article about an Android app that was recently made available. If you’re so sensitive that you can’t tolerate the tastefully done picture at the top of the article maybe you shouldn’t have clicked on an article that has “Bang With Friends” in the title. O.o

      • Jeffrey Boutte

        The distasteful photo of a half naked women with her legs in the air and face covered shows up on the main page of the site.. not just in the article.

        Reacting to a half naked woman with their legs up in the air not wearing any underwear hardly makes me sensitive. It makes me a man.

        Is there no decency anymore? Does no one else see or care that the photo of that woman is disrespectful to her? Objectification of women is bad for society.

        • Tangent

          If this was a photo of a woman who was not expecting or wanting to be photographed I’d see your point. I’d have an objection to any kind of creepy picture of a woman dressed or undressed that was taken without her knowledge or consent. But this?

          Stop being offended on behalf of other people.

          If you don’t want to objectify women then give them the courtesy of deciding for themselves if they wish to have provocative images of themselves taken and even shared for others to see.

        • Matthew

          I respect your point, maybe AndroidAndMe should have put a maturity filter on this, but there isn’t really anything being shown. All you see is her stomach area and legs…

          You would expect to see more at a beach, yoga class or even a park in summer. (I didn’t mean that in a perverted way)

          it is just very good photography, you should google Implied nudity (Not images), most of the articles have fully dressed people but they are photographed in such a way that they look naked :)

          I don’t think many ladies would have an issue with this photo…

        • Eben1277

          Since her face is covered no one knows who she is, so at least she still has her dignity. Really you can’t even see any privates on her. For all you know that could be a really effeminate dude. If that is an effeminate dude, would that make the picture degrading to men, or would it still be degrading to women? Please let us know oh great moral authority of the tech blog community.

          You can see more skin than that in a shampoo commercial. Is that objectifying women too because the viewer can only see the woman’s hair and ass? Or is that situation OK because shampoo sales are on the line?

          It’s 100% appropriate to post a picture of an anonymous individual in a suggestive situation to headline an article that discusses a method of anonymously trying to find casual sexual encounters via ones smartphone and Facebook account.

        • Eva Jarvis

          Jeffrey, Obviously they wouldn’t use this picture if the model hadn’t consented. I’m sorry that you’re over sensitive about what two consenting adults do in there own time. I’m sitting here wondering why in fact you’re still complaining on behalf of every woman you feel the need to protect. You see more skin that this on TV! If you don’t like the app, don’t click on it, don’t read, and move along. If you are so easily offended about things like this use a bigger filter. As a woman i’m not offended over this picture, although i’m hoping they come out with a picture of a sexy man for us ladies to ogle! lol Sex is part of life, better get over it because it’s everywhere you look now. Good luck.

        • jerrbomb

          Dude i see you point your absolutely right.. you are offended that a Tech blog is posting something about tech and you are offended that a half naked girl showing nothing offensive but her curves.. similar to a silhouette.. i’m totally against that.. as i love women so much i wanna troll right along with you.. BRO.. get a Life and stop wasting you effing time wasting others time complaining about people doing their jobs talking about tech like they do every day.. if yu are so offended.. they stay away from the freaking site and dont come back.. because guess what.. your trolling aint gonna change a freaking thing.. Jeebus dude… you need to KEEP CALM annd SHUT THE F*** UP!

        • Serp

          Jeff (et all), how do you know it’s a woman? I mean, yeah the though makes me throw up in my mouth a little .. but what if it’s a dude? Lol.

          “She’s a man, man!” ~ Austin Powers

    • herbivore83

      To be fair, there is a fairly large parental advisory warning in the top left corner. It’s upside down and not totally readable, but it’s there.

  • CJ LaFleur

    When you said “coitus” all i could think about was Sheldon form the Big Bang Theory. Big Bang, Bang With Friends…Coincidence? I think not. Nice reference guys lol.

  • Eben1277

    I can actually see the $$$ popping into the eyeballs of divorce lawyers nationwide right now…

  • jerrbomb

    This is why i love this site.. they hit every subject.. lol

  • Nathan D.

    Lol, wow

  • donger

    This is great for everyone.

  • DK

    Poor choice of name.. For all the effort put into making an app.. if they just took 10 seconds, they could have seen that ‘with friends’ is trademarked by zynga for this class of goods. It’ll get pulled from the market(s) as soon as zynga staff see it. good job!

    • herbivore83

      Meh. If it gets pulled it’ll be a one-word fix and Bang Your Friends will head back to the Play store.

  • McLovin

    LOL! You can see which of your friends uses this app by knowing the app id.

    FB friends that use Bang With Friends:

    FB friends that use