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Beta test RightLane by State Farm and earn $50


Do you drive a lot and want to earn $50 by testing a new Android application? State Farm is looking for 5,000 volunteers to beta test their first-of-its-kind driving app, RightLane. The app collects basic information about your driving without a plug-in device or OnStar and the first 5,000 volunteers can earn a $50 gift card for participating, and you don’t have to be a State Farm customer.

Test requirements:

  • Android phone with software version 4.0 or greater
  • Factory-installed Bluetooth device in your vehicle
  • Download the app, register, and accept the end-user license agreement
  • Drive a minimum of 500 miles over a period of 25 days
    (the 25 days need not be consecutive and can occur anytime within the 120-day test period.)
  • Complete a short survey after you have met the driving minimum

Details about the app are limited, but this appears to be State Farm’s response to Progressive’s Snapshop discount. That program monitors your driving habits and then provides up to 30 percent off your rate. I don’t drive that much so I won’t be testing out RightLane, but it’s still pretty cool to see insurance companies take advantage of Android devices to encourage better driving habbits with their customers.


Source: Google Play

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  • Vance

    Sweet that spiff will pay for half the gas necessary to drive the required miles :-) I agree it’s cool to see state farm tapping into the power of android! Plus at $250,000 it’s a relatively cheap case study/beta test.

  • MIchael

    Awesome! Signed up and ready to rack up 500+ mile just next week alone :)

  • GUI_Center

    Too bad I don’t have bluetooth in my car.

    • LukeT32

      I’m in the same boat. So does the app yell at you when your speeding?

    • Adam Jones

      They went so far as to say Factory Installed. I’ve got a bluetooth radio that was “professionally” installed. I wonder if that counts. Doubt it… :(

      • Adam Jones

        Just read the full log of info on Google Play. This permission alone might kill this idea.
        “Prevent phone from sleeping — Used to generate a feedback reminder on a monthly basis”.

  • hideous_strength

    Important to note: the app says “A $50 State Farm Bank Gift Card will be issued to the first 5000 drivers…” That’s not exactly 50 bucks cash money :/

    • reddragonman

      Well, State Farm has it’s own bank, so it could still be a Visa prepaid gift card, just issued through State Farm’s bank.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Think it’s just a prepaid Visa card.

    • yourissues

      I wonder if that’s first 5000 that sign up or the first ones that reach the mileage.

  • yourissues

    I downloaded this but didn’t set it up… Wish I would have cause I got pulled over.. would have been nice to show realtime data saying what I was doing.

  • donger

    Gonna give this a go.

  • Jorge Eslava

    My wife just downloaded it since my car doesn’t have a factory installed bluetooth, but the miles are not updating for her =/

    • Jorge Eslava

      For any one who is wondering the problem was fixed through an update.