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BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android this summer


Among the sea of messaging apps spanning Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, the BlackBerry exclusive BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, has long stood as a shining example of just how good chatting on your phone could be. In recent years, however, competition has been fierce. And due to the popularity of Android and iOS, BBM has been all but left in the dust. BlackBerry still has some fighting spirit left in them though.

BlackBerry isn’t going to sit back and leave the messaging throne to WhatsApp, Google Talk and iMessage. At BBLive, it was announced that this summer, devices running Android 4.0 and up will have access to BBM, complete with multi-user chats, voice notes, photo sharing and BBM’s famous “D” and “R” message statuses.

Many have hailed BlackBerry’s move to release BBM on Android and iOS desperate, but CEO Thorsten Heins claims it’s a, “statement of confidence.” It will be interesting to see how the release of BBM for rival platforms affects the sale of BlackBerry 10 handsets, if at all. What do you think, when BBM is released for Android, will you be using it?

Source: The Verge

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  • scubabum

    A bit too late, I afraid!

    • Emmanuel

      Yes t is.. but its still good

      • mwaidhgaj

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  • Emmanuel

    Yes I will.. I do hope it comes out fast

  • dbareis

    KIK has “S”, “D” and “R” statuses which is why I use it. Sounds like BBM will be worth a look then :-)

    Probably too late to help Blackberry much though…

  • Dave Kratter

    Last time I used BBM was way back when Blackberry was still relevant, back in the pre-iPhone days. What are “D” and “R” message statuses? I don’t recall.

    • xploz1on

      D for Delivered
      R for Read

  • donger

    Interesting, would be my first BBM experience.

  • Matt Thomka

    if they charge like a dollar upfront they may be able to make some money and steal some whatsapp users since they charge a year fee to use it

  • CTown

    If I had a choice between control of a platform versus control a platform AND of a popular form of communication I would choose the same as Blackberry did. It’s not like Google made Android to control their own platform; Google did it to make an easy to obtain portal to their services (though the control they have over Android does help them to make changes quickly in order to keep it competitive).

  • Sameer

    Blackberry feels that only Android is life saver. Its shows their desperation when they provide a way to port android application to BlackBerry 10.
    Now surprisingly 30% application of BlackBerry are ported from Android. Even though it will benefits the Developer(cause they get more ex-poser with same effort) but not to Android.

    Now they pull up their sock to launch cross platform BBM.

  • Kinslayer

    I have to admit, my best friend has an S3 but still carries his BlackBerry with him all the time. Apparently BBM is great for meeting chicks :)

    • Oro

      and how exactly is that?

      i am curious!

    • Emmanuel

      thats for sure.. thats why i cant wait to start sharing my pin..with my andriod device

  • SGB101

    I don’t know a single person with a BB anymore, my kids went back to BB just because the majority of the friends used BBM.

    Now they are back on android (one has an iPhone, he disappoints me tho ;o)) all their friends have gone apple/android. They use a lot of IM service, I have about 7 installed just to contact my kids. Message me is the current favourite of them.

    I always hated the way the kids was faking out to BB for a service free elsewhere. So I’m glad it’s too late.

  • Matt

    I don’t know a single person who uses this. Seems to be a little too late.

  • lou2cool88

    I would have been much more excited if this were true a few years back when the rumors first started and I had just switched from a blackberry storm to a droid X. Now I’m not sure I would since I don’t know anyone else on BBM anymore. I guess we’ll see if this can beat the rumored Google babel or my personal favorite, ChatOn.

  • Oro

    Hell yeah!! Lobe the bbm smileys, infact miss it quite a lot.

    Whatsapp smileys are too much and too useless and too dull and too scary~

  • Nathan D.

    II never use BBM, so I’m interested in how this experience will be like on android.

  • Mario

    This is a big news for me who lives in Indonesia. Most of my friends here use BlackBerry, and they prefer to communicate via BBM. They tend to ignore the ones without BBM (That’s sad, right?). Whatsapp is too expensive for some of them. This will solve my communication problem for sure.

  • raybabykiss

    I think its a good idea cuz the only reason why i had bb was becuz of bbm and i miss it so now that its coming to S3 i am glad i hope it could be improved and upgraded

  • gab aggrey

    I am from Nigeria,Africa where Blackberry is still very popular. Personally, I believe that besides everything else BBM is the one the main reasons Blackberry remains popular down here.
    Bringing BBM to android is like shooting yourself in the foot for Blackberry. A lot of us have used android or IOS phones and we loved them.
    Moreso, android phones are becoming a lot cheaper thanks to Samsung. If they actually do this, I am afraid it will be the end of Blackberry as the preferred smartphone in Africa


    am also from nigeria ………yeah it will definely be a good ideal cos have never used bbm before and over here blackberry freaks every one using it …….and i still say bbm on android will be a very interesting experience

  • Buthaina Almajed

    Pretty news!! well i used to have blackberry only cause it has the bbm, so it’s kinda good for me to get it back again. but can i know when exactly the app will coming out?? can’t wait for it!!!

  • meirdian

    bbm is still good…if really i will using it…when the bbm for android release.?

  • Emmanuel

    still waiting.. and please anyone know how to root an andriod 4.0… (its a Tecno D5)

  • akinsode george

    we r waiting 4 g d stuff pls allow BBM 2 cum a android it will be a good experience

  • Noeline

    Will i be able to use the internet the same way on my blackberry. If I use the application for my samsung

  • court w

    if my phone was disconnected but still have wifi can I still use the bbm for android

  • ogidi adam

    BBM on android phones and appliances,in africa especially Nigeria where blackberry phones are quite expensive compared to some android phones like techno and samsung phones is like saying REST IN PEACE BLACKBERRY PHONES.