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Hangouts with SMS integration is on the way


Google may have just launched their new messaging app Hangouts yesterday, but we’re already hearing what’s next for the service. According to Google Plus’ community manager of Hangouts and Chat, Dori Storbeck, SMS integration will be making its way to Hangouts soon.

While Hangouts did solve some of the problems surrounding Google’s various messaging services, it wasn’t quite as unified as we originally believed it would be. Google Voice integration is nowhere to be found, and SMS still resides in its own app. Apparently, SMS integration with Hangouts is coming soon, and we imagine Google Voice will follow shortly.

In a post on Google Plus, Googler Dori Storbeck has said that, “SMS integration is coming soon — It’s one of our most requested features!” So there you have it. Hangouts will be the one and only app needed for messaging sooner than later.

Now that you’ve had a day to play with Hangouts, what do you think?

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Source: Google Plus

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  • Erikk

    Uninstalled (which reverts back to Talk, by the by). Can’t stand that my contacts are not grouped by who’s online, or that I have no control over who to display in the list. Not a fan of the elimination of the online/busy/idle distinction. Can’t believe the elimination of voice calls. Tapping a chat partner’s pic used to launch the Android system card, allowing me to call them, text them, see their address info, etc. Now it just goes to G+. I don’t need eight thousand emjoi, Google, I need it to be easy to talk to my friends.

    • tumpero

      My thoughts exactly – uninstalled the app after trying for an hour to find out if I’m just stupid and don’t understand the app’s navigation or has Google really removed all features that made Talk a decent app on 2.3. I was hoping for a 4.0 looking Talk app on 2.3., but instead Google provided me with an app that forces me to use Google+ (I don’t use Facebook on a regular basis either) and is (besides looks) far inferior to the earlier one on user friendliness.

      Also what happened to Google+’s initial goal that the service should make easier for you to connect with your REAL friends? Should be a no-brainer, but I don’t want to chat/connect with the majority of my contacts on a regular basis – so WTF Google?

  • redraider133

    Good I can’t wait to see how they improve it and what else they add. Right now most would not use it but with SMS and hopefully eventually MMS maybe they will integrate it with the stock android messaging like apple does with imessage

  • Dave Kratter

    SMS integration would be awesome. The fewer apps we need for what is basically the same functionality (person-to-person communications), the better.

  • pekosROB

    So I haven’t read everything about the new Hangouts (have played with it though) but is Hangouts supposed to include Google Voice? When SMS integration is completed will you have to choose which line to send it from or what?

    • Jimmy_Jo

      Not yet. First, Google+ Messenger will be phased out as Hangouts takes over. Then comes SMS integration. (expect AT&T and possibly Verizon to disable this feature). Then expect Google Voice to get MMS and merge with Messaging. Then expect the new GV to merge with Hangouts.

      That’s what I get from the annoucments made and the logical order of things.

      • Ryan

        How are AT&T or Verizon going to block SMS integration in Hangouts? If you can get a text, the Hangouts app will be able to access it. Just like you can replace your default text messagging app now with Sliding Messenger or ChompSMS. Stop spreading FUD.

        • Jimmy_Jo

          They’re blocking Video Calls without being connected to WiFi already… As Hangouts is a free service and AT&T loves to nickel and dime you, it is very possible they will try and block this service. Then again they may just try and get more money through their plans for these new features.

          Not FUD just possibilities.

      • NasLAU

        Sounds like wishful thinking with all this Google Voice talk.

      • pekosROB

        Thanks. I have no idea why someone would down vote me for asking a question.

        WTF is this world coming to?

  • Adonis K.

    Wish they would add other IM protocols too, like yahoo, skype etc

  • Jonathan

    didn’t remove Google+ messenger or the like just replaced talk, so I am not sure how this is integrated, I still have the same number of messengers.

  • duffguy123

    I hope this will allow Google voice to receive & send MMS and also send to more than 5 people at a time.

    I use Go Sms but saving those google numbers to the corresponding contacts was kind of a pain…

  • lou2cool88

    I love the first step Google took with Hangouts but it’s got a lot to go. As some others have mentioned, some key features from Talk are missing like the different status symbols and voice calls. Can’t wait for SMS integration though.

  • David

    So will this allow me to forward my texts to this app from my existing Verizon phone number for free? Basically I’m looking for an iMessages clone that will allow me to sync sms with my Nexus 7.

  • jamal adam

    Well, this is a big sigh of relief because SMS is such an important part of communication especially with people who use other OSes or even feature phones that it should have been a no brainer to implement it on Hangouts. Better late then never, right?

  • Jana

    Didnt know google+ was still alive

  • Nathan D.

    Sounds like Facebook messenger app.

    • Dan Jones

      Yeah, a lot like it.

      Not that that’s a bad thing.

  • romy134

    Should have shipped with SMS but I can wait.

  • surg3d

    Boy I really do hope Google Voice makes the cut here. The app has not seen any major updates in a while which doesn’t inspire confidence that they’re paying attention to that service…

  • Darpa Govinda

    What a bunch of bullshit.

    You cannot reply to SMS sent through Gmail IM through the Gmail app, nor Hangouts, blah blah blah. Voice isn’t included, so whats the point with that? And I don’t want fucking Google+. SMS + Gmail IM +Talk + Voice in one CLEAN interface. Do it right or quit wasting people time…

  • jonstle

    I am excited for the possibility, but nervous about the execution of it. Good luck Google!

    • Dan Jones

      I agree. This could go either way. They could really enhance Google Voice, or majorly screw it up.

      As long as I can continue to use Google Voice the way it was originally intended, but also use it through Google+ Hangouts, I’m fine with that.

  • Dan Jones

    Can’t install it on my tablet, but I have the Chrome extension installed, and I noticed something interesting today.

    I got a call on my Google Voice number, and a notification popped up in the Hangout Chrome Extension saying I was getting a call, and could answer it there. That notification popped up about a second before my phone started ringing.

    Now, I have my Google Voice forwarded to my Google Talk

    • Dan Jones

      Woops. Hit “Post” before I finished typing.

      I meant to say that I have my Google Voice forwarded to Google Talk, so that may be why calls to my Google Voice ring in Google+ Hangouts now.

      In any case, a phone call in Google+ Hangouts in the browser looks like this:

      • Dan Jones

        Another followup:

        I tried to place a call through the Google Voice website, and chose Google Talk as the phone to use. It didn’t ring in Google Hangouts, so I expect that inbound calls ringing in Hangouts is unrelated to the fact that Google Talk is one of my forwarding phones. It seems the Google Voice integration is already well under way with inbound voice calls already.

        Now, if they can get SMS and outbound voice calls, that would be pretty sweet.

    • NiuginiNexus

      Hangouts just appeared as an update on my Nexus 7 this morning.

    • Dan Jones

      Finally got the update on my tablet. Interesting that Google Voice calls will ring on the Chrome extension, but not the Android app.

  • rashad360

    Just integrate SMS and voice calling and I am sold! Right now, it really doesn’t bring enough to the table to warrant a switch.

  • donger

    If this happens, every Android user would be on Google+/ hangouts.

    • Steve Barry

      I think what they’re aiming for is for every user (not just Android) to be using hangouts. If they can work Google Voice, SMS and MMS into this, there won’t be a good reason to use anything else. I’m sure there will be a feature here and there people will miss, but probably not enough to warrant another app for one single thing (scheduled SMS messages comes to the front of my mind).

  • M Durst

    They’re definitely heading in the right direction by having one location for all communication. I find that most of Google’s services are confusing because of all the different access locations that essentially do the same thing (i.e. Messenger & Chat – Picasa and Google + Photos), so it’s good to see effort in this direction.

    Has anyone noticed the effects are gone when you are video chatting? Effects like making eyes, nose, mouth larger. This was pretty cool. Made video chatting much more interesting. Hope these make it back along with the effects when you video chat on the computer in a hangout.

  • Dex

    Just me give a goddamn solution like iMessage! That’s all I want! I don’t want any fancy SMS integration, just give me an option to send all of my messages over the Internet for the love of god!

  • Jim

    I don’t like this at all. I don’t use Google+ or hangouts. I want my texting to stay separated from my GMail contacts. If this is going to happen they better seriously change how the UI works for the Hangouts app. From what I’ve heard Hangouts will be the default app for SMS starting with Android 4.4 and the Messaging app will no longer be included at all.