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New Instagram introduces Photos of You


I’m pretty much obsessed with Instagram (follow me here), so I was happy to see that the new version released today finally ads the ability to tag other people. The new featured called Photos of You adds a new section to your profile that allows you to see all the pictures people have tagged you in. Instagram has always allowed you to include @mentions of other users, but now you can add people (and brands) to photos, similar to how tagging works on Facebook. Grab up the update from Google Play and check out the video below to see the new feature in action.


Introducing Photos of You from Instagram on Vimeo.

Via: Instagram Blog

Source: Google Play

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  • Ryan Gails

    I was wondering how long it would be before they added this functionality. Good addition!

  • subs

    Quick note- you mispelled instagram in the title – Instragram

  • romy134

    I always thought this app lacked this tagging feature. great addition.

  • donger


  • Web and Other (

    Too much tagging these days….privacy is non-existent.