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Pebble support included in latest RunKeeper app update


There are plenty of fitness apps for Android, but RunKeeper has jumped to the very top of the list for Pebble smartwatch owners. The latest Runkeeper 3.3 update for Android and iOS includes Pebble support and gives users the ability to track their pace and mileage or pause their workout. The best part about RunKeeper’s Pebble integration is that there’s no additional setup. Simply download the latest version of RunKeeper from Google Play, open the app and start a workout. The RunKeeper Pebble app launches on its own.

Pebble integration is certainly the highlight of the latest RunKeeper update, but the development team has thrown in a few more goodies that make the app even more appealing. The update also includes a new lockscreen widget, giving users access to specific app controls without unlocking the device, in addition to new manual workout and weight logging capabilities.

Personally, I’ve always favored Endomondo for keeping track of my workouts, but RunKeeper’s Pebble integration is enough of an incentive for me to make the switch. What other apps do you think could benefit from Pebble support?

Show Press Release

Introducing RunKeeper for Pebble Smart Watch

Kickstarter Phenomenon is First of Many RunKeeper Wearable Integration Partnerships

Boston, Ma. — May 7, 2013 — Today, RunKeeper rolls out the first-ever Pebble-connected app for iPhone and Android, turning your smart watch into a personal trainer. The partnership with Pebble is just one of many integrations with hardware and fitness tracking devices in the coming months, supporting RunKeeper’s mission to become the fitness platform that makes the world healthier at scale.

RunKeeper now allows you to control the app from Pebble, so you can leave your phone in your pocket during a workout. RunKeeper features such as pace, mileage, starting and stopping a workout, and more will be fully accessible on Pebble wearers’ wrists.

“People are rightfully excited about wearables because they extend the experience of mobile apps like RunKeeper, so they can be enjoyed without taking your phone out of your pocket,” said Jason Jacobs, CEO, RunKeeper. “Pebble is such an exciting partner for RunKeeper; it is a great device and a powerful showcase of how your runs, walks and bike rides with RunKeeper can be enhanced by wearable device integration. We look forward to integrating with more wearable devices in the future.”

“Pebble integrates tech into people’s daily lives in a fashionable and unobtrusive way. We’re excited that RunKeeper will be among the first apps to showcase our smart watch’s capabilities and how we support your day-to-day interests and activities, ” said Eric Migicovsky, CEO, Pebble. “With the RunKeeper app, fitness enthusiasts can benefit from Pebble to track their workouts, get motivated and meet their goals.”

Pebble’s smart watches have begun shipping to Kickstarter backers and are now available for pre-order at Wearable technology companies interested in working with RunKeeper on custom integrations should contact [email protected]

Source: RunKeeper

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  • honourbound68

    nice integration… hmmmm might have to add Pebble to my wishlist (hope my GF will read this haha). I’m glad I paid for Runkeeper (although I too now use Endomondo exclusively).. Maybe Endomondo will follow suit

  • donger

    Need to get a Pebble first.

  • Nick Gray

    I guess I should go for a run or a bike ride sometime soon and really put my pebble to the test. Having music controls and RunKeeper stats on my wrist is exactly why I purchased the Pebble in the first place.

    Honestly, I can;t wait for someone to take advantage of the Pebble’s built-in hardware and create an app that mimics FitBit or Nike’s Fuel Band. I’d be more than willing to spend $20 on a app so that I have an all-in-one solution rather than having to wear a separate wrist band to track my activity throughout the day.

    • honourbound68

      same here.

  • McLovin

    My FB friends that post their daily workouts from RunKeeper getted blocked. I get sick of seeing it.

    • Droid Sam

      Posting daily workouts is a bit much, but I guess some people don’t have anything more interesting to share. I only post my workouts when I have something else to add to the update.

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  • James

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