May 23 AT 2:16 PM Dustin Earley 25 Comments I paid two dollars to listen to the rain, and I don’t regret it one bit


There are few things in this life I find more relaxing than a thunderstorm. There’s nothing quite like the rhythmic pounding of rain on your roof accompanied by the low rumble of thunder in the distance. Unfortunately, I have yet to master the art of summoning the weather at my leisure, so when I’m craving the soothing sounds of rain, the new app is the next best thing. is a website that exists for one purpose: to serve you with the sound of rain. It’s incredibly simple, and works incredibly well. The website is clad in neon-pastel colors, and easy to understand buttons. You can adjust the amount of thunder and lightning sounds, use a built-in break or sleep timer to automatically regulate the rain and use the image button to enable background scrolling, or pause on an image you like.

Released just this week on Android (and iOS), the app is a perfect translation of the website into app form. The same colors, backgrounds, options, features and icons are used, keeping things simple and consistent across platforms. While it may have a bit of an iOS look to it, with buttons across the bottom, the way it functions (with vertically-sliding panels) works well, and fits in nicely on Android. for Android is $1.99, but it’s well worth it. My favorite part about the app is that it plays in the background, and with other audio tracks. Paired with Google Play’s new All Access Music, is a relaxation machine. Just last night, I was lulled to sleep by the sound Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata over a gentle storm (more rain, less thunder and lightning). I can’t think of a better way to end a hot, muggy spring day.

If you aren’t sold on the app, visit the website and let the rain wash over you. You can come back and use the download widget below when you’re done.


thunderstorm rainingfm rainingfm2 rainingfm3

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  • MyMilan

    As long as they don’t come out with a app, I’m happy.

  • OpenIntro

    At first I was like, this is gimmicky.

    10 minutes later, I’m addicted.

    • jweytfdyebe

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  • ├oÂ¥

    I remember when i listened to sound of the sea, very relaxing

    • CTown

      We live in a very sexist world. If their roles were switched… this gif wouldn’t be as funny!

    • Marcel

      Holy sh$t,too funny. What is this from?

    • SOUROB


  • CTown

    I also like the sound of the rain but I wouldn’t really buy it. Is the sounds from the app version at least cached (as to not use the internet)?

  • Esteban
    • Guastov

      rainymoods app is $4.99? (’s website is also free)

      • Corvid

        Why pay for either app when you can listen to the exact same thing, for free? Doesn’t matter which company.

        • Guastov

          the websites dont work on mobile – android and ios browsers dont support looping audio

  • Roborob

    I use Songza and they have bedtime sounds. You can chose thunderstorms, light rain, nature, etc. and it is free.

  • Max.Steel

    Wow. Stupid.

  • donger

    Should be free.

  • phor11

    The reason rain is so soothing (at least to me) is that the sound is never predictable. The drops are pure chaos and the thunder comes in and out at irregular intervals.
    I’ve always found looping solutions to be a poor substitute.

  • scubabum

    The app “sounds” very interesting!

  • bob

    Not a big seller in the UK…(closes window to keep the sound of the rain out).

  • smeghead68

    Really….$2 for rain sounds…. There has got to be free versions of this around. Oh well each to their own. This app is not for me though.

    Living on the west coast we get more than our fair share of rainy weather. What we need is a sunshine app.

  • McLovin

    I’ll use this. I work in an office cubicle farm. Other people talking is the biggest distraction to concentration for me. I already use a free pc app called Aire Freshener 2.0. It pumps in rain, thunderstorm, all kinds of white noise. That along with EX-29 Extreme Isolation 30dB headphones keeps me in the zone without the distractions.

  • The DP

    I read this article around 0200 last night when I couldn’t sleep. Went to the website, and was out 5 minutes later.

    I woke up this morning and gave that man $2 for this app.

    Yeah, there are probably free versions on the play store, but this does it simply (though not elegantly. It’s a bit garish).

  • acuda27

    Hmmm sounds interesting, but nothing tops the real thing…. I think I’ll give it a try :) thank!

  • some internet dude

    This completes my Alarm clock. I have an old Android phone “Galaxy Vibrant” that I use as an alarm clock. Now this app makes it into a rain machine. Puts me to sleep and wakes me. looking forward to going to bad at night.

  • Lars

    Well… Interesting idea, and the sounds of rain and thunder is very soothing and relaxing.. The problem with this solution though (just tried the website, not the app, but I assume the sounds are the same) is that I get tired of listening to it after a couple of minutes.. Why? Because there’s absolutely no variations in the sounds.. The rain is just flat, and doesn’t vary at all, the thunder is just a looping rumble in the background and every single lightning strike sounds the same.. Not worth even 99 cents in my opinion…

    If they are gonna make a serious app with sounds of rain, they need to record long samples, like 30-60 mins long, and of different types of rain, as well as long samples of thunderstorms. Even if these loop, they are long enough that you won’t notice is immediately like in this solution. An app like that would easily be worth a few dollars, but not this thing with short loops and repeating strikes and thunders…

  • Jamie

    Does the app stream the rain sounds or is it all local audio files?