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Samsung SideSync connects your phone and PC


If you own a Samsung PC and Samsung smartphone, then you might want to check out SideSync, a new application that connects the two devices and lets you perform some pretty convenient functions. A new YouTube video shows off some of the tricks that SideSync can perform including using your keyboard and mouse on your phone, copy and pasting between the two devices, and drag and dropping files from one device to another.

The app is only available from the Samsung App store, so owners of other devices will not be able to try it out. I happen to have a Samsung laptop and a Galaxy S 4, so I’ll be testing it out later and reporting back on the experience. Check out the demo video below and let us know if you get it up and running on your Samsung device.

Via: YouTube

Source: Samsung Apps

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  • Canuckle

    Hey…there’s got to be an install file on the samsung PC. FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY, YOU MUST PUT UP THE EXE OR MSI OR WHATEVER IT IS! I’ve been looking for a cool feature like this forever, because the bluetooth switching on my Lenovo just stinks!

  • Marcell Lévai

    Exe/msi file and android apk or it didn’t happen :P Just kidding, but really, someone upload them please.

    • Canuckle

      I’ve got a Note II, so I was able to install the android portion. Just…want…the program….for Windows….

      • Ryan J. Stansbury

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    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m going to try and get this working on my GS4 later today. Will let you know what other files need to be installed.

  • tommydaniel

    Apparently they will be releasing it for other PC’s. Hurry up!

  • donger

    Not bad, Samsung.

  • Rhenier

    Very cool app!

    Why not make it available as a download for PC?

    I already spent the money on the S, S2 and S3 and everytime I have to struggle with the stupid Kies app. Such rubbish. Come on Samsung!

  • John Patrick

    Nice to see Samsung rolling this stuff out.

  • rida

    I have note 2, and almost brand new ativ pro, install the app on the note2, but doesn’t work when I connect to pc. tried searching the apps on the ativ, doesn’t exist. says on the mobile help that I need to:
    1. use USB debugging option on the phone (done that)
    2. enable mouse and keyboard sharing on the pc (no idea how to do this, search mouse and keyboard properties under control panel but does not give that option to share) … any suggestions?

    searched for the pc app on Samsung website, couldn’t find it,

    anyone know how to get this to work please?


  • Puck69

    Having this for all android phone will be so great

  • Canuckle

    Do a search for sidesync xda. Inside the main thread, you can find a mega download for the sidesync program and another program called phone screen share (also from samsung). There’s also a link in the thread for loading the phone screen share program.

    Phone screen share on my Note II with my Lenovo rocking Win7 Pro 64-Bit….SO COOL.

    • justin rogers

      so you can use the sidesync on windows 7? i just bought the samsung ativ book 2. but it has windows 8 and my wifes business software is windows 7 and i would like to use the sidesync on windows 7 on the samsung laptop.

  • Nate B.

    I actually have a mint conditioned black S4 for Sprint and clean ESN for bid. Highest bid is only at $305. 5 more days until auction ends.

  • Kinslayer

    Very cool, but I’d rather see all these features implemented into Airdroid (i.e., wireless and through a web UI, on any Android device).

  • sevdet Besim

    i have downloaded the Samsung side sync app on my s4 but how do i connect it to my computer,my computer is a dell,with Samsung screen it runs on windows 7 :)

  • Jeffrey

    anyone know how I can sync my Samsung Comment 2 cell to my laptop? Meaning, what software is available to make that transfer? – I never received any disc or software to do so.

  • Ali Motamedi

    Could you please help?, my PC does not run the SideSyn Program automatically !!

  • ilias

    it’s a shame and even disappointing that Samsung is not open for all sidesinc computer because the idea is great and as if the smartphone
    was too cheap