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Jennifer Lopez and Verizon announce Viva Móvil


Today at CTIA in Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez and Verizon Wireless announced Viva Movil, a retail brand that will offer Verizon’s services and cater to the Latino market. Jennifer Lopez is the Co-founder and majority stakeholder, and she will also play the role of Chief Creative Officer.

Viva Movil will offer the same devices and plans as Verizon, but they will have premium retail stores that are better designed to serve the Latino customers. This includes employees that speak Spanish, kid-friendly areas in all of their stores for parents who shop with their children, and a unique social shopping experience through its Facebook page. Viva Movil will also offer exclusive accessories designed by Jennifer Lopez.

The first Viva Movil store will open June 15th in New York City. Additional retail stores will be coming soon to Los Angeles, Miami, and other locations.

Verizon fans were hoping to hear about the rumored launch of the HTC One, so this news is a little disappointing. If you are an Android fan who happens to be Latino, let us know what you think of today’s announcement in the comments below.

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Source: VivaMovil

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  • Max.Steel

    It sounds like a good idea on paper but I don’t think many Latinos will choose a carrier just because the store workers know how to speak Spanish and the name has Spanish in it. I think Latinos like many other demographics are price and bargain driven. Getting good value for your money is what I mean.

    • Matthew Coppola

      If that were true everyone would be on pre-paid plans. I think there’s something to be said for support and with all the B&M providers offering about the same plans at about the same prices a ‘friendly’ store might be the difference. With Latinos quickly becoming (if not already) the majority in America I think it was a smart move on Verizon’s part. I have been with Verizon before and talking to them in my native language about plans/pricing/bill problems has made me uncomfortable I can only imagine the frustration if I also had to deal with a language barrier. On the other hand a proactive approach in staffing could have accomplished this same goal, accompanied by marketing to target the latino audience and better pricing for all in my opinion would have been a better approach than this.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Here in the south Bronx Jennifer Lopez will always be BIG TIME. She’d know exactly what I mean about that otherwise PISS ON VERIZON.

  • AndreKP2124

    Verizon, 3 Palabras: “Eres una mierda”

  • pekosROB

    Great for people who might actually need this, but EVERY non-English speaking person I have encountered at work, in life, etc (I live in Texas), ALWAYS has one person that can act as translator, whether it be a friend or family member. I really don’t see what the point of this is – a store for people who speak Spanish basically? In some places, you know, where there is a big Latino community, they typically have at least one, if not many, staff members that can speak Spanish.

    I think I’m just butt hurt over the fact that they didn’t announce any new devices. AT ALL.

    • thel0nerang3r

      I see it as a marketing campaign. Like any of the others VZW has. Another way to reach people.

  • Tina M.

    Just another money making venture for another celebrity while segregating a group of people with some frilly features.

  • Chris

    In my opinion Verizon is stupid and wasting their time. I mean seriously? J-LO to try and speak on the behalf of the Latino community about using Verizon? Latinos among many other people of all races and ethnicity’s don’t use Verizon based on the fact they are to expensive. If you want to target all markets why not lower prices Verizon? Oh wait, I forgot you guys are to greedy. Sorry Verizon T-Mobile is more my flavor.

    • thel0nerang3r

      You could say the same about any celebrity endorsing any product. It’s a marketing push. There are celebrities endorsing all sorts of products… so it must be worth it to the companies, or they would stop doing it.

  • Dan

    Why do Latinos need their own store? Seems racist.

    • GolfWang

      Because we need our own store. We don’t wanna shop with regular people.

  • Daeshaun

    What’s that in her hand!?! I demand a cover photo change.

  • Web and Other

    JLo expanding into telecom. Everything goes. :) Good move.

  • Adryan maldonado

    This actually feels offensive really. Can’t they just hire bilingual employees at there current stores. I mean they charge the name to Spanish name. Which is almost the equivalent of putting the tilde(wavy line) on the letter n on a bottle of minute maid lemonade just to make it seem Spanish. Also kid friendly areas??? Really?? I mean on this is just perpetuating the stereotype that all Mexicans have a ton of kids. Why can’t they just add on to their current stores and make a kid friendly zone FOR EVERYONE and not just kid popping Mexicans. Its nice gesture but it’s almost like they are bringing back segregation.

    • pekosROB

      Hahaha wow, I really didn’t even think about it that way. I did think, “well, that might be a good idea for all stores, every store” but now that you mention it… it’s like, “we know y’all got a big ass family so bring the little ones in and spend your money here and we’ll keep them occupied.”

    • Ryan Monaghan

      Could not agree with you more on how offensive this is

  • killrgummibear

    “kid-friendly areas in all of their stores for parents who shop with their children” lmfao cuz latinos are the only ppl that shop with their children….

    • Luke Haviland

      No but they have about 8 kids to worry about.

      • killrgummibear

        wow kinda racist just like the event….i think you forget the 19 kids and counting mom and the octo-mom turned pornstar. i’m pretty sure they’re not hispanic.

  • Jack

    this was so racist event

  • Nate B.

    Wouldn’t a Hispanic person want to use the same phones like anyone else? Why target a specific group when it comes to ethnic background? This is one of the dumbest things I ever heard of from s mobile business stand point. Verizon will do anything for money.

    • killrgummibear

      i think they could just as easily hired more bi or tri-lingual ppl to provide customer service. but like you say they’ll do anything for money and publicity too.

  • Luke Haviland

    What a joke.

  • VS

    So the executives at VZW think that J-Lo has enough creative moxie to make an impact in the cell phone industry eh? Sure, why not…it worked for the FIAT campaign right?

    I gotta wonder if there’s enough Hispanic executive leadership @ VZW installed. Surely they could of come up with a better way to deliver on targeting, capturing or retaining a larger portion of the Latino demographic than this?

    I’d of suggested the route a lot of posters have already in this thread…enhance your current brand and increase Spanish focused advertising. Changes like ensuring there is a bi-lingual representative(s) at “all” VZW stores, becoming more price competitive or offering more options on plans (local, national and international flavors) and increasing your selection of world phones would be a nice start.

    I will be surprised if this isn’t a wasted effort by both parties (with the inflated cost of plans from post paid VZW subscribers funding this…).

  • Tico4674

    I’m a little disappointed in this news as well. Not only was I hoping for information that may impact me but I really don’t see a need for Viva Móvil. Then again I’m not the most powerful celebrity in America.

  • bit

    • ranwanimator

      Yeah, but it’s not a happy/excited crying that I’m doing now.

  • saco

    She should of stuck with sitting on a chair and crushing the dreams of millions of people on television.

    This is an epic fail!!!!

  • donger

    Waste of time.

  • John Patrick

    I know there’s a supposed shortage of women in tech – but this aint that.
    Objectifying Lopez because she’s female, latino and used to be sorta hot is just pandering to a market and making women and latinos appear dumber with regard to technology.
    I can hardly wait to see how mindless the marketing turns out to be.

  • Dan Jones

    I’m not Hispanic, but as a single parent, I love the idea of having a kids area in the store. I wish this were more common.

  • alexanderharri3

    No comprende….It’s still basically a branded Verizon store. Might as well just be an authorized Verizon reseller store that has bilingual staff. Not exactly something big to tweet about…well except for Jennifer Lopez’s favorite font which would be the extent of her technological preparation.

  • Patricia

    I’m part Latin, but l find it offensive that still we continue to discourage Hispanics from learning the English language and making it a part of their lives. As far as having a kid friendly area, then perhaps Kohl’s would consider doing the same, if they haven’t already. Even better, how about donating a portion of sales from this new venture towards ending child hunger in America? Seems only fair.

  • Elena

    Wow I am Mexican and actually find this really offensive.. And I do not get offended over every little thing but the fact that they are pushing the kid friendly store area in a store targeted towards Hispanics seems really stereotypical to me. The fact is that Verizon is too expensive for most Hispanic families, most of them go with affordable, no contract lines such as Cricket. They could have done a way better job of targeting Hispanics such as adding a cheap international calling feature or affordable no contract plans.

  • Charlie Cruz

    I think it’s hilarious that big companies like Verizon do this, thinking that slapping a Spanish word to one of their products or services it automatically gain acceptance by the Latino community and to further add injury to insult they choose a celebrity is mostly recognized by noon Hispanics as a Latino a lot of people may like her I for one don’t