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Gamepop to deliver Android games by subscription


Many companies are trying to become the “Netflix for games,” but none have stood out above the rest yet. Today Bluestacks announced their Android-powered Gamepop console that offers access to 500 games for a monthly subscription of $6.99. For new customers that enroll by the end of May, Bluestacks will throw in a free Gamepop console and controller if you sign up for a 12-month subscription.

We are pretty against subsidized hardware, contracts, and early termination fees, but Gamepop appears to be off to a nice start with their launch game library. They have already signed deals with notable mobile developers Glu, Halfbrick, Jawfish Games, and Gameloft, and we expect more will be coming soon.

I’m tempted to try out Gamepop out of curiosity, but I’m currently waiting for my OUYA to arrive any day now. I would much prefer to buy my console and own my games, but I can see how the subscription based model would be appealing for others. But if anyone succeeds at becoming the “Netflix for games”, it’s going to be Netflix itself.

Check out the preview videos below and let us know what you think. Will any of you be signing up for a Gamepop subscription?

Via: The Verge

Source: Gamepop

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  • MisterLee

    This sounds interesting. I haven’t really looked into the other mobile gaming consoles but at 93.88 including shipping (6.99 x 12 + 10 shipping) sounds like a great deal… for the first year at least. I like the fact that I can fully play any game without having to purchase them 1 by 1.

    Plus I’ll also be the coolest uncle ever when my 5 year old nephew comes over!

    • MisterLee

      any idea when this is supposed to release?

      • Ben

        Hi there,

        We aren’t charging anything until the console ships, most likely this Winter. We are working to ship sooner than that though :)

        Ben from BlueStacks

      • Ryan J. Stansbury

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  • philnolan3d

    If I was going to subscribe I think I’d rather pay a couple bucks more and get PC games via the OnLive PlayPack.

  • thymeless

    I’m becoming increasingly skeptical of the subscription model. We see the cable cutting in the TV world, the rise of pre-paid in cellular and a step away from the subsidized phone. MS is betting big on subscription for software, but I just don’t see the non-pro consumer making that step. The value isn’t there compared to the free options in that market. For games, well, the gamer target market is not one that has a lot of disposable cash. Sure, you can mask your costs a bit with the subscription model, but what are your termination penalties. What is your cost over the life of the product? What if you only want a few of the games? You have nothing when the maker decides to end support. Not when you choose to be done with it. How does it work if there’s an outage? Can their servers handle the load? There’s been many examples of failure there. Subscription software is basically just another word for DRM, a product you never really own and don’t control.

  • epps720

    Honestly this is really intriguing. Not a bad deal at all if you sign up for the first year being that these other consoles (ie Ouya) are going for $100 + and that’s before you get any games on the console. The big question is if these games are 100% free or are they going to try and get you with the in game purchases.

    • epps720

      And yes I realize Ouya games are “free” but they do have the in game purchases I mentioned above.

      • Ben from BlueStacks

        Hey epps,

        We have a very healthy mix of paid + free games. With your subscription, you can play all 500 games as much as you want. There’s hundreds of dollars worth of paid games included. We’ve tried to get the paid version of all the top games out there and have thus far succeeded. You can definitely purchase stuff in-app if you’d like, but we don’t take a cut of that so that’s not our end game.

        Also, there’s no ads even on the free games!

        Ben from BlueStacks

  • HeadDoc

    This is the beginning of the end of the consoles. Luckily for them, Sony and Microsoft have other businesses to fall back on… so long, Nintendo. Go join your friends Sega and Atari and Coleco and Intellivision in home video game heaven…

    • Jimmy_Jo

      The type of games a system like this would support I doubt will be able to compare with a PS3 or XBox 360… Let alone the PS4 and XBox 720.

      (The Wii was not mentioned intentionally. The Wii is basically the reason that a “console” like this is even considered viable. Nintendo basically invented the casual gamer though they’ve always had a few hidden gems for legit gamers too)

      But I’m not sold on a subcription model for games. Most people watch at least some TV daily so subscription video is more feasible. But games…? I get by just fine with the free games and a couple I’ve paid for. I doubt I’ve spent $20 on games in the last 2 years of the variety this system would be used for.

  • donger

    If this can go PC quality game, it would be complete.