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Better smartphone TV spot: “Pool Party” or “The Wedding?”


Samsung and Nokia are both blasting the airwaves with a set of new smartphones ads this week. Each one is pretty entertaining, but which do you like best? Samsung’s “Pool Party” or Nokia’s “The Wedding?”

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  • MyMilan

    Nokia’s ad is way better. Love the “one trick pony” comment. However I would NEVER buy another Nokia phone. Worst phone ever. No ad in the world could change that.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      Nokia wins with the TV Spot. Samsung wins with the phone….and sales…..and market share…and features….and ecosystem…..and hot chicks by the pool.

      And the professor looking guy asking “So some smartphones are smarter than other smartphones?” was classic.


    Not close, it’s Nokia. But that line, “some smartphones are smarter than others?” is funny.

  • lou2cool88

    I think the Nokia ad is funnier and more entertaining but the Samsung ad was better at showcasing features of the phone. That said, I wish we could have Samsung software features with the looks of a Nokia Lumia.

  • draconos

    What I find most amusing about the Nokia Ad and actually a little ironic is how there are multiple people with the samsungs and iphones fighting and only 2 people have the Nokia Windows phone….is that art imitating reality :)

  • Renato S.

    Engadget who?

  • donger

    Nokia’s ad is way better. Covers major areas on Apple & Android. Samsung’s is just reuse the same slogan/motto over and over again, “the next big thing is here.” C’mon Samsucks. Overprice piece of shiny plastic.

    • John Patrick


  • Mubarak

    Nokia’s “The Wedding” it’s brilliant..

    • Vic

      It’s so brilliant that instead of making you want to get the phone that it is promoting that it wants you to laugh at the apple vs Samsung war which at the end fails as a commercial. Samsung commercial was not as funny but it was show casing features of the gs 4 and try to sell a phone.

    • 6889

  • chahui

    Samsung did good job here. Like S3 they always good at using these gimmicks to make an attrating ad. Fo r example it’s a drawback that S4′s nfc can only applied to s3 and s4, and they turn it into something like privilege. And ain preview is applied only to rare cases, like that showed in ad, the beauty normally will wipe her hand to dry to use the phone, however in this ad they make you believe you will be as cool as that beauty. Samsung is advertizing king, they always build mediocre phone and make you think they are prime phone. So don’t be fooled by these ads.

    • ben

      We should stop calling phones mediocre just because we have different aesthetic viewpoints. The tech in the S4 is top notch. That is a fact, no denying there. They use polymers, sure. I for one like that as I see it fitting to use those materials for phones. And looking on the front of the device, which is all I see while using it, i personally think i looks much netter than the HTC one for example. Less bezel and all that.

    • RichySamui

      Except your wrong. Their Nfc is not limited to s3 and s4. I use it between my Nexus 4 and Xperia T and it can be used with any other device that has nfc.

      • chahui

        Yes, you are right. So nfc is actually an android feature not Samsung feature.And s3 and s4′s sbeam is actually redundant.

        • lou2cool88

          Quite right re: NFC. However, I think the S Beam is quicker than Android Beam. I tried it at a “Samsung Experience” tent at my school. I “android beamed” a picture from my Galaxy Nexus to an S4 and it took a while for it to transfer while the S4 “S Beamed” a photo to another S4 much more quickly.

          • lugo389

            S Beam is in fact quicker. Galaxy devices pair with NFC then send files up to 1gb via wifi direct. Android has Android Beam which the Galaxies also use to transfer data. But android beam pairs with nfc then transfer via bluetooth which is much slower. Ive transfered entire movies using s beam with my coworkers when i had my s3. I cant do this now on my nexus 4.

          • me

            ya hopefully the next version of android the Android Beam feature will be updated to use the much faster WiFiDirect and not the atrociously slow bluetooth

  • mohammed

    i am rily lovet samsun galaxy s4

  • R.S

    While the Nokia commercial was comical, the Samsung commercial was better in that it will make people think/say “Wow, I didn’t know phones could do that!” or “Wow, that’s a really cool feature.”

  • ben

    As a commercial, the Samsung ad wins hand down. Nokia’s spot is kind of funny (as far as advertisements go) but they didn’t show me anything that could be useful for me making a decision to buy a windows phone. Except that colourful phones look horrible. Hell, they even showed of features of other oem or operating systems. Do they have them too? Don’t know. The Samsung ad shows us the phone, the functions (some useful some gimmicky) and the adventages they have compared with the market leader (considering phone vs phone). Lot’s of people will like those functions, useful or not

  • Max

    Did anyone else notice the “Do not attempt” when they started to fight? Haha

    • lou2cool88

      Too late! The internet has been “attempting” that fight for a while now!

  • diordna

    The Windows ad was pretty accurate in emphasizing it’s market share. Only two people out of about one hundred have one. Samsung’s ad did a better job of promoting their phone but the Windows ad was more enjoyable to watch.

  • Alex

    Samsung’s just because of that ridiculously hot light skin chick.

  • SGB101

    That is one of Sammys better adverts (not funniest), it showed the 4 off well.

  • Nicholas Vettese

    Nokia’s wins hands down, but the Nokia doesn’t show any of the features.

    I like Samsung’s spot for the features, but for the comedy, Nokia keeps my attention.


  • Rob

    As much as I love Android, I have to say the Nokia add is definitely funnier…way funnier.

  • Mark

    It’s a draw Nokia funnier more entertaining (who doesn’t like a good fight) Samsung more wiz bang, appeals to the geek in me (who doesn’t like cool new gadgets).

  • Anthony

    Samsung wins hands down. They sold their product while Nokia didn’t. You’re not going to convince people to buy your product if your not showing off the features of the phone.

  • Aze

    I don’t get the Nokia-spot. The bottom line seems that noone wants a Nokia phone and/or noone is enthusiastic enough to defend it against others. Yes, Samsung and Apple fanboys are seen battling but is “noone else has it so noone will fight about it” really a message one wants to send? ;-)

  • redraider133

    I thought the wedding commercial was hilarious even though it was bashing IOS and android, the commercial made me laugh. I enjoy commercials like these.

  • Juveria

    I really liked the SG4 ad because it hi-lites the features of the phone, whereas the Nokia ad is just an epic battle between Android and Apple. There is no information about what the phone can do and cannot do from what the Android and Apple already have.
    From the looks of it, doesn’t the Nokia phone look like Windows 8 phone?

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