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Chinese Analyst: Google gives up on “X Phone”?


Reports are swirling today that Google might have abandoned or given up on the fabled “X Phone.” The source of the information is from Chinese analyst Sun Chang Xu who left a comment on her Weibo blog. Our Chinese is a little rusty, but a friend tells us that the vibe of the message is that Google doesn’t care about the “X Phone” anymore and they are letting Motorola do their own thing with the device.

The rough translation says that Motorola will not be cancelling the device, but it is no longer slated for the Chinese market. This information contradicts some other reports, so we will have to wait and see what happens.

We have heard nothing to support this latest rumor, but we have reached out to our sources to see if they can provide an update. The last we heard, Motorola was planning to launch the first “X Phone” device in August. As far as we know, things are still on track and unlikely to change, but the launch plan for other countries might still be up in the air.

Are you still excited for the over-hyped X Phone, or are you already let down?

Via: GSM Insider

Source: Weibo

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  • Qbancelli

    I’m not surprised. The HTC One has send everyone to the drawing board.

    • Me

      Why has it done that? Because of front facing speakers? Doubtful. There is no other hardware feature on that phone that another phone doesn’t have. The so called “Ultra pixel” camera don’t count either because the Optimus G Pro takes better pictures with its megapixel shooter. Moto has always been in charge of the so called Xphone anyway Google not so much because its not even a stock version of Android on the phone nor a Nexus device.

    • Ryan J. Stansbury

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  • DroidSamurai

    First of all, according to the original post Google gives up on “X Phone” because they consider it as not groundbreaking enough. Therefore, they are “returning” (literally what the poster used in Chinese) it back to Motorola. The poster later updated and commented that she thought Google’s decision is correct because as a later comer, Google must come up with some features that catch people’s eyes.

    I am a little bit skeptical about this piece of news, though. The “X Phone” has never been intended to be released under Google’s own brand. So, where does the “returning” come from? The “X Phone” has always been a Motorola product. I wonder if the poster misunderstand the whole thing since the beginning.

    • zerosix

      Thank you for this comment. Analysts like to say sh*t, sometimes they manage to dissapoint you. And here come you, saying “ok, guys, that were just analysts”. So,
      WAIT FOR X.

  • surethom

    Yes I still like Motorola phones & the rumoured much better camera is that I am waiting for. I love the extra long battery’s on the max phones.

  • NexusNYC

    Nothing better than shady chinese reports on American companies.

  • jerrbomb

    LOL.. right.. but in any case.. this is JUST a rumor.. lol.. and yeah.. i also agree.. where the heck does giving back come from?? lol.. it might be Google owned and Google influenced.. but WTF?? lol..

  • Co1e

    The more I read the less I feel like I know anything at all. Frustrating to say the least.

  • sly

    Now I get it! I have to get me some big sunglasses (maybe steal Grandma’s) and a purple scarf and then people will take me seriously. I knew I was missing something! ;)

  • donger

    Doubt it. Might debut along with the Google watch or tie in with google Glass.

  • Raptor

    - G was/is a software search company which would be unknown till today if big money would not selected it among others.
    - G is already a monopoly, why to have a headache to compete with China production infrastructure?
    - S.Jobs is not scary threat anymore, who needs Moto?

  • Robert Jakiel

    LOL! Everything Motorola has done since the OG Droid and Droid X has been a let down and a pile of junk. HTC, Samsung and LG have all stepped up to the plate with superior hardware and features as well as easily rooted and unlockable devices that can be customized to your hearts content.

  • chris mcclellan

    If Google doesn’t care, then I don’t care. It’s probably because Google wanted it to be really awesome but once they realized Motorola wanted it to be a certain way, Google was like “whatever.” It’s a pity when stubborn people get in the way of great minds.

  • Nate B.

    I actually have a mint conditioned black S4 for Sprint and clean ESN for bid. Highest bid is only at $305. 5 more days until auction ends.

  • RobBull75

    Yo dawg, I heard you like rumors, so we put more rumors in your rumors. I think it’s going to be released under Moto branding and I hope that the phone ultimately gets released as stock Android with a couple of Moto tweaks (camera software,etc). Google already has the Nexus line, so it doesn’t make sense for them to fragment Google branded devices.