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Google to take on Pandora, Spotify with Google Play Music All Access

play music all access

Watch out Pandroa, Spotify, Rdio and all you other music streaming services out there; Google is coming for you. Just announced at Google I/O, Google is officially entering into the music streaming arena with Google Play Music All Access.

Built-in with Google’s existing music locker and store, Google Play Music, All Access is a subscription based streaming service with access to millions of songs on the web, and your Android device. At $9.99 a month, a price comparable to rival services, users can enjoy a mix of songs they’ve already purchased, with anything else available from Google’s extensive music library.

Highlights of All Access include radio stations, enhanced music discovery, Google powered music search and a listen now feature that takes you directly to music you want to listen to, with minimal effort.

All Access is in the process of rolling out now (be sure to check for an update on Google Play), with a free 30 day trial for users to give the service a shot. If you sign up for the trail before June 30, your monthly subscription fee will be $7.99. Does Google Play Music All Access interest you, or does another service already have your loyalty? Let us know in the comments.



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  • Mustin

    Will it put the correct cover art on my tracks in Play Music already?

    Because that might be worth it alone.

  • Stigy

    I signed up to lock in $7.99 / month rate. I am going to give it a month and see how I like it.

    Going to depend on heavily how it deals with the “meh” battery life on the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Instrumentals

    Looks interesting, Ill give it a spin and the 7.99/month does make it enticing but Spotify has my allegiance for the time being..

    • Xallies

      Yeah.. they did with me 2 except you cant organize your music by Artists on either your stared or your playlists. Its almost as if they want to make you keep having to search each time…

  • Xallies

    I started with it today, but they need a way to port my spotify playlists.

  • lou2cool88

    I like the social aspects of Spotify (following other users and sharing playlists). However, I may cancel my Spotify and give Google my money instead since it’s cheaper at 7.99/month. I can still enjoy my spotify features with a free account, anyway. I wonder if they’ll release a desktop client at all.

  • Nathan D.

    I’ll give it a shot, not really a streamer though.

  • Phil

    Surprised there isn’t a free option with ads – this is Google after all.

  • Wilson N.

    $7.99 a month is more than the $35 a year it costs for premium Pandora. Unless Pandora suddenly jumps their costs. I don’t see myself changing. Even if I get correct cover art. There are free apps for that.

    • JayBird

      I was thinking the same thing and if u did Pandora monthly its either 3.99 or 4.99 which is cheaper than 7.99

  • NasLAU

    Not much of a streamer but when I do is Pandora on mobile and Spotify on PC.

    I actually prefer YouTube video playlists. Work on that Google and I might pay. As long as I can get a version without explicit lyrics. Spotify kills me with the lack of that feature.

  • philli

    I prefer slacker.there we’re some artists I couldn’t find on slacker even if they don’t have a licence for an album you can still here the songs you want to here you just might have to skip through the station till you find it . Here the music isn’t available period .

  • franrich

    Just started the trial. So far good, searched for an artist and got all the songs. Not like Pandora that will give you similar artist.

  • Steve

    Will give it a try. It is going to be hard to pull me from Slacker Radio’s curated stations though.

  • James W.

    It lets you raid their catalog and add anything you want to your library. Bye itunes.

  • Avery

    Just tried it moments ago. It’s pretty good. You can actually go backwards and listen to songs that have already played.

    • Avery

      Will kill your battery life though. But it’s good.

  • donger

    Not a bad price at all.

  • TheJohnLD

    Honestly been pretty fed up with pandora lately (usually I thumb down 3-4 songs and listen to 2-3 ads between each song I actually like on any given station) and slacker has a crashing issue on my device so it may be high time to switch on over. While I couldn’t find a couple of artists I enjoy for the most part the app has me pretty impressed at least for day one. I freakin’ love unlimited skips by the way.

  • TheJohnLD

    one thing I forgot to mention is that all access isn’t just radio. that’s just a feature of it. for those who haven’t figured it out, all access means find songs you like, and instead of buying them just click the add to library button and bam they’re there. Possibly best service ever.

  • mike

    Google won’t be able to contend with the largest streaming company, Pandora until they offer a free service. A 30 day trial is nice but why pay for something that I get free and never have any issues with?

  • dave

    ^ mike I think you’re missing the point, you can add songs to your library, as well as go back to play a song again, or play the artists entire album/all albums. It’s very versatile, I have a Pandora account and I just got he Google account. I’m doing my analysis of it. I like how cheap Pandora is for 36 a year which is 3 dollars a month broken down. But at 7.99 I can play any album, or all albums of an artist, skip as many times as I want, keep my 20,000 songs uploaded (more for me because I pay for the extra storage) and play the radio that acts like Pandora if I decide I want a mixture. Not to mention you can add any song to a playlist and it is there.

    p.s. the free part of Google is the ability to upload 20,000 songs for free and stream them. I personally have over 100,000 but not all on Google, but this will allow me to free up space of on my google account of albums I know are on my drive (i.e. Zakk Wylde’s albums)


  • joe