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Google Wallet now integrated with Gmail allowing users to send money as an attachment

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Google has released some really killer services over the last several years, and some real flops too. Unfortunately, Google Wallet falls into the latter of those categories. Wallet hasn’t grown in quite the way Google would have liked, for a number of reasons, but Google isn’t giving up yet.

Announced today on the Google Commerce blog, Google Wallet will now be integrated with Gmail. By linking the two services, Google users will be able to send money as an email attachment. It’s as simple as hovering over the attachment paperclip icon, clicking the money icon, entering the amount of money you want to pay out and pressing send. You can also send money to non-Gmail users.

Right now, Google Wallet integration is only available on Gmail for desktop, but that will be changing in the future. Will Gmail integration push you into using Google Wallet more? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Google Commerce

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  • Andre Meaux

    I like Google Wallet, but I think the biggest factor that will influence my decision to use Google Wallet more frequently is having the option to pay with Google Wallet at major retailers. It would be nice to see Google partner with Target – allowing Google Wallet users to pay for their purchases at Target using their Android devices.

  • donger

    This is great and convenient.

    • David Munditi

      It is wonderfull

  • Raptor

    So easy…click and done… and all your money in Russia. Spasibo comrades.

  • rpras

    Hmmm… What’s next?–handouts in hangouts?

  • Chuxter

    Question: does it charge your credit card to send money? If so, is there a fee to send? Or is there a “merchant” fee to receive the money?

    Question: If it charges the money I send via Google wallet to my credit card, do I get the credit card point rewards from the transaction?

    • NasLAU

      From the blog:
      “It’s free to send money if your bank account is linked to Google Wallet or using your Google Wallet balance, and low fees apply to send money using your linked credit or debit card”

      I think you should get your points too.

  • n25philly

    The Nigerian princes approve

    • Jorge Eslava

      Google should disable this for senior citizens before they send all their money to Nigeria.

  • kinderdm

    It says you don’t have to be a gmail user to receive the money but I’m assuming you do have to be a google wallet user? How would it handle the receipt of the money and know where to send it. Does the receiver then have to give their credit card or bank into to google in order to get their money? I need some more info and blogs are blocked at work so I cant view the original announcement.

  • CTown

    In latest news Gmail is getting greedy. It is now attached to money!

  • Nathan D.


  • Futureboy

    Holy hell!!! This is an email hacker’s wet dream!

    Batten down the hatches, people! If you’re not already signed up for two-step verification, this is the time to do it!

    And yes, I read Google Wallet’s “Purchase Protection” – all 155 words of it. (That seems a bit thin, don’t you think?)

    Anyway… it says:

    “Purchase Protection covers 100% of all eligible unauthorized transactions reported within 180 days of purchase…[67 more words of mumbo jumbo you can find on the blog]… Furthermore, eligible unauthorized transactions covered by the Google Wallet Purchase Protection are defined as:

    1. Unauthorized transactions must be reported within 180 days of purchase to qualify for review.
    2. Google properties such as Google Play, Google Drive, YouTube etc. are not covered under the Google Wallet Purchase Protection. Please reach out to those products directly through their help centers.”

    Now, I know they mean well, and I love the idea of sending money through gmail, but if you ask me, their definition of “eligible unauthorized transactions” (which are more conditions than they are actual definitions) seems a bit vague which leaves me a bit uneasy about the whole thing.

    Maybe their protection policy is better than it reads, but it’s important to note that, historically, once your money disappears, it can be quite difficult to get it back.

    So let me say it one more time… go set up two-step verification!

  • neowiz73

    I like this, but I hope we don’t see some odd worm security issue on this with windows based systems. I’m sure the functionality is only on Google’s website and not applicable via IMAP. The “Gmail for Desktop” makes it seem like some sort of integration to email clients. Which I’m assuming it is referenced to the Chrome OS?

  • brad

    For apps users; Google should allow us to disable it. Gmail has just gotten worse and worse and its now one of the worst email apps around for those who wish to be ultra productive. What use to take 5 seconds now takes 30. While that doesn’t seem like much; over the course of the day; that’s a wasted hour.