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Updated: HTC employee teases Google Experience HTC One


Google has already announced that a Google Experience Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available on Google Play on June 26th for $649, but things could get a little more interesting. Leigh Momii, a Developer Evangelist at HTC has just posted a Tweet which takes a subtle jab at Samsung’s choice of construction materials while hinting that a Google Experience HTC One may be in the works.

We have no clue what Leigh intended by the tweet, but a  Google Experience HTC One certainly wouldn’t be too surprising as HTC has already shown support for developers with the 64GB SIM and Bootloader unlocked the HTC One Developer Edition which is currently up for sale on HTC’s site.


If we spot any more hints, we’ll be sure to let you know. Would you rather have a Google Experience Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One?

Update: Jeff Gordon of HTC just sent us the following message, “HTC is not currently planning a ‘Nexus Edition’ of the HTC One.”

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • redraider133

    This is looking like we may finally get more stock devices. Hopefully this is what Verizon gets

    • some internet dude

      Verizon will not get any Pure Android devices in the near or far future, they love to control there handsets and cripple them. With Verizon one get a handset loaded with crap-ware at data rates that are double the average price for a fraction of the data allotment.

    • jsapkota

      But, I don’t think the updates will be provided by google directly.

  • Leigh

    The new Sense is going to be amazing

    • Vesh

      Said no one ever…


    LMAO !!!! This is awesome !!

  • xaml

    Hey Leigh, remember when ultra-durable, coated black devices used to chip off. That’s One S 4 the other S you’re envious of. Maybe just post about an equivalent of always-on and be done with it. #jetlag

    • jonathan3579

      You didn’t even make sense.

      • Joe

        Do me hard right now

  • Nate B.

    This is why I get annoyed when people see or hear something and pull things out of thin air and make up stuff as if that’s what was said. Smh.. Basically putting words in a persons mouth. Calm down..

  • Eric Ortiz

    So excited at first and then I saw the update :(
    Hopefully something good is revealed soon because a GS4 running stock Android is not enough for me to switch networks. Big props to Samsung for doing what they did.

    • Nate B.

      as far as hardware the S4 is right up there with the latest specs. Not saying you should get this, but what else would you expect from a phone with todays specs or technology? I guess Key Lime Pie will be more of your taste?

  • Unibrow

    hmm, I’ll take the plastic junk that can actually be repaired, has a sd card, removable battery over anything HTC can dish out. Doubt they are going to release anything anyway, they can’t get their act together to actually release the ONE on time much less a Google edition.

    Just sounds like desperation/sour grapes on the behalf of htc

    • MyMilan

      You can have your plastic samslum junk. Toys are made out of plastic. Real phones are made out of aluminum. BTW – any smartphone can have a SD card thanks to this;

      • clocinnorcal

        Actually not any smartphone can use that. Right on the front page of your link it says “Compatible with select devices only”. I have one of the few devices that may actually need one and I know it is not compatible…. yes the N4.

      • PaulieG

        LOL… Ok, so my 1080p High Def 3D projector is made out of plastic, that cost well over 1k, that’s not a toy. All the previous HTC phones that were made out of plastic? Are they toys?

        So it’s a metal phone… Awesome!! if that’s what really floats your boat then buy it.. But in all seriousness, if this is HTC’s attempt at exploiting some kind of chink in Samsung’s armor, it’s been about as effective as Apple’s Fragmentation argument on Android.

        Simple fact is, the majority of people don’t care how pretty or what natural element (or otherwise) was used to encase the inner electronics of their device. 90 percent of them are immediately going to wrap their new bundle of joy in a gel casing to protect it from damage, including the majority of new HTC owners So now you have plastic encapsulated aluminium.. Kinda ironic really…

        There are plenty electronic devices that do more and cost far more than your average modern smartphone and these casings has been made out of plastic for decades. They also been happily selling for decades.

        If this is HTC’s best differentiating point on why it’s a better phone than the GS4, they’ve better go back to the drawing board, because its trivial at best..

  • James W.

    Those speakers + aluminum body + stock Android = happiness.

  • tommydaniel

    HTC’s employees are why I don’t want to purchase an HTC phone. I don’t want to help feed their ridiculous egos.

  • Trey

    Jeff Gordon of HTC: Why the hell NOT? Or does that mean you are working on a Nexus device, just not a Nexus One device?

  • Christopher Chavez

    Maybe not a Nexus version of the HTC One, but maybe something new altogether? :)

    Either way, the Developer Edition of the HTC One is almost a “Nexus” device in that it’s so easy to unlock and flash AOSP ROMs to the device. Easy as the Nexus, in fact. :P

    • rauelius

      If this did finally come out I would hope they call it “The HTC Nexus One”

      • Artificial Bacon

        Wait a second……

  • Nathan D.

    Well, hopefully htc has something up their sleeves to counter Samsung.

    • Noel

      Yup..that is what i took away from her tweet. There must be something to that statement..either there is HTC N5 or HTC One GE is coming

  • JPB

    Boy did that backfire badly on HTC.

    Yeah, as a matter of fact, I *would* prefer a piece of plastic running the Google Experience to an overly skinned one. Had they said they were going to give us a Google Experience HTC One, especially if it beat that $649 price, I might have been interested.

    Geez, first the HTC Facebook phone fiasco, now this. Can HTC please stop stabbing itself in the eye?

  • mike

    HTC is like a slut it looks great and all but that’s about it.

    Samsung has always gone plastic route for lighter weight and they pack this plastic shell with great hardware.

  • jonstle

    Love where this is headed!

  • steve

    Have owned a Vibrant for over 2 yrs. Replaced the plastic back twice. The one will go back to repair shop for anything you want fixed, unless you covered your beautiful ONE in a plastic OTTERBOX !

  • Someguy

    Update says they aren’t making a HTC one with Nexus experience but the tweet never said it would be a HTC One in the first place.. It could be another HTC phone with similar build quality of HTC One..

    • Artificial Bacon

      Or it could also mean an update that allows you to toggle Sense on and off or uninstall it altogether?

      • Droid Sam

        That would never happen. HTC Sense is not a skin that sits on top of Android, it’s HTC’s take on Android. More than 90% of the stock apps have been replaced with custom HTC apps. You can;t just toggle things off if there’s nothing else to toggle to.

    • jsapkota

      May be HTC second….

  • revs

    nexus 5 htc?

    • Christopher Chavez


  • Ichigo

    HTC is desperate so I can understand this.

    • Droid Sam

      If HTC was desperate, how would this help them? The demand for stock Android devices is minuscule since 99% of the general public has no clue what stock Android even is.

  • tritaru

    Is that even a question?

  • donger

    It would outsell the plastic S4.

  • Ben

    HTC One with Google experience would be the best Android phone, hands down.

    Should be a choice on the Developer version.

    Otherwise, unfortunately Samsung will burry HTC, even though HTC has the best Android hardware design.

    • Droid Sam

      Maybe HTC Dev is working to release a stock Android build for the HTC One. It wouldn’t be a Google sanctioned device, but it would give HTC enthusiasts who own the HTC One Developer Edition an HTC approved alternative to Sense.

  • madsalad

    I’m a fan of HTC. My families’ last three phones have been from HTC. But the only thing right now I see that HTC One has over the S4 is the front facing stereo speakers and I don’t know if that’s enough to keep me with HTC over this Stock Android Google Experience S4.

    • Ray

      Isnt the selling point of s4 it’s software? Especially the camera app? Buying a stock Android s4 is essentially saying you like the hardware and dislike the software, which is kinda rare.Isnt that plastic hardware the reason people whining about s4?

  • MrDSL

    Hey HTC are you jealous much?

  • Kzd

    HTC employees…desperate much? Man, I loved your HTC Desire as my first Android phone, and your HTC One looks great, but tbh you need to put your money where your mouth is and step up your game. I’d rather take a plastic powerhouse over an aluminium lackluster.

    • KHL

      Serve yoursef if you want to help fatten the wallet of manuf with low cost plastic and encourage utilitarian, boring design and build. Aesthetic and beauty take time and design sense to craft (200min each). Unlike the plastic nonsense that could be spit out by the (enter your ridiculous #) per min. If the cost is different and favors the plastic, I can understand but for essentially the same price, I would take alum over plastic anytime of the week. After all, the innards are practically the same as far as processor is concern.

      Realistically, the HTC One looks better (stunning in fact), feels better, has better build, sounds better, performs better (more responsive, less lag w/ less bloatware) and thus better overall in my book as well as many who look beyond the marketing hype of the competitor. Also, within the two year contract with phones, I’ve never had to replace battery or swap SD cards in my experience from using phones. For the most part, most people won’t keep their phones beyond 2yrs at the rate that technology is advancing and what it pertains to smart phones. Ultimately, it’s more bang for the same buck.

      • Ray

        The fact that the design of galaxy series doesn’t change too much showed how sloppy Samsung is. Plastic is fine, but care to make that more pretty?

  • Josh5310

    I would rather want an HTC One running stock. TBH i’m not a fan of the cosmetics in Stock Android, Especially the stack animation in the app drawer.

  • Noel

    That first tweet by Leigh has so much truth to it, “So you can pay $649 for a piece of plastic running stock or..You can wait : )”. even tho there was a follow up statement refuting the original tweet. I predict or see two things happening…either HTC will the the next Nexus OEM or they are also working on a GE HTC ONE, and she was indirectly telling the masses to wait to get a real solid device running stock Android like a Nexus 5 or HTC ONE GE than rush to get the plastic GS4 GE. That’s the way i see it…time will tell.

  • Katsu999

    So the phone makers are moving to Stock Editions – at last! Thanks Google for showing them the way. My Nexus 4 is such a relief after using an HTC Wildfire S on Orange – it was so full of HTC rubbish and Orange rubbish that I could only install about 5 Apps, and not uninstall any of their stupid rubbish. And the Nexus 4 is half the price of an iPhone or SGS4 or HTC One.

    I always thought that when you buy a Phone it should come set-up with the flash ‘Bells and Whistles’ installed for the kids to go ‘ooohhh, look at my phone!’.
    But there should be an ‘Expert’ switch hidden in there, for those who want the stripped-down, ‘exposed to the elements’ experience.

    This would legitimise the whole ‘Jailbreaking’ world, and if the manufacturers are worried about ‘Experts’ breaking their phones, they could have a ‘Warranty Void’ flag accompanying the Expert Switch.

    This would be a fantastic solution, both for Android and Apple!
    Come on, give us users the choice!