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HTC J One heads to Japan with microSD card support


The HTC One is one of the most respected Android devices on the planet. Yet, quite a few people seem to think the Galaxy S4 has a slight edge thanks to its removable battery and microSD card slot. The new HTC J One (KDDI’s variant of the HTC One for Japan) may not sport a removable battery, but HTC has managed to cram in a microSDXC card slot, which gives the 32GB device the ability to store an extra 64GB of data. Unfortunately, the hardware components needed to include microSD card support have forced HTC to chop up the aluminum frame of the HTC J One (note the back-panel latch in the image above). The thickness¬†and weight of the device also had to be increased by 10% (69 x 138 x 10.5mm at 157g compared to 68.2 x 137.4x 9.3mm size at 143g).

A 10% bump in thickness and weight may not sound like much, but the difference is certainly¬†noticeable. The HTC J One is 33% thicker than the Samsung Galaxy S4. How many of you would be willing to compromise the HTC One’s current size and weight in order to gain expandable storage?

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Source: KDDI

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  • pekosROB

    I would definitely be willing to compromise for microSD slot in size. It would kinda suck that not all One accessories (mainly cases I’m guessing) wouldn’t fit (or would be a really tight fit), but that’s OK, i wouldn’t want to cover up a phone like the One.

    How many people will this piss off if it comes to Verizon like the DNA did after the Butterfly in Japan and it also had a microSD slot? lol Looks like if it does come to Verizon I will have to choose between this and the (hopefully available on Verizon) rugged S4.

  • R.S

    If I was considering getting the HTC One, I would definitely get this one over the standard one.

    In my opinion, a 10% bump in weight and thickness would be well worth it.

  • ranger

    I, as well, would be more than happy to take the 10% for the storage expansion capability.

  • Co1e

    I hate that they had to chop it, but I’d take the sd slot as well. Need room for those nandroid backup’s.

    • CiDhed

      Just do what I do, run cm10.1. Nandroid backups are a quarter of the size.

      I’m content with the 32gb so far. It only needs to hold me over til the next Nexus comes out.

  • ihatefanboys

    32GB storage is more than enough. not worth the extra thickness, in the speck case i got its pretty thick to begin with. You SD card whiners make me sick. Also those that dont want to cover up their phones with protective cases will cry when you repeatedly drop your ONE on the ground.

  • Nick Gray

    If we converted mm to pixels, the image below shows the thickness and width differences between the HTC J One (red), HTC One (green) and Samsung Galaxy S4 (blue)

    Personally, I could care less about expandable storage, the only reason I own the 63GB model is because I wanted the bootloader unlocked HTC One Dev. If they would have offered a 32GB model, I would have purchased that instead.

    • Nick Gray

      Just doing my job ;)

  • trev186

    SD card slot is a must …of this were the 64 GB model I’d actually consider importing this from Japan..

    If u think about it the phone is still thinner than the smartphones we were raving about 1-2 years ago…we never had any issues fitting those in our pockets…

  • rivera618

    if this was about the phone having wireless charging capability, I would be all in. For this feature to be omitted from a flagship phone at this point is silly, especially considering there’s no pogo option either. I don’t like to use cases, so having to use one just so I can use wireless charging defeats the purpose of getting such a beautiful device.

  • Raptor rapturing

    How many times did you swear getting your made in Asia electronics dead after 2-3 years as if something was intentionally done for it to be broken after insurance ends?

    But now look at HTC One. it is intentionally made to be a dead brick in 2-3 years because the battery is not replaceable and look around — where are those effin consumers advocates or even hungry lawyers burying this crookery in billion dollar lawsuits? Yea… i tend to agree with observation in Tora that the vast majority of the world is brain dead.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

      • Truth

        Is that all you say? I say you say the same reply with the same name every time I come here.

  • redraider133

    I’d rather it be thicker and have a larger battery over an sd slot. But sd slot is welcome addition.

  • Nathaniel

    No way. just like i don’t need a cd rom in my laptop, i dont need additional storage in my phone. There are umpteen cloud providers to store my music, pictures, video, whatever. Plus, mostly i consume it on demand anyway from spotify or my media server. Local storage is just not that big a deal anymore.

    • nivekkev

      That is all great if you have a continuous and steady strong data connection all of the time, for those that don’t and move around, an SD card is a must for those down times…

      • Nick Gray

        I love how we classify things as “a must” when we all were perfectly content with our CD players and flip phones 10 years ago.

        I was talking to a co-worker about going camping a few weeks back and she told me that her husband chose the camp site specifically because they could get good cell reception in the aria in case something happened when they were out hiking. I chuckled a bit and then asked what they would have done 20 years ago when the consumer cellphone was still just a dream.

        • nivekkev

          I hear what you are saying can can agree for the most part but there are always those that would like more and ask why not. And when more is given, they want to be able to use it, or at least have a back up so that it is possible when the situation is not ideal.

          I could easily see somebody who wants to go camping (years ago) and pick a camp site that has a main facility somewhere on the camp site in case of emergency or a camp site that has pay phones on the trails periodially. You adjust to the times is all, just depends on what you are trying to do or get done.

  • Dr.Carpy

    I think that thickness is really been overstated lately. I prefer a phone with a little girth that doesn’t feel like it’s gonna snap if bent to far. SD cards are really cool to have (I load movies in my phone to entertain my son) so a little thicker phone to accommodate things I consider upgrades is welcome.

  • John Patrick

    What the hell is it with HTC that they dismiss customer requests for SD expansion on U.S.- bound flagship devices but put them in units headed to China and Japan??? WTF…

  • Josh5310

    Wow people. I have 6GB of storage on my phone excluding touchwiz and Android. But I’m fine w/ it I have like 30 apps 50 songs & 400 pictures (Use Dropbox though) so obviously I don’t use a whole lot. When I get my HTC One, I’m probably going to be overwhelmed w/ the amount of available space, LOL!

  • donger

    Japan’s lucky.

  • jamal adam

    With all that added thickness I would expect a larger battery otherwise I would think it pointless to just do that for the sake of a microSD card slot, not that microSD card slot isn’t welcome or anything.

  • Joshua

    Honestly after using the One S without a SIM I found I really don’t need one as much as I thought I would with all the cloud services available.

  • tp

    I would happily throw money at a thick device that had these two things…

    * removable SD of some kind
    * a bigger battery

    Seriously, who cares about it being thin? I want a device that holds charge for three days like my n95 used to

  • Pro-User

    I love reading all the opinions from smartphone “consumers” telling us what we need and don’t need – i.e. how unnecessary replaceable batteries and MicroSd card slots are – and how we can have a better product without them. All I can add is for everyone – including the design teams and manufacturers – to open your mind and fantasy a little bit and realize there are plenty of “users” out here that are using smartphones professionally and not just to stream some tunes over a data service. Some of us absolutely require an add-in SD slot for security requirements that are packaged on an MicroSD Card and would corrupt and erase themselves if attempted to be loaded to any internal memory partition. Also, many corporate requirements are packing “extensions” on the sd card that are required for professional / corporate use.
    Furthermore – if you cannot physically remove the battery, then you can never truly know the state of the processors on the motherboard – which might also be a requirement for “known boot-up conditions”.

    So, please – continue to share your thoughts on how you feel the world is progressing, but stay open to the fact that there are users out there that have other needs. I hold many manufacturers in high regard that keep this in mind, and I can guarantee these same manufacturers that their handsets will continue to be the units that are evaluated for conformity in any of these professional fields of use. Manufacturers that do not have these functions (I don’t have to name them – we all know who they are) will never see an approval for their product – but they don’t care either because their only goal is to sell to the quick consumer and resell to them as soon as possible. It’s all done for the mighty $$$