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HTC One sales reach 5 million as Samsung Galaxy S4 clears the 10 million threshold


According to the Wall Street Journal, an unnamed HTC executive has revealed that the company has sold roughly 5 million units of the HTC One since the device went on sale in late March. At this time, orders for the HTC One still exceed HTC’s production capacity, but that issue is expected to be resolved by the end of May.

Orders are pretty good so far and are still more than what we can supply. This is partly due to the shortage of components. When the issue is resolved next month, we will have a better idea if it's doing really well or not,Unnamed ExecutiveHTC

Shipping 5 million HTC Ones may sound impressive, but we expect Samsung is unimpressed. The Korean manufacturer has announced that they have already shipped 10 million Galaxy S4s, breaking the 50 day record it took Samsung to ship the same number of Galaxy SIIIs. To celebrate this grand achievement  Samsung will be launching the S4 in four new colors later this summer (Blue Arctic, Red Aurora, Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn).

It’s obvious that HTC and Samsung are in different leagues, but we are left wondering where sales of the HTC One would be right now if HTC hadn’t run into component issues which forced a staggered global release cycle. We expect sales of the HTC One to pick up as we move into the summer, but it would be nearly impossible for HTC to gain the momentum that Samsung currently has.

Show Press Release

Samsung GALAXY S4 Hits 10 Million Milestone in First Month
(SEOUL–Korea Newswire) May 23, 2013 — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that global channel sales of its GALAXY S4, a life companion for a richer, fuller, simpler life, has surpassed 10 million units sold in less than one month after its commercial debut. Launched globally on April 27, the phone is estimated to be selling at a rate of four units per second.

The GALAXY S4 sets a new record for Samsung, generating sales quicker than any of its predecessors. Sales of the GALAXY S III reached the 10-million mark 50 days after its launch in 2012, while the GALAXY S II took five months and the GALAXY S seven months to reach the same milestone.

“On behalf of Samsung, I would like to thank the millions of customers around the world who have chosen the Samsung GALAXY S4. At Samsung we’ll continue to pursue innovation inspired by and for people,” said JK Shin, CEO and President of the IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.

The GALAXY S4 was developed to enhance the meaningful moments in our lives through its innovative features and superior hardware. It has the world’s first Full HD Super AMOLED display that showcases images at their very best on a 5-inch screen with 441ppi. Equipped with a powerful rear 13MP camera, the GALAXY S4 also boasts a Dual Camera function that allows simultaneous use of both front and rear cameras. The GALAXY S4′s new and innovative software features include Air View and Air Gesture for effortless tasks, while it also keeps users up-to-date with information about their health and wellbeing using S Health.

Samsung GALAXY S4 is available in more than 110 countries and will gradually be rolled out to a total of 155 countries in cooperation with 327 partners.

Samsung is planning to introduce more color variations to meet various consumer tastes and preferences. In addition to the currently available White Mist and Black Forest, new color iterations will be added this summer, including Blue Arctic and Red Aurora, followed by Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn.

Via: Engadget

Source: WSJ

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • swazedahustla

    but but but….what happened to utter turmoil and doom and gloom. 5 million while facing prduction issues seems to be way ahead of where 100% of people would have expected. Looks like the changes being made in HTC’s structure are working. Those people who are leaving are trying to paint a negative picture, however looks like they are just disgruntled because they are being replaced.

    • slimx30

      it seems everyone blows things out of proportion when they hear about news like this. One website will report it, and then it is like a chain reaction. every other website starts reporting the same thing making it sound worse than it really is. No doubt htc has been on the decline for a while, but they still made profit, and with the one I see them bouncing back. I really hope they do cause the one is an awesome phone

  • surethom

    I do like the HTC One very very nice looking phone, hopefully when production ramps up they will sell more.

    If only the camera had 6 ultrapixels then this would be my next phone as 4 ultrapixels produces a small photo which you cannot zoom in much. Maybe 6 or 8 ultrapixels next year?

    • Xallies

      The Zoom is the least of your worries. The HTC’s Camera is bonds, leaps and continents up on the quality ladder than anything on the market. Yes I am talking about Lumia as well.

      • Ashton Wilson

        Only in the dark.. Gs4 is waaay more crystal clear than the HTC one

        • Jon Garrett

          and you can pause while recording video. the ONE cannot.

          • Josh5310

            And you can take pictures while recording & in playback. The GS4 cannot.

  • Techfiend86

    If they sold all these phones …what’s really going on we see reports of how HTC might become RIM soon and now we see this I don’t know what to believe I just hope HTC can get back to old form because the less OEM makes it harder on consumers because there will be no one driving competition or innovation

  • toby98

    htc wont become BlackBerry aka RIM htc still puts out innovative phones ,their problem has been production,marketing and exclusivity deals they had in past ,releasing One across all carriers is step in right direction

    • epps720

      I agree their exclusivity with Verizon really hampered their product line (and conitnues to do so). And didn’t HTC say they were going to put a lot more money into marketing this year. I have only seen these blog sites tout the One don’t recall ever seeing a commercial on TV

  • triangle

    This is a great result for HTC. Let’s hope that they can keep it together and follow up with more great products.

  • PaulieG

    Well I don’t think you needed a clairvoyant to predict that outcome… The only real question left open to debate is why? I still think HTC are placing to much emphasis on the wrong features. They have clearly become more vocal in their marketing jibes towards Samsung, but the content of their differentiation points amount to trivial things that don’t seem to bother the average consumer. For example HTC are really pushing the line that an Aluminium case means it’s better quality. Well, according to 10 million people, they don’t believe that. Sure, it might make the phone look more fancy, but obviously the consumer market for this isn’t as significant as the market who are looking at internal specs, functionality and scalability.

    I am 99% confident if the HTC had been released with a micro-sd slot, and removable battery, it had the potential to become a serious rival for the GS4. For the better part most of the specs of the HTC are right up there. The camera probably didn’t help either with a world stuck on using mega pixels as the unit of quality. This said, most reviews I’ve seen say the GS4 camera generally performs better than the HTC anyway.

    From a functional perspective, HTC looked to add stereo speakers, Samsung took the software approach. Once again, while I think it’s great HTC looked to improve the audio output, it’s really only a marginal feature. Stereo from speakers that are lucky to be 2 inches away from each other is not really Stereo… Sure 2 speakers are better than 1, but Samsung took their approach with Group play. Lots of people are saying Samsung tried to do too much with the Sofware on the GS4 but I disagree. It’s everything for everyone. For example, I love the fitness and health apps and potential this device brings to my daily fitness regime. Samsung are really focusing on the untapped convergence opportunities portable Mobile computing offers, and THIS is what sells phones.

    HTC are getting closer, but they need to start getting creative with their features. Aluminium cases and stereo speakers are like putting pickles on a burger. Sure, it might taste better, but it been done before and not everyone cares for it.

    • Nick Gray

      You obviously have not experienced HTC BoomSound in person. There’s nothing “marginal” about it.

      • PaulieG

        No your right, I haven’t, and I’m sure compared to an average mobile phone, it’s no doubt the best going around..

        My point is, big deal? If I want to blast tunes to everyone in my general vicinity, then I’ll plug my phone into my 100 Watt RMS rig, crank up the subwoofer and any HTC’s running BoomSound will be drowned out to a squeak.

        I’m sure there’s a niche market for people who are after a ghetto blaster phone, but it’s not the feature that is steal significant sales away from Samsung. Clearly there was a contest for 15 million recent sales and Samsung has walked away with 2/3 of it. That’s a significant amount of revenue for HTC to miss out on.

        • w00x

          I will be purchasing the HTC One mainly for the aluminum body, the Boomsound and the in-the-dark performance of the camera. The other features are not better than my One X.

          I will be purchasing it if I can get a hold of it that is. It has just been released in my country on a couple of carriers. 2 weeks after the Galaxy S4, which was released 2 months after the One.

          • PaulieG

            Well you be the one of the 3 who go with HTC. Unfortunately for HTC the other 2 are going with Samsumg.

        • Meamth

          Well if you dont have your earplug, and someone makes a video conference, than u have to find a big speaker? Ur logic is biased

      • Orlando

        Boomsound is not all that. I have a SG3 and my friend just bought the HTC One. We both played music, at the loudest levels, on our phones and while you could hear the One more….it wasn’t a HUGE difference as you would think it would be.

      • Orlando

        I like both brands. As a former TMO employee, I spent a few years going through a LOT of phones. My wife and kids loved it because they were always getting my phones as soon as I got another one. I’m not brand loyal. I like what suits my needs at the time. Started out with Blackberrys (back in the the day), jumped onto windows phones and picked up the G1 when it first came out. Since then I’ve owned Samsung Vibrant, Galaxy 2, Galaxy 3 (current phone), HTC Sensation, HTC Amaze, HTC Radar, and a few others.

        At times, I felt HTC had a leg up on Samsung in terms of build quality and camera especially with the Sensation and Amaze. But “Sense” was so heavy that it often slowed the phone down and actually made TouchWiz seem faster.

        Fast forward to the HTC One and “Sense” and its sooooo much better/faster that I am considering getting one………until about two hours ago when I stopped by Verizon and played with the SG4. Now Im torn. I love the feeling and look of the One and prefer sense over touchwiz but Im also a big video and picture person and Sg4 and has so many features I like.

        I’m on the fence right now.

        One concern I have with HTC is, with all the turmoil in the company, I hope that future updates dont get put on the backburner.

  • mvrcell

    Samsung? Who cares about their sold phones? They are well fed anyway. I wish HTC good luck with their phones though, I would hate them leaving the market.

  • jamal adam

    In light of all the news about the departures of key personnel from HTC, this clearly shows that the One is doing well even though it’s had supply issues since its release. I hope this trend continues well into the summer, fall and winter. Keep innovating and bringing great products to us customers, HTC.

  • Paul

    Oh HTC… I loved you, I’ve been with you since Windows Mobile 6 days and early Android. But then the Galaxy S2 came along and there was no decent HTC alternative so I jumped ship and haven’t been back since. I was going to switch back, but then you announced 3 big mistakes in my book:

    1. No removable Batteries
    2. No expandable storage (microSD)
    3. No keyboard models (I still hate virtual keyboards)

    The HTC T-Mobile G2 and the HTC MyTouch 4G Slide were great phones, and then you had to go and abandon the design. Sorry HTC, I do hope you survive in one form or another since competition is good for us, the consumers, but unless you support at least 1 or 2 of the above 3 I’m done.

    • Paul

      Man how awesome would an HTC One with slide out keyboard be? I’d buy 2, one for me and one for my wife (who’s stuck on a dual-core Captivate Glide because that’s the only real Android keyboard phone option for AT&T)

    • William

  • Xperia Z tab
  • Raptor

    Why no one regrets that their own tech losing to Asia hand down? I read this site for 2-3 years in disbelief — they all wish HTC, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, China success while Motorola totally sucks already biting the dust. Is this Taiwaneese, Korean or Chinese site? No? Then may be Filippinean or Singaporean? This site run by middlemen and visited mostly by salespeople and their children with may be 0.1% already extinct hi-tech. Then how US is still the major economy? The only reason why US still consumes 40% of all world goods and retards like most of you salivate on foreign goods is because US made strong monopoly of everything but mosstly organized finances and sales to sit in the pockets of each person in the world taking 50% of his produced over the life goods. But Asia broke this monopoly. Do u realize that u all soon will be without pants dumb kids of United Salespeople of America who never cared about their own country?

    • w00x

      But what are you saying?

  • scubabum

    5 million for HTC One vs 10 million for S4.
    This seems to prove that consumers care more about the phone features than the outer-shell material (ie plastic in S4 vs aluminum in HTC One)

    • slimx30

      actually it doesn’t prove any of that. What it does show is that htc has had supply issues and does not have anywhere near the marketing budget samsung has. Samsung galaxy series has been on all carriers and is well known about.(marketing) This is htc first phone that has been released on all carriers as a single phone without different iterations. All this plays a big role in brand recognition, which samsung has alot of right now. I know people would like to believe removable batteries and micro sd card slots are a reason htc is behind, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. a tiny percentage of people actually care about that. Mainly the people who read tech blogs and such. Htc is behind because of carrier exclusives, bad marketing, and not really knowing which way to go with their phone releases. The one is a step in the right direction, and as people become familiar with the brand and it’s flagship phones it will be a strong competitor for samsung, which is good.

      • PaulieG

        Sorry but all I’m reading there is blah blah blah, excuse….

        I’ve owned both 2 HTC’s and a Samsung, the build quality on all are great and they are still all happily humming away without issue. That to me is the true testimony of build quality, not gimicky aesthetics or materials.

        There has never been an issue of brand recognition for HTC. Perhaps in the US, but not for the rest of the world. They were top of tree in the Android and Windows Mobile space well before Samsung ever gained popularity. They lost that position.

        I eventually switched to Samsung for the sheer overpowering specs Samsung have consistently been producing over HTC since the Galaxy S2. HTC have now once again reigned in that gap to a degree, but it certainly hasn’t bridged it.

        And then your reference that nobody cares about removable battery and expandable storage. Would it kill them to implement it anyway? Why cut out a significant share of the consumer market intentionally? You say it’s only technophiles that care about those features but it’s also those technophiles that are lining up for cutting edge flagship phones.. Apparently 15 odd million of them.

        HTC are close, but they haven’t got a cigar yet. The need to secure their supply line, make some better design decisions and they’ll be back pulling in the consumers.

        • slimx30

          I was talking mainly about the US regarding HTC’s brand. I never said samsung phones were bad, nor was I putting them down. You are taking it as if I was saying something bad about them. I do like their phones and I used to own a galaxy s phone and used to flash custom roms like crazy on it lol. It made the phone way better. but as to expandable storage, I think an htc rep said that in the htc one there was no room for it. I agree Htc still has a way to go, but I believe they are on the right track.

          • PaulieG

            Most definitely! HTC’s latest effort is by far the closest I’ve come to considering on of their devices again, but for me at least, they are still just a bit shy of what I’m looking for. They are definitely heading in the right direction again at least. To some degree they are always going to struggle without the manufacturing strength that Samsung can bring to bear. I actually think the next biggest contender for Samsung will be LG, they also have quite a strong manufacturing capability.

      • luc

        I agree all I hear is excuses. Just accept that most consumers are going for the GS4 for specs and software.

    • Meamth

      The way i see it mister, most of the consumers thinks S4 is the best smartphone. They bought it without thinking. I just bought my htc one the other day and an old dud was holding his newly purchased s4, he was totally amazed by the beauty of the one im holding. He seemed like he doesnt even know the existence of such a phone. S3 is fugly.

  • Luke Haviland

    I do not want HTC to fail. but I am still buying the S4…i am a fan of samsungs touchwiz
    I hate to say it, but i am kind of tempted more by touchwhiz than the vanilla s4 google is releasing

  • donger

    Good for HTC. Samsung is just a copy-cater, cheap plastic phone. Touchwiz sucks. If HTC offered more variety in colors, I’m sure the One would sell better. One day HTC will recover their loses.

  • g4v1n

    whilst you guys argue which is best HTC or Samsung surely the most important party of this news is that it’s 15m people who didn’t buy Apple

    • PaulieG

      That, my friend, is a very good point!! How good is Android now that we don’t even bother to bash on those obsolete Iphones!!

  • N. Bravatto

    I feel like many are reading WAY too much into the non-removable battery and lack of SD card. However I will say that I can understand the SD card think to an extent. This is not the only place I have read about people still longing for more devices with a slide out keyboard. Really? Ebay is full of these phones for 20 dollars. Same as the phones with a battery that comes in and out. HTC is getting ahead of the game. They are moving forward with the battery set up that you will more than likely see most phones of this caliber moving towards in years to come. How many people have actually read up on the newer batteries? You would be aware that they are designed to last longer. If they don’t they can be replaced just like any other battery in a device. Not the end of the world and surely not a deal breaker in my book. To be honest when it came down to it I was torn between just grabbing up a Droid DNA and riding the storm out over the summer to see what the up and coming months brought. I jumped the Verizon ship to AT&T and picked up the M7 in black. Having just retired my Evo 4g I felt it was the best replacment. The S4 felt cheap and flimsy. One cannot argue the quality of hardware between the S4 and HTC One. The One is a very well built device and metal or plastic I think HTC uses better materials in their builds. The phone is snapppy and I have been quite impressed with the battery life overall. I am a moderate to heavy user. I thought the blink feed was kind of a gimmic but if you set it up with your favorite content it can actually be quite a nice feature. The screen is beautiful at all angles and in all types of light. I have not cracked up the phone and flashed anything custom yet but it seems like for the short amount of time it has been out it seems as though the array of goodies for it showing up is quite appealing (roms, themes, etc,). I am sure each has their strong points. I think most of it will come down to durability in the end. My Evo OG was a workhorse. I flashed the living daylights out of that phone. It spent the last 2 years of its life overclocked. I won’t get rid of it although I could still get a good amount of coin for it on Ebay if I flash it to Boost or Pageplus. The phone is in prestine condition but I will continue to keep it as a retired media device. The phone served me well. I personally had no reason to jump ship to another brand. It think loyalty will play a big part in HTC’s success. I am not ripping Samsung although I do find the S4 to be way more gimmicy. The whole turning pages with eyes gimmic doesn’t even work from the reports I have read. To me that spells gimmic. A metal casing I don’t see as a gimmic but more of a quality of construction selling point. Probably not necessary but then again I don’t need to turn pages with my eyes or by waving at my phone. End of the day it is all a matter of personal taste. I wil enjoy my HTC One and if it serves me HALF as good as my Original Evo did in the nearly 3 years I had it I will buy another HTC.

  • Ryan

    Not bad for HTC considering they don’t even advertise on the level of Samsung.

  • rhY

    Don’t care. All I care about is the full google experience.

  • Brenden

    This article is super deceiving. Just because Samsung has SHIPPED 10 million doesnt mean they have SOLD 10 million. There is a big difference.

    • gest

      No they have you will see. Every one got gs3 and gs4

  • gest

    Fook htck crap gs3 and then gs4 whatch when the gs5 come out it will blow u mom

    • HTCWIZ

      Nice grammar and spec reviews nice to have loving users on the page :p


    Just too inform you that the GS4′s generic proccessor can not compare to a snapdragon. The GS4 wins market wise but if your actually going too look for the best phone in the market you would find yourself face to face with the HTC ONE i remember posting this same comment about the IPHONE 5 and HTC ONE series last year but they are out of the market and after the 5s apple will stop making them. so before you post comments on something you dont know about back it up.

  • saravanan

    good information, thanks for this share.

  • like i care


    just keep on debating til S5 and HTC TWO are launched.

    PS: I use both, so…?! get a life, please.