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Is this the LG Optimus G2 aka the “Nexus 5?”


Our favorite tipster @evleaks just posted a picture of a new unannounced LG device, and we belive this is the upcoming LG Optimus G2. Hardcore Android fans should take note, because we believe the “Nexus 5“, which Korea Times reports is being made by LG, will be based on the Optimus G2. Inside sources at LG claim the Optimus G2 will arrive around October, so we still have a couple months of waiting to do.

The rumored specs of the LG Optimus G2 include Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 800 chip, which records 4k Ultra HD video, and possibly a flexible OLED display. The folks at LG seem pretty confident that the Optimus G2 will “knock our socks off”, so we can’t wait to see what they have in store.

What do you make of this LG device?

Source: @evleaks

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  • E-man

    Can’t wait for the Google video commercials for the phone. :)

    • E-man

      This would be my first LG phone.

  • San

    The earpeice looks ugly…spoil the overall design

    • Leo209

      The Nexus 4 is based off of the LG Optimus G, but they don’t look the same, so if this is the LG Optimus G2, maybe if the next Nexus is based off of the G2, it will likely have some cosmetic differences. Hopefully for the better, because I agree with you, the earpiece doesn’t look good IMO.

    • lou2cool88

      I agree. Really ugly earpiece.

    • Grayson Peddie

      You must realize, however, that this may looked Photoshop’ed, at least to me. We will have to see what it looks like for real.

      • masterpfa

        It may be, but @evleaks has a good track record, remember the HJTC One everyone thought when leaked that that was a photoshoped iP5. But time will tell

  • redraider133

    I am interested to see what google unveils in the next nexus and the next version of android. Hopefully they can have the online ordering worked out this time so people don’t have to wait as long to get their hands on the latest offering from google.

  • r4yN

    No front-facing stereo speakers? Come on… ~.~

    • Tony Syndergaard

      Or on the side like apple does would work for me, it is kinda weird how companies don’t “get” it about speaker placement tho isn’t it? it’s a conspiracy I say!

      • jonathan3579

        Honestly, now that I own the One… Front facing speakers are the only thing that makes sense. I don’t think I’ll go back to the impersonal rear speaker again.

        • irishrally

          A larger screen with less bezel makes more sense to me. #headphones.

          • Jimmy_Jo

            Front facing speakers means when you’re showing someone that video you shot or YouTube clip you were talking about, everyone will actually be able to hear. It just makes sense. I love the ONE’s front facing speakers but there’s some other issues I don’t like….

  • KK

    Out of 4 comments half are more or less ragging on it. Android people are haters. Its the same shit every time theres a new device…. We all realize not every product suits every single persons needs, you dont have to be negative assholes all of the time.

    • optidragon

      ”Oh well, it’s LG, me skiping dis fone”, ”UGLY EARPEICE, DEALBRAKER”, ”ugly, of course coz its lg”, ”optimus s4, lg copycat!” , ”I WANT HTC (SONY) FOR NEXT NEXUS, GOOGLE U WILL FAIL”. Really, even if LG made some outstanding devices last year, people will still hate them and make things up just because they love Sony/Samsung/HTC, like their phones are perfect.

      • yerand

        Ummm… How old are you?

      • Mate

        Funny to see how haters hate haters :)

      • Mate

        Funny to see how haters hates haters :)

  • Jon Koops

    I believe it’s Nexus tradition not to put any logo’s on the front of the device?

    • heat361

      This is supposedly the lg optimus g2. After Google gets to tinker with the design it will have a clean front.

  • Joe Nicholson

    I like it. I think it would be cool to see the “rainbow” light from the Chromebook Pixel on a Nexus phone for notifications and charging.

    • masterpfa

      Oh yes…….

      Please do Google

  • CTown

    If Google expects the OEMs to “wow” them with then this is cannot be a Nexus phone. This has been done way to much. In fact this is what Samasung’s and LG’s phones looked before the GS3 and Optimus G.

  • Jorge Vieira

    I thinks this could be the nexus. But recording 4k video that just would be crazy but hey. I want to like LG phones not until the nexus 4 witch kinda doesn’t count but the first enjoyable lg phone for me was the lucid 1 haha first tolerable LG phone for me. I’m waiting to get my hands on the pro and see how I take to that.

  • Tico4674

    Love the curved top! Great possibilities with the flexible oled.

  • Gordon Thomas

    Speakers…I got plug in, music…I got headphones, it’s the combination of Hardware and Software that interests me most. Hardware, must be nice in the hand, Software, must be smooth, some gesture controls would be an advantage, Vanilla Google a must, and a great Camera is a bonus, that’s me sorted, and this design looks like it will fit the Hand, so for me this is looking Great.

  • Jesse

    Please put the headphone jack at the bottom along with the usb port. Thanks.

  • Charbax

    See my interview with Qualcomm about the S800 and its 4K video recording and playback:

  • Nathan D.

    Can’t wait to see that fancy new processor in action.

  • nikhilverma

    as long as this phone doesn’t have distribution problems like it’s predecessor , I am fine with it.

  • Floorman63

    I would definitely buy one, but I agree that front facing speakers should become the norm. The Snapdragon 800 processor will rock.

  • Floorman63

    I would definitely buy one, but I agree that front facing speakers should become the norm. The Snapdragon 800 processor will rock. The OLED flexible screen should make it the best phone ever.

  • sly

    My only wish for the Nexus 5 is that it can take nice, focused pictures. I’ve learned to live with the low storage in the Nexus 4. I’ve also learned to live without (legit) LTE. But pictures? So frustrating that I have to take several pictures and hope one of them is focused.

  • Jamie

    I actually think the speakers are strategically placed. Yes they are on the back where our hand would cover it, but if you take a close look how is your hand shaped when you hold your phone? Mine is usually cupped. In this case it increases the volume. I’m tested this theory. Play a video with the speaker exposed then play it with your hand cupped behind it.

  • nauman

    this one of the most beautiful leak of a phone seen by me in about a year its just stunning regardless of hardware or software it is a flagship mobile looks 5.5 inch…..just a bit more smoothness in curves at the ear piece and overall design it will be the best designed phone of the year ..better than htc one …needs to have a sturdy material even a unibody polycarbonate is good.. just no glass and u can even get this in many colors (shit u boring black and white and shit u iphone for bringing that trend)

  • Shrink

    I think it looks great.

    However I hope that the bezel being THAT thin won’t get you in problems:

    How would you hold it without touching it with your palm? Also it better be very shock absorbing. I know phones aren’t designed to fall. But they do fall in fact. Damn gravity.

  • Bob

    I like my current Optimus G (Nexus 4) way better for design. This looks like a Samsung Galaxy with the rounded top and bottom.

  • Oflife

    Ugly! So wish they could do what auto manufacturers and Apple do, and retain a good industrial design when launching a new model if the design has already proven itself. In this case, retain the superb Nexus 4 design and simply upgrade the internals and display etc.

  • Nick

    Is the Snapdragon 800 better than the Exynos 5 Octa??

  • DeRussell

    I am happy with LG as a OEM. I feel as though my Nexus 4 is a premium handset & would love to see the next Nexus with cutting edge specs. I have no doubt the speaker grill will be changed. Google Vanilla Android is awesome & project butter kept me using this OS.

  • jamal adam

    All I can say is that LG is moving up in the world and I’m excited to see what they make with their collaboration with Google.

  • donger

    Looks good besides the LG’s logo.

  • Esoth

    If LG is going to be responsible for the Nexus 5, I hope they’ve sorted out their supply issues.

    I’m secretly still hoping that HTC will step up for another Nexus. I know they say that their Nexus One didn’t do so great, but things have changed in the Nexus program.

  • Ichigo

    This is jizz material.

  • slimx30

    I hope htc or motorola make a nexus phone. I like my nexus 4 but there is a little creaking here and there and the screen looks ok but could bebetter. Htc with their hardware and stock firmware for a nexus phone would be awesome

  • irishrally

    Why is the “L” in @evleaks covered up by the ear piece? hm …

  • ihatefanboys

    I wont be negative about the design of the phone, Im simply waiting for an HTC Nexus.

  • honourbound68

    wish there was something beside the phone so we can have a reference for the dimensions.