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Korea Times says LG will make another Nexus smartphone


The Korea Times reports that “the consumer electronics arm of LG Group is working with Internet-giant Google to make another Nexus-branded Google Android smartphone.” LG produced the current Nexus 4 and rumors suggested they would also produce the “Nexus 5″, but this is the first report which openly states LG is making another Nexus smartphone.

If this report is true, we would expect to see the next Nexus smartphone around October. This is when we hear LG will debut the Optimus G 2, and we speculate that their next Nexus will based on this device (just like the Nexus 4 was based on the original Optimus G). Recent clues suggest that Google will reveal Android 4.3 at Google IO this month, so that leaves open the door for Android 5.0 appearing on the next LG Nexus.

There is a chance that we could see a refreshed Nexus 4 with LTE and a new Nexus 7 with a Snapdragon chip at Google IO, but we are not expecting any completely new Nexus devices until the end of the year. Another source claims that Motorola is also working on a Nexus smartphone, that is not the “X Phone“, but we have yet to hear any new details about that device.

It will probably be a long wait before any concrete details appear, but we will be on the lookout for any news about the next Nexus smartphone.

Source: Korea Times

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  • tmoore4075

    I have had no issues with the Nexus 4 and I think it’s fantastic build quality so I would be ok with LG continuing it.

    • aranea

      I love my N4 so I’m OK with LG building another one.

      If motorola/google also build one does it mean there will be 2 nexus phones released? Or maybe this rumor is about an updated LTE version of N4 not a new nexus phone.

      • SGB101

        To me it looks like moto X, is going to be the high end nexus type device.

        Think stock HTC one/s4 type. Selling for similar money,whereas the nexus will be the 300$ Dev device.


          Didn’t Taylor report that the Moto x would retail for $299 or less? So maybe it’s the other way around with LG producing the high end version.

          • SGB101

            Would be strange to bump the nexus plus up after reducing at the last outing.

            I’m still of the opinion the nexus will be the low price Google Dev offering that will be offered to different oems each year. And the moto X be the high end stock device.

            For all we know it may still have some toned down blur tweaks. But I’m doubting that.

          • SGB101

            @betterwithroot, that would be grate. But I think it would rub all the oem’s up the wrong way. The nexus phones can’t produce a profit (or very little), that is the main reason for my thinking behind Google not producing the nexus, not that it doesn’t make then profit, that it would look very bad to other omes.

            As if Google make android profits so small, it will push the others omes to windows 8. And not push prices down.

          • aranea

            Another option is that google doesn’t want to scare oems off by giving the nexus name to motorola. It may be that motorola line will be X and other companies line will continues as nexus but both will get the latest stock Android. This way google says that we aren’t becoming like apple after buying motorola.

  • jonathan3579

    I’m not sure which is more logical here…

    I love to hate rumors
    I hate to love rumors.

  • Nate B.

    Stop basing it off of previous devices. If it’s it the end of the year phone they need to be able to use next year’s hardware. I’m sure it’s not that far out that it’s not ready yet. Keep it’s on design. It’s own phone. It shouldn’t have anything in common with another phone. Just my opinion. Nothing against LG but I think it’s wrong to base it off if previous devices.

    • Calvin

      But basing it off previous devices saves on R&D costs. And that’s gonna be a big deal if Google wants to keep the cost of the Nexus phone low.


        good point. And according to the article, it will be released at a similar time as the optimus G2 so it won’t be old hardware but instead, “on par.”

    • me

      LG wasn’t the first to base a Nexus off of a flagship device and they won’t be the last, Samsung did it twice before them. I believe the only Nexus that wasn’t based off anything prior to it was the Nexus One though many phones in HTC’s arsenal was based off the the Nexus One.

  • PhaseBurn

    It’s too early in the year to start another Nexus race :-( Time to start saving for the next one, I guess. Will it ever end?!?!? #FirstWorldProblems

  • Co1e

    I really hope we hear something at I/O. The Nexus and X phones are really all I seem to care about this year.

  • h0ruza

    With Google I/O but weeks away I don’t think its too soon.
    The next nexus phone has been in development since the release of the current nexus phone. That’s generally how it works then Google picks one.

    That said I don’t think it matters who produces it. I think androids next OS leap needs to be just that. Less on the short life span gimmicks and more on refinement.

    Then whatever nexus comes out will be able to carve a place for itself as a fine alternative for the masses and not just us.

    Not that i thing that is Google’s aim.

  • KennyL

    I am very impressed with the overall build quality of my N4. That being said, I hope that the next Nexus forgoes a glass back. A high quality plastic or metal back would be awesome.

  • KennyL

    Also, even though I know it’s a pipe-dream, I would love a Nexus GS II competitor. An active digitizer with a Nexus would be awesome.

  • Adryan maldonado

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! not that i hate lgs designs or quality i just want htc or moto to do it.

    • Arthur

      If the Motorola “X” is anything like the rumors have suggested, then it should be a welcome’d device, not for the very same reasons as a traditional Nexus device but one that is as close to Vanilla Android as you can get but with some unique hardware elements and features not currently found in the Android world.

    • Monsunami

      If HTC or Moto makes em they won’t be able to price them that low. I wouldn’t worry much since moto is working on a Google phone.

  • Adam Johnson

    Please no glass back again

  • chris m

    Not hot. I would prefer a manufacturer that didn’t charge $180 to replace the absurdly-easily cracked back glass. I will not buy from LG again. Infact I’d prefer a manufacturer that made the phone out of something other than incredibly thin/delicate glass. Walking to class and I hear a crash a couple feet behind me and turn back to see a Nexus 4 with not only the back completely shattered, but also spiderweb crack in the front right corner as well. Luckily the touchscreen functionality was not significantly affected. (LG charges $180+ just to replace the back glass, because they charge $600 for the Nexus 4, while Google Play sells it for $299. Needless to say that repairing the front and back would cost more than the original phone; Absurd.) This is the second phone that has fallen out and shattered from a magnetic clasp holster while I was walking. The first time I stepped down from a curb, but the second time I was just normally walking ( think the holster had begun to turn slightly, putting more stress on the magnetic clasp.

    • rivera618

      stop using those douche bag holsters and put the phone in your pocket/purse/european carryall where they belong
      not sure why after one fell out you would go back to the same type of crappy holster

  • Arthur

    The Nexus release cycle being the end of the year is pretty much guaranteed and if LG keeps its Qualcomm relationship going and given the early Q4 time-frame, we can almost guarantee it will be powered by the Snapdragon S800, will at the very least be a FHD display, hopefully the same size as the N4 or max 5″. Hopefully it will be as solidly built as the N4, and as much as I love the glass front and back for how it makes the device feel in hand, I wouldn’t mind doing away with it for a premium plastic construction, similar to the Optimus G Pro which has gotten praise for feeling more solid than it’s rival, the Note II.

  • Paul Atreides

    I don’t care who makes it long as it’s better than every previous model. Offer it in 32GB and 64 GB, and put a big ass battery in there.

  • jamal adam

    I would really want HTC and Google to work together and create a Nexus along the lines of the HTC One.

  • Tico4674

    The Nexus One is still one of the sexiest devices ever made. HTC makes great form factors!

  • CTown

    Is it bad that we haven’t actually heard anything concrete of a Nexus phone? If Google releases a minor Android update, wouldn’t a new Nexus 7 plus a stock-based Motorola phone coming at the end of the year be enough? Will there ever be a time that Google decides that Motorola’s products make the Nexus line inessential?

  • pjamies

    I would rather see large OS upgrades (ex 4.2.x. to 5) come out at I/O events,
    then at other undisclosed times of the year. It gives us something more to be
    excited about during the I/O event. It also gives us the ability to play with the new
    OS on upgraded phones, and not have to wait till new phones come out with the new
    OS installed.
    I have been actually waiting to get my hands on the Nexus 4, but with all the hipe on
    upcoming phones, I might just wait till I see what comes out of Google I/O first.
    I do know that my next phone will be Unlocked and Pure Google, as I am sick and tired
    of not getting the latest and greatest OS updates in a timely manner!.
    I have the 1st Sammy Note, and am stuck at ICS with no upgrade in site!
    Yes, I know that I can root my phone and put 4.2.2 on it, but I would rather have it done

  • donger

    Nexus 4 is my second favorite Nexus after the Nexus One. LG deserves to make another Nexus phone just because Samsung made the last 2 crappy ones.

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