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Leaked “X Phone” pictures add credibility to earlier rumors


For the last couple months we have been reporting on the mysterious Motorola X Phone, but there hasn’t been a lot of evidence to back up the wild claims of our sources. Today a new set of leaked images from @evleaks adds just a little bit of credibility to some of the “X Phone” details that have previously been shared. New pictures show an unannounced Motorola device concealed in a “blackbox” casing with the model name “XFON” that is clearly running on AT&T.

Our last “X Phone” report said that the device would launch exclusively on AT&T in August, and then appear on other carriers around November. These new photos don’t completely confirm that this is true, but it’s a huge coincidence that the first device labeled as “XFON” is already being tested on AT&T. You can tell this is an AT&T branded device from the appearance of AT&T in the notification area, the AT&T 4G LTE logo, and the myAT&T app that is installed on the device.

Another boost of confidence in our sources is provided by the fact that this new leak matches up with the Vietnamese leak from earlier this year. Our source had claim that device with the model number XT912A was an “X Phone” prototype, and these new pictures appear to be the same device.


An early prototype of the first Motorola “X Phone.”

We don’t have much else to add at this point, so be sure to read up on rumor dumps onetwothree, and four if you missed our previous “X Phone” reports. Only the customizable RAM option has been debunked, so there’s a good chance that most of the other details could turn out to be true.

Source: @evleaks

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  • bear831

    I’m really hoping this exclusivity rumor doesn’t come true unless their are multiple phones being released simultaneously and on all carriers here in the U.S.

    • R.S

      For me, unless it’s very minor, any exclusivity (timed or not) will pretty much eliminate the X phone from consideration.

      Exclusivities really irk me and thus I won’t support a manufacturer or carrier (by switching to them) that has them.

      I am of course talking about an actual timed exclusivity not just different release dates like the HTC One and Samsung GS4 currently have.


        My guess is that there will be an unlocked version released in the Play Store at the same time the At&t version is released. This is still technically exclusivity but those of us on T-Mo should be able to snatch it up unlocked.

        As much as people hate AT&T, you have to give it to them. They get every phone on their network and they get a lot of exclusives too, i.e. Sony, etc

        • uzunoff

          You are correct. they do get a lot of exclusive phones. Too much in my opinion. I think this is one of the major factor that keeps AT&T afloat. Otherwise with their high prices and horrible support I don’t see how they can make it.

          It is time for phone manufacturers to stop that BS with this exclusivity crap. No one (or at least a very few) are willing to switch carriers for a specific phone. I think people are starting to learn that a new phone comes out every 3-4 months, its not worth the commitment for the best toy for the momrnt. By the time Moto gets around releasing the X phone to the rest of the carriers, everyone will be waiting for the next Nexus and wouldn’t care about the X phone.

          Besides you see where exclusivity is driven Motorola and Sony in the US markets. If the rumors are true at least the Xperia Z will not be exclusive. Maybe they learned their lesson. When will Motorola learn???

  • vforvortex

    So if it has At&t apps installed, I’m curious to find out if it has carrier bloatware pre-loaded. And/or will it be sold seperately in the google play store without bloatware?

    • vforvortex

      What is that jellybean icon in the notifications bar in middle photo?

      • Shawn Flanagan

        That’s the Jellybean debugging icon

        • vforvortex

          ah yes, thank you. i knew that looked familiar. :)

  • Co1e

    Hopefully AT&T is just the official launch partner and we can still get it unlocked on the play store.

  • surethom

    Lets hope the rumors about much better camera are true & I hope there will be a better brighter led flash or a xenon flash on 1 of the x phones

  • chestont

    I like that the bottom bezel is pretty minimal in comparison to my Nexus 4.

    • Arthur

      Unless your referring to the top and bottom bezels, the side bezels on the Nexus 4 are some of the thinnest around.

      • CaptainDoug

        … are you kidding? He specifically said bottom bezel.

  • GenTrevNL

    This phone looks real cool

    • 1-2-4

  • swazedahustla

    Nope….won’t touch it cause carrier updates will be slow as molassass.

  • heat361

    It seems like its close to a release since it has att apps/branding compared to the leaks earlier this year. Also the back sticker on the other picture @evleaks posted says xfon att

  • Nate B.

    I don’t think these companies care about dominance with a device anymore. It’s just about money or very poor decision choices when it comes to exclusives

  • SlenderTroll

    This is the”Ghost”

    That is all.

  • Batman

    You know, going from “exclusive to Verizon” to “exclusive to AT&T” isn’t really going to help Motorola…

  • donger

    Doubt this is the X phone.

  • renyo

    I don’t like the motorola logo on one side… It should either be centered or not on the front side at all…

    • SAM

      The logo appears to be different in every photo.

      • Guestisalwaysright

        Faked pics probably

  • (sic)

    So whats the point of putting Moto logo on Nexus 4? Please change the look like RAZR phones!!

  • Darkseider

    Motorola + Android = FAIL This has been the story of Motorola since their only two good phones the OG Droid and Droid X. Every other phone they released is just a mistake and a disappointment waiting to happen.

    • Guestisalwaysright

      I’m with you on this…shit,even Google said they weren’t impressed with their lineup. That alone makes this rumour fall into the abyss of irrelevancy. Not to mention this site’s track record :) yes,teh internetz likes trolls

  • Adam Jones

    To throw a little bit of gasoline on this conspiracy fire…

    Did anyone notice that each M logo in the top left corner has a different dot/dash sequence around it? The most similar of the 4 is the 1st and 4th ones but they are a mirror image of each other. So whats up with the dot/dash circle? Prototype sequencing?

  • Guestisalwaysright

    Another bogus story courtesy of Android and Me