May 23 AT 8:50 PM Dustin Earley 70 Comments

New rumors surface on Nexus Experience HTC One


Despite being denied by executives after rumors originally surfaced, the stock, Nexus Experience HTC One “Google Edition” is making headlines again today, after the source who originally leaked information on the Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android is saying a “Senseless” One is on the way.

Russell Holly of is reporting that sources tell him the launch of a Senseless HTC One, complete with stock Android, is “imminent.” Apparently, the chatter that has been getting louder surrounding the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4 running stock Android was the final push needed to get HTC on board with the idea. HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon, reached out to Android and Me to say that, “HTC is not currently planning a ‘Nexus Edition’ of the HTC One,” shortly after the original rumor on the such a device was started on Twitter, but things can change.

According to Holly, the stock HTC One could be announced as soon as the next two weeks. The device could see a summer release, right around the time production of the One is scheduled to double, and an update to Android 4.2.2 is delivered to the original handset.

As for how this device would be sold and updated, that’s still a mystery. One of the big selling points of the Nexus Experience Galaxy S4 is that it will be sold unlocked through Google Play, and updated directly by Google. We’ll be keep our ears to ground for more information.

In the meantime, which would you pick: a stock Galaxy S4, or a stock HTC One? Let us know in the comments.


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  • jolysh52

    I already own an HTC One and i love it. The thing i want to know is how to convert mine to be stock android and if that would ever be a possibility

    • vforvortex

      Just keep an eye out on the XDA forums to see if they have a custom rom running on the HTC One.

      Keep in mind if you have sprint htc one, its under a different forum.

      • jweytfdyebe

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    • veracu

      definately! visit xda forums and find your carrier specific htc one in their list of devices and you’ll be to find a guide on how unlock and root your device. once you do that you can flash a custom rom.

    • raynor

      Bayern Munich vs Bor Dortmund 2-1

      ITS DONE!!!!!


    • ronak baid

      lready own an HTC One and i love it. The thing i want to know is how to convert mine to be stock android and if that would ever be a possibility


  • lolo

    Without hesitation I would buy the htc one nexus edition! That would be my dream phone!

    • jonathan3579

      Agreed! (And I already own the T-Mobile HTC One.)

      I just don’t feel much interest in the S4 Google Edition.

  • Andromedo

    “Nexus” HTC One… Hmmmm, it seems liked I owned something like that a few years ago, but it was the HTC Nexus One, then.


      true that! great phone, it was my first Android phone!

  • TheBrizz

    To me, this would be a must-own device.

  • vforvortex

    If both are going to be priced at $650 , then i will choose neither one. I will stick with the Nexus 4 or next Nexus device. neither phones are worth $300 in additional value.

    • JayVGee

      I agree. $649 is a bit much and it would VERY hard to justify it, therefore I don’t want to be in a position where I have to. Stuff likes this plays with my emotions, and that is never cool. But between the 2 I would choose the HTC ONE!

      • clocinnorcal

        Agreed, if I had to pick between S4 or HTC1 it would be the HTC1. Like vforvortex said, I’ll stick with the Nexus line because neither of those phones are worth double the price of a N4.

    • Ken Marshall

      Google really messed up the market. But still you cant get top of the line for bargain basement.

      Even with Google selling the N4 at a loss/cost/as loss leader (and how much market share did they actually get even being that cheap/selling at a loss? Have they ever released sales figures? S3 still outsold them at higher price).. it had poor quality components. No Gorilla glass on back so chips easy, poor camera, cheap design leading to throttling of CPU/GPU.

      HTC One has highest PPI of any phone on market and is absolutely quality. They are not going to sell it at $349. That would make them look half as good as GS4 which it obviously is not. Google did mess up selling at $349.

    • redraider133

      The only reason the nexus 4 is that much cheaper is because google is subsidizing it. Just look outside of the play store and you see it costs much more. I think with both of these not being true nexus devices, google isn’t putting as much support behind them, especially when it comes to pricing.

    • Noel

      So what do you think the price of the GS4 and HTC ONE is thru the carriers or other phone outlets? How much was Google selling the Nexus One three years ago? The only difference this time around is that the N4 is heavily subsidized by Google. A lot of these top of the line devices sold unlocked will cost you upwards of $600 to 700 plus. Many year ago i procured the Nokia N95 for about $700…that was then so with the caliber of specs and quality of devices these days $600+ is right in the ball park even tho we have been spoiled by Google’s price points on the N4 and N7. Don’t get me wrong..i like what i paid for the N4, but if i have to, will pay the $600+ for an unlocked pure Android GE HTC ONE.

      • Noel

        OH after all that..hands down my money goes to a 64GB GE HTC ONE. They have a pass this time for the omission of SD card slot and removable batteries…but going forward they MUST include those two specs on their flagship devices else they risk loosing a major segment of the market. Make the devices so as to cover the wants of almost all..Sammy is doing it so why not HTC.

  • T1392

    I’d go with the HTC One, but man is $649 high I wouldn’t mind a payment plan like T-Mobile or Verizon.

  • Ardrid

    I’d sell my Nexus 4 in a heartbeat for a pure HTC One. It’s truly the pinnacle of industrial design. Google/HTC: Make it happen!

  • Michael Patton

    My feeling is the same as it is for the Galaxy. Would I love to have either Phone with stock Android? Sure! The problem is as the Nexus 4 was sold I can still use My Insurance, break it down into payments and not have to rely on Manufacturers Warranty. Google didn’t think outside the Box. They would have made more money that way because it would have been more accessible. Google, T-mobile and AT&T sell it and everyone wins. The other way everyone looses because Google wants to remain in control unless You have the money to pay for it. Even then the price is higher then a locked version, Your Insurance will only replace it with a locked and Manufacturers Warranty is only good for one year. I think They would have made more money the way They did it with the Nexus 4 IMHO….

  • jamal adam

    Aww Yess!! Shut up and take my money!!

  • Janson

    I’m in for a senseless HTC one on the first day. Was waiting for the late fall nexus, but this would get me to jump the gun. Don’t think it will actually happen though.

  • irishrally

    I have flip flopped so many times on which one I like the most. With the news of Google Edition AOSP versions of both I’m leaning towards the S4GE, AKA The Nexus S2. Love the Nexus S, and the S4GE is what I wish the Galaxy Nexus would have been. Just wish there was a pure black version. The other major factor is screen size – I don’t want to go from one 4.7″ phone to another, give me 5 inches … that’s what …

    • pekosROB

      …she said.

      Sorry, had to finish it. Couldn’t help myself.

  • Max.Steel

    I would definitely buy it.

  • donger

    Please make this happen.

  • Dima

    I’m thinking already to get the HTC One, just waiting for the prices to drop a little in my country (Israel). but if there will be a stock version, It’s priceless for me and i will definitely get it!

  • ashok pai

    wow, nexus one would be great! how about ALL manufacturers give the option at least on their highest selling models ? I’d imagine at least 10% of the users might opt for it! at least that can make the phone relevant for a minimum of 2 years or say 3 pastries ? :)

  • APM

    I would buy HTC One Google edition for sure. The only thing I really dont like on HTC phones is HTC Sense and this together with locked bootloader is dealbreaker for me. HTC One with stock Android would be a perfect phone. Please make it available in EU too.

  • thel0nerang3r

    So, how would the megapixel camera work on a Nexus device? I thought that was HTC’s own thing and the sound amplifiers… are those open source?

    • Emagehtmai

      I think it is partly the software that gives the One it’s camera experience, but I don’t think it’s necessarily tied to Sense.

  • trees247

    Only if I could get it from tmo

  • Sameer

    you are purely Idiot. In life never forget, where to say and what to say. Posting purely unrelated link shows you need to grow up

    • ___

  • Sameer

    I do not know why but HTC phone are quite unique and brilliant. It gives you feeling that you have something different from others

  • DroidSamurai

    To the people who think a >$600 price tag is too high for a “Nexus” edition of any flagship from a well known OEM: there’s little chance these phone would launch at a price like a true Nexus. If you are the phone maker, and you are selling the regular version at $699, why would you want to sell it to Google for a significantly lower price so that they can sell it at $299 — it will destroy their own sales! Now, if Google had to pay at a price near retail (let’s say it’s $599 — probably at a price near what the carriers pay to the maker), and sold it to you at $299. That means, Google is at a loss of $300 per phone. On the other hand, when Google commissions for a true “Nexus”, Google only pays for a price near the real cost of the phone.

  • nportelli

    I’ve always thought HTC needs to release Sense on the Market. Same goes for some of their other replacement apps.

    • mattcoz

      Why would they do that? The whole point of them is to get people to buy their phones.

  • pekosROB

    I’m guessing it might not technically be launched through Google as a Nexus device but HTC could always just release an unlocked One with vanilla Android and probably be able to update that much quicker than any of the One devices through a carrier. So it might not be “Nexus” (making the comment from HTC true) but it still doesn’t mean it’s not Nexus-like.

    • Tangent

      Exactly what I was thinking; it would be a Nexus device in all but name. They get to debunk these rumors of a Nexus honestly, but still get to unveil a vanilla Android One.

  • rauelius

    I loved the original (2010) Nexus One and would say that a New Nexus One(2013) would be welcome indeed. One Desire-filled phone that everyone has a Passion for, makes Sense to me, it this happens it would be a Dream come true, this phone would be my Hero. This would definitly be on my Radar because it really Clicks with me. Seriously Incredible stuff, a true EVOlution of smartphones…Causing a Legend of a Wildfire in my heart. An GE HTC One would make me sing an Aria. This is a Thunderbolt of genius…and makes me want to do the ChaCha and Salsa with joy. Android is more fun than Butterfly catching!!!

    • lolo

      I see what you did there…. That’s pretty impressive :)! A “+1″ for you.

    • mattcoz

      Ha, started great but I think you were reaching a bit towards the end.

  • Jimmy_Jo

    I hear that if the HTC One didn’t have Sense (which includes all the Beats stuff) then the front speakers sound like crap. So a stock vanilla Android One wouldn’t have the Boomsound. Would not be able to interface properly with the Ultra Pixel camera….

    Basically if they ship the phone stock but also include tons of drivers for all of their proprietary stuff, we’re good. If not, it’s going to suck.

  • Aqib Shahzad

    According to me, this would be a must-own device.

  • Paul Areides

    Omg no Zoes?! Blinkfeed?!

  • Jorge Eslava

    HTC One for sure. I wonder if it will keep some of the features…

  • Paul

    And if HTC does announce it, Jeff Gordon loses all credibility. Either he’s been told to deny it, or he’s way out of the loop and posting out of his rear and/or lack of knowledge, or he’s just a flat out liar.

  • Paul

    What makes the S4 such a nice phone is some of the SW enhancements Samsung put in it, like the camera features and such. If it runs stock, like a HTC One running stock, then it’s down to hardware vs hardware. Who has a better camera module, not features but actual camera module? Who has a better CPU, RAM, internal storage? The build quality of the HTC One is very nice but the lack of removable battery and lack of microsd slot is a big turn-off for me. The S4 has the ability to detect when your finger is near the screen but not touching the screen, ‘hovering’, stock Android doesn’t have the capability so that HW feature of the S4 would be lost running stock. It’s the reason I don’t run an AOSP based ROM on my Note 2, like Cyanogenmod or AOKP, I’d lose half the fun and customizations the S-Pen provides, plus Multi Window and Popup/Windowed browser and video.

  • docsparks

    If money was no option and it was purely a decision based on looks, specs, and hardware..

    I choose the HTC One hands down. I’ve loved HTC since the G1, and Samsung will never be able to fill the void.

    Mooooooooooooooooar love for HTC!

  • romy134

    Would the IR blaster work?

  • Ronaldj666

    I hope this rumor comes true. If so, this would more than likely become the phone to finally retire my Galaxy Nexus, unless the next Nexus is announced and somehow wows me.

  • Matio Figeroux

    I agree too I love my HTC one, it would be excellent if had a stock version.

  • OpenIntro

    Nexus 4 (16GB) – $349

    Galaxy S4 (16GB Google Edition) – $649

    HTC One (Google Edition) – $599-$649?

    How is this even a serious conversation? Are the specs on the latter two phones better? Yes, a bit. Are they $300 better? Get real.

    • Raptor

      +1. Like me you are rattling salespeople here

    • DiaB

      HTC One is $575 direct from htc. they had a $100 off coupon thing when it first came out, so $475 all-in. if they keep the same price, then $100 more than a N4 for a better camera, cooler speakers, great screen, and all aluminum? besides being (imo) the most beautiful phone out right now? id pay that for sure.

  • slimx30

    I would definitely choose a nexus htc one over a nexus galaxy s4 any day. Both would be awesome, but the One would be my choice.

  • kazahani

    They must do it and they must refer to it as the “Senseless One”.

  • Raptor

    3500mAh that would be THE RUMOR
    Or 5.7″.

  • Matthew

    That would depend if it had the same camera functionality, there is a lot of nice features on the HTC One that I would like to be ported to the nexus version. Such as the one that detects smiles and merges them into one photo, I doubt it will.

  • Motorola Tramples Rights

    Motorola feels it’s so big that it can actually remove features paid for in the Droid without their permission. Furthermore, staff had stated that Google believes the changes are in the buyers best interest. They don’t know how to fix what they b states the Jelly Bean update was put out by Google sent Jelly Bean update that trashed Droid phones

  • Motorola Tramples Buyers Rights

    Motorola feels it’s so big that it can actually remove features paid for in the Droid without the buyer’s permission. Furthermore, staff state that Google believes the changes are in the buyers best interest. You can’t speak to them too long, because they simply place you on terminal hold for 40 minutes and/or ship you back to Verizon. When you request resolution, they simply talk about how justified they are in sending the update.

  • Google-Motorola Deny Responsibility

    Google-Motorola deny responsibility for the botched update that sent the wrong update to the wrong model phones and refuses to make restitution to the businesses and people it effected.

  • Google’s Jelly Bean Virtual

    So, is the update taking the device from wireless to virtual so that Google and virtual sites can now access confidential information on cells as it does computers? Is that what is causing the Droid to regularly drop calls?

  • Motorola No Customer Service

    Motorola & Verizon were hit so hard by the botched update they hang up on callers, make no attempt at resolution, and transfer users back and forth between the two just to see how long it is before buyers just go away. So, if I destroyed their property would I be in jail? So, why aren’t they in jail? I wonder how many people in this tight economy had to go purchase new phones due to the update? If I am the only one, then why not provide me a new phone to prove the update didn’t cause it. Obviously, providing one new phone to only one person would be insignificant if the problem was truly so.

  • Verizon

    So how many people have to change out their phones every 3 – 6 months because of these updates? Ever notice how many times Verizon staff tell you they are supervisors and managers, only to find out they are not?

  • Verizon Motorola Take Buyer to the Cleaners

    Couldn’t even call Verizon on my phone to tell them there was a problem.

  • CTown

    SInce HTC already has a developer model, I wouldn’t be surprised if this device will come unlocked or will be one fastboot command away from being unlocked.

  • ronak baid

    wat if if sum one took htc one vl they get the nexus feature