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One Phone, One Weekend, One Premium Upgrade


Starting today, for One weekend only, customers who purchase a new HTC One and trade in a qualified smartphone can get at least $100 and as much as $375 for their old device. Thanks to HTC’s transfer tools, it’s easy to switch from another Android device or pretty much any other smartphone including iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

The HTC One is currently available for AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, as well as an unlocked version. The HTC One is my current daily driver (and one of my favorite Android phones of all time), so this is a sweet opportunity to dump your aging device and save a cool Benjamin.

Source: HTC One Weekend

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  • Californian Verizon User

    I have the HTC DNA Droid. Other than the speaker placement and the micro-usb connector redesign, DNA Droid and the ONE are about the same, right?



    • Dannyhyu

      … You can’t be serious right… New CPU (Qualcomm 600), new camera (Stacked sensor AKA Ultrapixel), higher PPI, larger support across the board in terms of software since the One is on all carriers besides Verizon, and the battery on the One is bigger.

      • Raphael Tal

        listen up mate. I have been using my htc one for almost a week and I can tell you the camera on the galaxy s3 was better. i also tried out a sony zl for a couple of days and that camera was better. 75% of all the photos I take with the htc one come out a bit grainy (just a bit). I have the 64gb dev edition. All in all great phone though. not sure why they messed it all up with the buttons on the bottom they should have went with on screen softkeys… I will say ‘ONE’ good thing about the camera, its got really good color reproduction. like really really good

        • swazedahustla

          Opinions are cool, however they are not facts.

  • Californian Verizon User

    Does HTC ONE allow Google Now to display on the lock screen? That’s one thing I missing on/disappointed with my Droid DNA.

    • bluewarp

      No lock screen widgets on the one yet. That comes with android version 4.2 which had been promised “soon” from HTC.

  • Galen20K

    I have the htc One and I can’t recommend it ENOUGH! There are just too many good aspects about the phone that outweigh what little bad ones there are. Trust us, try it for yourself and see.

  • Jorge Eslava

    This is the same deal they offerred to people who signed up to be notified for updates before it was released. I don’t feel so special anymore, but I’m glad more people can take advantage of this deal.

  • Milind

    I checked with them and they said that it’s not compatible with T-Mobile’s 4G. The agent said that they are getting a lot of complaints. Sometimes you get wrong information from agents. Can any T-Mobile HTC One user confirm one way or another?

    • James W.

      Depends on the area I think.

    • killabee44

      It does work with tmobile’s LTE, but not a lot of stress have it deployed yet. I have used it, yes.

      • killabee44


  • Nathan D.

    Nice, who doesn’t like to save?

  • jame

    Shows how valuable iPhone are as they get the highest returns.. From a simple e Galaxy Exhibit 2 to galaxy nexus GS3,Nexus4, the reimbursement all giver at the lowest end… A16gb iPhone at 375

  • donger

    Still want this phone.

  • tommydaniel

    Anyone have any idea when carriers will start selling the black Ones?