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Samsung executive claims 6 million Galaxy S4s sold before May 10th


Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper is reporting that more than 6 million Samsung Galaxy S4s have already been sold. According to an unnamed Samsung executive, four million Galaxy S4s were moved between April 26th and April 30th while the final 2 million units shipped during the first ten days in May.

Samsung has never been shy about sharing its shipment numbers. We know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be a huge success, but the numbers revealed by the Samsung executive simply tell us that Samsung’s factories are really good at making the device. Since Samsung does not sell products directly to consumers, the term “sold” simply means that service providers and retails across the globe have purchased the devices from Samsung. We could see Samsung’s May estimates fall if these first batches of Galaxy S4s do not sell to consumers as quickly as projected. It’s impossible to know how consumers will react to the new Galaxy S4, but it’s clear that Samsung will be spending quite a bit of cash on its marketing budget which will practically guarantee its success.

Have you purchased one of the 6 million Samsung Galaxy S4s that have already shipped or have you chosen to take your money elsewhere to see what the competition has to offer?

Via: UnWired View

Source: Chosun Ilbo

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  • HeadDoc

    Is anyone else starting to feel a bit overwhelmed? I am currently on AT&T with an HTC One X+. I like having 64GB of storage, so I can download a free game for my kids without thinking about it. I plan to switch to T-Mobile, so here are my choices, as I see them: Galaxy S4, of course – but I have to make sure that I can store my apps on the sd card (AT&T has some odd rules about this, at least on the GS3); wait for HTC ONE 64 gb to stop being exclusive on AT&T; wait for the GS4 Active; get the HTC One unlocked Developer Edition; get the GS4 “Google Experience” announced today, without all of Samsung’s bloatware and/or cool features; wait for the HTC One Google Experience, hinted at today by an HTC exec; some other device not yet released… I just want a phone…

    • Nick Gray

      You can always get the 64GB HTC One developer edition directly from HTC. It technically ships with AT&T bands, but it works like a charm in markets where T-Mobile and refarmed is 1900 MHz spectrum for HSPA+. It will also work with T-mobile LTE.

  • donger

    Gonna see a bunch of these in the recycling bin or on fire.