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Tune in live to Verizon’s CTIA 2013 press event


The CTIA show is almost irrelevant to Android fans, but Verizon Wireless has a press event scheduled for today, and there is some mystery around what will be announced. One of our sources said we could hear about a new no-contract offering, but others are saying there might be something HTC related or even details about VoLTE (Voice Over LTE). Tune in at 1 PM ET to see what happens.

Source: Livestream

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  • PacoBell

    That was kind of disappointing =P

    • Richard Yarrell

      Verizon sucks monkey balls.

      • Sargon

        No one is sucking your balls, Richard.
        By your logic, Verizon, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Bvlgari, 11 Madison Park, Per Se, Outback Steakhouse, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Timex, and Armitron all suck because you can’t afford any of them.
        Shouldn’t Ed Morgan be shitting in your mouth right about now, while you laugh and applaud real hard?

      • Troller of trolls

        You bring new definition to the term “stupid ignorant, bitch-ass, hood niqqer”
        You are a disgrace to you, myself and other hard working people of color. You thrive on stupidity and ignorance. You’re actually proud of it. You’re disgusting. Screw your ducks, then please, do us all a favor and go down into the subway and play on the third rail. If there isn’t one, just lay across the tracks for a few hours. A train will be along shortly.

  • epps720

    Really, Verizon… JLO?! Queue the dance sequence

  • pekosROB

    Wait, is it just a wireless option aimed towards Latinos? That’s it? No device mentioning (just came in the Q&A at the end)?

  • thekaz

    Being from Buffalo, you’d think I would be used to disappointment by now.. *sigh*

  • R.S

    “We hope to be the most exciting thing that comes out of CTIA,” Walden said.

    So she is saying she hopes the rest of CTIA sucks because her (Verizon’s) announcement was in no way shape what so ever exciting at all!

  • Brian Powell

    Is this necessary? Why not just improve everyone’s distribution channels.

  • swauger

    Please tell me they are joking. THAT was their big announcement???

  • Scooter McGavin

    Dos tacos mierda por favor; e no HTC uno.

  • Tha

    as many others have commented, how is this exciting? I’m Latino and I have a F’king Verizon phone, I didn’t feel the need to wait for store named vivamovil to come my way so I could buy one.
    No HTC One? I am damn sure their people read all forums across the internet of people anxiously waiting for the HTC One to arrive on their network, and this is the pile of sh!t they dump on us?

    I guess im stuck on my Rezound :/

  • So this is the important announcement ? Good Lord what a disappointment I have been waiting a month , for something good , I don’t know like unlimited data plans are back, or we just launched a satellite . I’ll be better prepared for the next big announcement next time, Bozo and Cookie will open a store targeted for mimes because you know how hard it is for a mime to purchase a Verizon phone these days Ehh…

  • donger


  • eddie