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US assembled Moto X could hit shelves as soon as this summer

dennis woodside motorola Image via: AllThingsD

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside dropped a bombshell during his interview at the AllThingsD conference: The Motorola X Phone is real. It’s going to be called the Moto X, it will be the first smartphone to be assembled in the US, and it could be available as soon as this summer.

While specific details on the hardware of the Moto X are scarce, Dennis Woodside shared some select information on the device that has us excited for more. According to Woodside, the Moto X will feature an OLED display, but that’s not going to be the device’s big draw. The Moto X will feature a handful of unique sensors, differentiating it from other smartphones on the market. “We know when it’s in your pocket, we know when it’s in your hand, it’s going to know when you want to take a picture and fire up the cameras,” said Woodside.

This contextual awareness matches up with earlier rumors of “creepy intelligence” that could predict what a user wanted to do with their phone before they did it.

Original details on the Moto X included a unique stock Android experience Google can’t provide with Nexus devices, due to a lack of total control. Woodside is sticking firm to claims that Motorola is operating completely outside of Google’s control, but did admit that Android head Sundar Pichai has seen it.

Woodside was very proud of the fact that the Moto X is going to be the first smartphone assembled, designed and engineered in the US. In a factory in Texas that was used to assemble Nokia phones, Motorola will be assembling the Moto X with some parts sourced from outside the country.

As for when the Moto X will be released, Woodside said, “by October.” But a press release has been issued that says it will be available this summer. Now that we know a bit more on the elusive Moto X, what do you think? Does a summer phone purchase seem likely in your future? I know it does for mine.

Via: The Verge

Source: Motorola

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  • Taylor Wimberly

    The contextual awareness stuff sounds exactly like the “creepy intelligence” I wrote about last month.

    Also makes sense for them to assemble in DFW since it’s a major logistics hub. Our source said that custom units would arrive within one week of ordering, and this Forth Worth location will allow them to pull it off.

    • Dustin Earley

      It’s all coming together. :)

    • heat361

      I can’t wait to see how this all works!

    • Steve Barry

      Whoa, “our source said that custom units would arrive….” so that means the rumors about the customer being able to customize the device are real? Any update or guided ideas on what type of customization we’ll be able to have?

      I’m also interested to hear what the difference between “a unique stock Android experience” and what’s on a Nexus device. I’ve never owned a Nexus device, but I’ve always believed it to be real stock Android, right?

      So will this ‘unique’ experience be a very subtle skin Moto is going to put on there?

      • melissa ghoisington

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  • rashad360

    The Xbox One Kinect is always watching, the S4 pauses when you look away, and now this phone knows when you want to snap a picture? This has been quite a month for “creepy intelligence”


    The Moto X Forum is now open at

  • Nate B.

    It’s actually launching this summer….

  • snowbdr89

    Made in the u.s? I’d buy for that reason alone for the support of local jobs!!

    • 66

      Maybe its a bike, motocross…they fooled everybody

    • Bozzified

      This is why I think they’ll sell a ton.. if it’s a solid phone, a lot of people want to support this country, the workers and middle class and manufacturing and will buy it even if it costs more.

      The only thing that can prevent me from buying it personally is if it’s butt ugly like some previous Moto phones..


        “The only thing that can prevent me from buying it personally is if it’s butt ugly like some previous Moto phones.”

        Same here. The leaked device looked okay on the front but kinda ugly on the back with that odd looking button on it. I abandoned my quest for the HTC One in favor of this so I have a lot riding on this phone. Let’s go Moto!

    • Richard Yarrell

      Galaxy Note 3 only. Case closed on this unproven Motorola Xphone product.

      • squiddy20

        Well would you look at that. A moron claiming a rumored phone is better than an “unproven” (whatever the heck that means) and rumored phone.
        Not to mention that one will be a “phablet” while the other has been indicated to be a regular-sized smartphone. You’re comparing two things that cannot really be compared because they will be so different. Think for once.

        • Bpear96

          I still think its so weird that squiddy20 doesn’t make any comments unless he is commenting on Richard’s post.

          • squiddy20

            And sometimes not even then.

          • squiddy20

            Because his posts are sometimes too stupid to respond to.

            (Damn you A&M and your lack of an edit button…)

  • YMS123

    It’s real! This confirms that picture from the FCC filing that said “assembled in the US” is the real deal. I can’t wait for more info.

    It really has been a while since Motorola released a new phone, hasn’t it?

  • ihatefanboys

    Am I the only one that hates the name “MOTO X” ?? I just got a ONE so Im good for awhile, but they would have been better off calling it the “X Phone” or something not including the always horrible MOTO-(fill in the blank)

    • Ronaldo

      I actually hate the name “One”, sounds pretentious and “Matrixy”. But they are just phones, if they work that’s all we care about, right?

    • DaGetz

      Considering their ads are very big on Hello Moto I wouldn’t be surprised if Hello Moto would be the catch phrase for waking it up in listening state. It would certainly be a clever brand thing. Whic is the same reason they are calling it Moto X and not X phone. Its brand recognition.

      • lou2cool88

        I Getz what you did there.

        • kazahani

          Oh, Getz out of here you two!

      • ihatefanboys

        I doubt MOTO will be any part of the X phone. And seriously waking up your phone by saying “Hello MOTO” sounds extremely gay. The ad above says “Goodbye MOTO”

  • donger

    Need more info and pics of said x phone.

  • Lawrence

    I believe that this phone will truly set the standard for home made mobile devices. And the fact that it’s entirely designed and manufactured here in the USA makes we want it even more. I’m guessing spec wise, 4.7 inch 1080 p OLED display, quad-core 600 CPU, 8mp camera, 2mp front camera, 2 GB RAM, with 32 GB storage with the ” creepy intelligence” stuff all priced at between $300-$400!

    • vn75

      According to your demand,It should be $600 or more !….if it’s $500 ,I’m sold.

    • SGB101

      You want an end to end made in the USA device, all at sub $400 price.

      Dream on chuckles.

      And it will will designed in the US, produced in Asia, and the last part of production in the US, most of that by robots. It’s a token effort for publicity, just like the new mac, and all the other made in xx, thing I the world.

      This is not a dig against the US, it’s a dig against marketing.

      • DaGetz

        Its also to allow them to do the customization thing.

  • Fiasko

    I have never been a big fan of how Moto devices have felt in my hands but I may be willing to look past all of that if they are able to offer something unique.

    • kazahani

      I wouldn’t say that I’m not a fan of how a Moto feels in the hand, but I definitely think that it’s hit or miss. Droid: good. Droid 2: bad. Droid 3 and 4: good again. RAZR: bad. RAZR M and RAZR HD: great!

    • DaGetz

      Duarte is huge on how devices feel in your hand. I know they keep saying they are separate but in reality I bet the way it works is Google doesn’t give them any information it doesn’t give their other OEMs but still controls their direction. If this is true Duarte will have made sure its not a brick and sits nicely in the hand.

  • MC_Android

    The part that says that “the Moto X is going to be the first smartphone assembled, designed and engineered in the US” scares me. That statement says to me it is going to a medium-range phone with 2012 specs to compensate for the higher assembly fee.

    Reconsider your expectations for this phone with a grain of salt.

  • jamal adam

    Why couldn’t he just like pull it out of his pocket since he had it with him. As the first true smartphone in the Google era of Moto, I am so excited for it.

  • Andre

    I have to admit, I’m DEFINITELY intrigued by this!! I’m not due for an upgrade this summer, but I may have to seriously consider getting this phone! I love the fact that it’s being assembled here in the US!! I’m just waiting for more details on the actual specifics of the phone!

  • Ronaldo

    A summer phone purchase was already in my future. I’d been trying to hold out to see what MotoGoogle (Googlerola?, Motogoo? I like that one – MotoGoo) was going to offer, but had decided to stop waiting and go with a GS4. Now I guess I’m back to waiting again… Wish we new what month to expect this new device. I need a new phone desperately.

  • Co1e

    A big part of my decision to buy will be whether or not it’s available from the play store. Can’t wait to get more info.

  • breckdroid

    Finally a bit of “concrete” news on the Moto X phone. My contract is up in August and this could very well be the phone that locks me in for another couple years with VZW. Although I will hate to see my unlimited data go so I may have to bite the bullet and pay full price. We shall see. So far we have seen some great new devices. I look forward to see what Motorola has to offer. Bring on the X!

  • glennw

    The one aspect that I like about it being able to tell if it’s in my pocket–no more pocket dialing. Or shooting completely dark pictures while in my pocket.

    I often play with my nieces and nephews, and sometimes hold two of them at the same time, and inevitably these motions of holding one, then scrunching down to pick up another activates the “on” switch of my phone, and further motions would have it either activate the camera, or the emergency call function. I often don’t know about it until later, when I see a ton of pictures that are completely black, or actually hear my phone trying to dial something.

    So if the phone can tell when it’s in my pocket so it wouldn’t do these things, and doesn’t affect the battery life with all these sensors running all the time, that would be great.

  • (sic)

    Shut up and take my money

  • Dave

    I would definitely buy it. But if it’s gonna be, ” Motorola is operating completely outside of Google’s control, but did admit that Android head Sundar Pichai has seen it”, does that mean it will be available via Google Play or not? I want to know will it be an unlocked phone, or will it be carrier locked? I also want to know will it be available in different colors like it was rumoted or said to be, before?

    • Nathen

      I will NOT BUY IT is it is a Carrier locked phone .
      I hope not. That would be a BIG mistake for Motorola.

  • Laura

    I still have to say the Motorola V400 was by far one of my favorite phones. This small phone would allow you to lock different areas separately with a password while leaving the rest of the phone open. For example, your text messages or voicemail couldn’t be opened without a password and you could leave everything else open. The V400 would’ve been the perfect phone for Tiger Woods!!

  • Nathen

    Cant wait . If its any better then the NEXUS 4 I’m sold. I’ll get one for sure !
    No word on outright Price ?

    Bring it ON !!!

  • LBthaMercenary

    I can’t wait im over due for an upgrade, but nothing has caught my attention; however I am excited at the thought of having an American built device, I was just thinking how come we don’t build a mobile device here and “BAM” my thoughts/wishes came true. yay! Motorola I will purchase this device but I’m going to need a summer release. Thanks

  • TheTruthSquad

    I waited around from January until September for the Bionic to be released and then waited another year to get the latest update. I am going to wait until the “New” Motorola proves itself before I get too excited. I know Google fired anyone that had any authority at Motorola so maybe they will surprise me.
    If the screen is only 4,7 inches, why bother? My Bionic is that size. I would rather have a Note 3.

  • ashok pai

    designed in USA
    assembled in USA
    …..stickered in USA ?

    just another gimmick to claim a morally high ground.

  • Dow

    Where do i pre-order one? I want one.. Apple can start setting up shop in California soon if WE all do it.

  • ihatefanboys

    I bet anyone here the phone will NEVER be called the “MOTO X” Youre idiots if you think otherwise.