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White Nexus 4 and Android 4.3 coming June 10th


Rumors suggested that a white Nexus 4 might appear at Google IO, and they were right. We obtained the elusive white Nexus 4 and we can confirm it’s a carbon copy of the previous Nexus 4, just with a different color casing. That might not be the most exciting news, but we also learned the white Nexus 4 would hit the Google Play store on June 10th and it would be accompanied with Android 4.3.

Most of us expected Google to announce Android 4.3 at yesterday’s big keynote, but it sounds like the next version of Android was intentionally bumped from the show. Sources at Google say they wanted to demonstrate their ability to roll out new services and APIs without upgrading the Android firmware, and it appears they made their point.

Not much is known about Android 4.3, but we expect it to be a rather minor update. The developer API level should be bumped up to version 18, with support for Bluetooth Smart (and¬†possibly¬†OpenGL ES 3.0), and that’s about all we know. We are unable to confirm this, but we assume that Android 4.3 will be pushed out to all current Nexus devices (4, 7, 10) when it goes live next month.

The Nexus 4 might not be the most exciting device on the block anymore, but it’s still a damn good value with a starting price of $299.

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  • Nathan D.

    Hey, at least you aren’t stuck with just black now.

    • Justin Bieber worshipper

      It looks hideous

    • Galen20K

      You know what they say, Once you go White! Oh wait…. Nobody ever said that…

      • GNex

        Lol I think I heard that once before

  • R.S

    While news of 4.3 is exciting, I can’t help but be annoyed that the white Nexus wasn’t released at the same time as the black one, or at least shortly after.

    • iamXiV92a

      I want the white one…

  • redraider133

    If only those of us on verizon could get some nexus loving. Sadly that most likely won’t happen.

    • pjamies

      Me too, it’s like why wait? It’s only a color body change!
      Not sure who would want 1 knowing the next version should be out
      in 4 months time …?
      And Yes, I am sure people WILL buy it!! It just makes sense to roll out
      all your color choices at time of launch. Give customers more choice!
      Now if it had updated features (like fixes to the WiFi issues, etc. Hardware fixes) then,
      maybe it would make sense.

    • oldblue910

      The idea that Verizon doesn’t get Nexus devices is a myth. If, by Nexus, you mean:

      1. Unlocked, or unlockable, bootloader.
      2. Stock Android
      3. Updates directly from Google
      4. A device used by Google engineers to create a version of Android

      …then Verizon has had 3 Nexus devices. The original Motorola Droid, the Motorola Xoom, and the Galaxy Nexus. Verizon doesn’t get every Google device, but it has received the Google devices that showcased Android 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. Maybe when Android 5.0 comes out, that Nexus device will, too, be on Verizon. Time will tell.

      • LukeT32

        I hope you are right. I need to retire my GNex!

        • oldblue910

          I have a Nexus 4 on AT&T but I still use the Galaxy Nexus as my daily driver. Verizon’s network just cannot be topped. You pay for it, but it’s the best network in the United States, bar none, if you need reliable voice coverage and a decent-speed data connection almost anywhere you live or would travel to.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Verizon sucks monkey balls.

          • squiddy20

            What a mature response from a 50+ year old “man”. What’s even more hilarious is the undisputed fact that Verizon has won several awards in the past few years related to customer service and quality of service. And has the largest voice network. And the largest LTE network. And generally the fastest data speeds. Sure, they have high prices, but when you compare their coverage to T-Mobile’s, you quickly see why.

      • Matthew Galo

        Umm…updates for the Galaxy Nexus, the Motorola Droid, and the XOOM did NOT come from Google. Verizon approves them and then ads whatever they want to it ie: My Verizon, Backup.

        • oldblue910

          While, yes, Verizon had to approve the updates, Google is still the one who makes the ROMs and rolls them out. If you think about it, carriers have every right to want approvals of updates when they are the ones putting up money for marketing and paying their staff to support the phones. When someone buys a phone, Nexus or otherwise, from a carrier, they expect support from the carrier when something breaks. Also, GSM carriers do this as well. Everyone who has a Nexus S with a Vodafone Australia SIM had delayed updates until Vodafone gave the thumbs up. We need to get carriers out of the business of phones altogether. That would solve a lot of this crap.

          Regardless, the Droid, Xoom, and Galaxy Nexus still get updates from Google even though Verizon’s approval step is a middleman.

          As for bloatware on the Galaxy Nexus, that is a tempest in a teapot. I can’t imagine why anyone WOULDN’T use My Verizon, and the backup assistant is there to help people with dumb phones move their contacts over. Those two apps hardly qualify as Verizon bloating the phone to death. Plus, if you don’t want to see them, you can disable the apps. For what it’s worth, both the Verizon and WiFi variants of the Xoom came with Corey and Dungeon Defenders pre installed. Again, tempest in a teapot.

          • oldblue910

            Cordy, not Corey. ;)

        • Jacob Bishop

          I don’t get any bloat with the sprint gnexus :-)

          • oldblue910

            Yes, but the Sprint Galaxy Nexus also doesn’t get updates from Google. It gets updates from Samsung. The Sprint variant runs a firmware called “mysidspr” and if you look at the kernel build string in About Phone, you’ll see it mentions [email protected] and the build date is in KST (Korean Standard Time). Plus, if you look at the build number, it’s not a standard Google 5- or 6-character build number. It’s always something like JOP40D.L700GA02. That’s Samsung’s naming conventions.

            This happens on the vast majority of GSM Galaxy Nexus models sold around the world as well. Most of those run Samsung-maintained firmware like yakjuxw, yakjuux, yakjudv, etc. There are over 10 different variants.

            The only Galaxy Nexus variants with Google-maintained and updated ROMs are Verizon (mysid), US GSM models sold through the Play Store (takju) and GSM models sold in certain parts of western Europe (yakju).

          • oldblue910

            That means that instead of only one middleman between Google and your phone (Verizon’s approval), the Sprint model has two middlemen…Samsung and Sprint.

      • Spencer

        Don’t forget the Pixel, that makes four

      • RonWeez

        the updates for the Gnex on verizon are not “directly from google”. if that were the cases then it would have been updated the same time the GSM Gnex was. And i HIGHLY doubt verizon will get another “True” nexus device anytime soon

        • oldblue910

          The only people who actually care about an Android version number are people like you and I. The update approval processes don’t bother Google, I can assure you. Nor do they bother the overwhelming majority of people who own those devices. It’s just the loud, irate minority like you and I who keep beating this drum.

      • inviolable

        By Nexus device, he means Nexus device. Its not too complicated. Verizon has only had one, and there is a reason why people called it the Verizon Nexus, which also likely factored into Google going back to GSM unlocked only.

  • Christopher Chavez

    More storage? 32GB?!?!! I NEED TO KNOW, TAYLOR! :O

    • Taylor Wimberly

      My version is 16GB. Don’t think you will see 32GB.

      • zippy

        I have gnex 36gb….when’s the. Update I read June 10th???? I have sprint

  • Jimmy_Jo

    Without more storage I’ll probably go for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Edition “Don’t Call Me a Nexus”…

    • pjamies

      Actually, the comment by an HTC employee yesterday concerning the S4 GE, was interesting!
      Which phone would you buy if the HTC One came in a Google Edition?

      • Jimmy_Jo

        I’d check out the HTC One if a) it had the drivers for the BoomSound speakers to still sound great b) it included 64GB of storage like the Developer Edition since there’s no SD card support and c) cost $600 or less, preferrably $550.

        My reasons for the price drop are because HTC has a lot to prove. They make good hardware just crappy software (as far as my experience has been) but due to their hardware I think they would be ideal for a 100% Google experience.

        • nthoendel

          In my experience their software is a lot more solid and less buggy on their flagship phones than Samsung.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Pretty comical.

        • Dr0me

          dude sense 5 isnt that far off from stock these days. And it blows touchwiz out of the water from a UI perspective.

          HTC One Nexus > S4 Nexus

          • RonWeez

            how much (if any) would it do to the sales of flagship phones if the companies released a “Google Edition” of every flagship Phone ? Like HTC One GE or a Moto Razr Maxxx HD GE ????? it would be lovely

          • Richard Yarrell

            Sense is a pile of dog doo. Nature UI pisses all over Sense.

          • squiddy20

            Richard, that is your pitiful opinion, not a fact. What’s sad is, after two whole years of my telling you the difference between the two, you still somehow manage to screw it up. Talk about a broken record…

      • Jimmy_Jo

        Oh yeah… What comment???

        • Eric C.

          There was a tweet from someone working for HTC ( that could easily be interpreted as hinting that the HTC One would get a similar Not-Quite-A-Nexus treatment.


          Subsequent tweets from that same person showed that she was talking about a new, to-be-released version of Sense.

          Letdown of the century.

      • redraider133

        I think a stock HTC One would actually take away from what HTC made unless somehow they included the drivers for the boomsound and other things. Sort of same thing with all the enhancements that samsung made to the camera software on the s4 that will be lost with a stock version.

        • epps720

          Samsung should allow you to flash the features that you want from the S4. So instead of having 80 features you’ll never use, flash the 4 or 5 you find use able to vanilla android.

          • Ashton wilson

            If they did that… My life would be complete

          • redraider133

            That is why I wish the manufacturers would make their skins more like apps that you could pick and choose to download from the play store. That way you could choose if you want/did not want those features on their phones. I know this probably will never happen but IMO that would be awesome and then if you liked a samsung device but wanted sense/moto blur etc you could choose to download the app and install.

        • NasLAU

          If they made their features like Zoe and their home screen available on the Play store like FB… Whatever. Never going to happen.

  • lolo

    Is the front of the phone also white or is it black?

    • epps720


      • jon d

        Don’t tease me now.

      • lolo

        Was the “orange” comment sarcasm for “obviously it’s white”? Because they’re are plenty of white phones that are only white on the back, the white gnex, the maxx, and can’t think of others but I’m sure there are. I see no sense in purchasing a white phone that is only white on the back.

  • Nate B.

    I really hate when companies release their accessories, color options, and capacity outings way after the fact. Just do it all at once and on all carriers.

  • Shrink

    @Jimmy_Jo that is EXACTLY what I thought as well.

    I’m so disappointed by the Google I/O. I’m really stunned by new hardware. But this was a joke until now.

  • jonstle

    nice addition, gives people some more options.

  • SparkyXI

    Give it a little time: $50 and you too can have white.

  • KennyL

    I bet when 4.3 rolls out, we’ll finally get SMS support in hangouts. I don’t anticipate many big changes in 4.3. Probably mostly under the hood stuff to optimize devices for the new services they announced yesterday.

    • epps720

      hope they throw MMS support in there too

    • R.S

      IMO, not only would that be a very bad decision but disastrous as well since only Nexus devices would get it right away. The rest of us would have to wait months to get it, if ever.

      Plus, that would be more of an app update than a system update.

      • KennyL

        I’ll bet the SMS/MMS support comes baked into 4.3 and the rollout for everyone else will come via an update through the play store.

        • epps720

          I hope so!

  • Sebastian

    I don’t think we’ll see Android 4.3 for a while yet. Google aren’t a company to just release something like that in a month and not talk about it at all and plus they would’ve announced a white Nexus 4 at the Keynote. just my 2 cents.

  • Dodge

    Too bad this still had SlimPort connectivity. The company that makes the SlimPort tech cannot produce enough, even at 30 bucks a pop. Their own website just links to amazon, where they are selling for $75+ from 3rd party Japanese companies. Don’t pick up a Nexus 4 if you expect to us it with a TV or monitor. Google and LG should be ashamed of themselves for going with this proprietary garbage. I just hope they get their stuff together and make more because it is a highly reviewed product.

    • Andrew

      Miracast doesn’t suit you?

      • Dodge

        It’s alright but I wanted a wired solution. My company is weird about wireless stuff. They’d prefer everyone walked around in faraday cages. lol.

        I just can’t believe LG isn’t following up on this company.

  • justin

    Thought once you went black you never go back? Oh google, you crafty mother fucker you.

  • sere83

    This is pretty meh by all accounts, I would have 100% gone nexus 4 if they had dropped a 32gb version. Now I doubt it.

    And I swear to god if google don’t fix the bounce back issue on my nexus 7 in 4.3 I will be sending an abusive email. haha. Jokes aside though its an annoying issue that needs rectifying cos they’re taking the piss.

  • Ian Ranson

    I really want to get a Nexus 4 to replace my ageing and dying HTC Wildfire, I’m not bothered about the white colour but do you think its worth waiting in case of a 32GB version/an LTE version (I live in the UK) or a price drop?

    • Tariq

      Please don’t even think twice. The difference between the wildfire and the nexus 4 in just too much. As much as I like Samsung and HTC, they really suck when it comes to updates. And after the updates you start getting the real problems of indiscriminate rebooting. That’s why this time I went for the nexus and I think you should aswell.

  • j.c.

    Fuq, I want a white one… But I have a black one. I’m gonna cry T_T

  • jerrbomb

    The nexus looks sexy on White

  • Steven c

    it’s smart marketing to release products with one color then release more later, makes it that much more demanding

  • slimx30

    so still no sign of an updated nexus 7. I was really hoping to hear some news on one

  • Eric Shi

    $299, 8g

  • Woody

    I don’t know. That sparkly white back looks like a product container for hair gel or something. The sparkly black looks good. Maybe this looks better when viewing it in person.

    • Raptor

      Same feelings. And imagine like this white became stainy and yellowish. It may look also like one of products of Home Depot. LG Nex is the only phone with THAT repulsive back i want to puke at

  • donger

    White is so nice.

  • RonWeez

    can anyone with inside knowledge please shed light on why manufacturers wait months after the release of a device to come with other color options ?

  • da9el

    “they wanted to demonstrate their ability to roll out new services and APIs without upgrading the Android firmware” – you did it indeed, google!

  • GrannyGill

    I do hope this happens. The reason I haven’t yet bought a Nexus 4 is because I love white phones. Has anyone managed to find out if crafty Google will up the price for a white one?

  • Joe Thimas

    Sounds liek ap lan to me dude.

  • OnIn2

    I bought Mrs OnIn2 a Nexus 4 after Google play was able to restock. We love it. Got her 3 cases so she can change the color, probably to match her purse or something. But…

    Is one of the major news bullets out of Google IO is you can buy it in white ? SMH….

  • HTC One M7
  • Robbie

    Is it rumored for June 10th or July 10th. The title says June but one of the tags of the article is July 10. Can’t wait, the white looks really nice. Getting ready to switch to T Mobile.

  • EdH2os

    So no 4.3 love for Galaxy Nexus users? That would really stink.

  • Shawn Clark

    Cant go wrong with Nexus!!!

  • Anjie Cai

    What’s the justification for this super late release of the white version? I’m really hoping for a second generation nexus 7.

  • smeghead68

    I was looking forward to something new….not just new color. Don’t really care for white phones anyways.

  • Right Said Fred

    When I’m in the bathroom taking a dump, while texting on my blackberry, I sometimes get flecks of turd on the blackberry. There’s a reason why black phones reign supreme.

    How embarrassing would that be explaining turd on your new white phone.

  • jayj

    will the jellybean 4.3 update be available to users of the black nexus 4 bough before this ?

  • Stephone

    if your phone broken, you can give LG spare parts.

    • Stephone

      good work~~