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  • jonathan3579

    I get 3 months of unlimited everything with T-Mobile for the price of the first month at AT&T. No thank you!

  • Anon

    Not trying to light a fire under your article here but T-Mobile’s “truly unlimited” gets throttled after a certain amount of usage. While this means it’s not cut off, you’re not getting 40gigs a month of 4g service. To those who download heavy this is may be a point of contention.

    • Guestt

      T-Mobile’s “truly unlimited” the most expensive one, is not throttled

    • Galen20K

      You really shouldn’t speak of things you know nothing about ignorant person. Seriously, somebody remind me “why” we let guests leave comments? smh

    • orginn

      Man please research before you make yourself look stupid, currently I have used 30 gigs on my nexus 4 and have not seen it slow down yet nor will it because its truly unlimited no Throttling

  • James W.

    Rip off. I hope Net10 will get LTE in the near future.

    • Levi N

      Don’t hold your breath. Net10 is having too many problems with just the normal HPSA+ network.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I find T-Mobile better. I love their customer service, data in NJ is outstanding and fast, love my new HTC one, love their uncarrier plans, and I just love me some T-Mobile!

  • Devin

    That is completely false. You can choose an individual plan. At&t does not force you into mobile share. 3 gb of data, unlimited texting, unlimited cell phone calls, and 450 minutes for calling landlines is $90 per month plus tax. It IS more than tmobile, but worth it for infinitely faster and more wide-spread service.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      That is correct. I added a link to the individual plans. Salesman pushed the Mobile Share plan on me so that’s what I signed up for with month-to-month.

  • Nathan D.

    That why I love t-mobile.

  • Raptor

    Is Simple Choice really that simple or like always with Tmo has fine print? For example, let’s be *ultimately* simple and “cheap” : if Straight Talk tells you “$125 for 3 months” that means $125 per 3 months or $42 per month per line. So is Tmob Simple Choice $50 for first + $30 for second +$10 for third line = $90 (or $30 per line) the **final** cost to you or this does not include hell numerous network taxes and fees so you actually end up at $120 or $40 per line?

    • Alex

      No, those price are before tax.

  • cb2000a

    I am with ATT now and will be going back to T-Mobile….I miss wifi calling and had good reception on T-Mo.

  • Danny

    AT&T launches new prepaid plans next month that are way better than the current ones.

    People forget that they get better coverage and more 4G/HSPA/LTE with AT&T than T-Mobile. In fact AT&T’s LTE network alone already eclipse’s T-Mobile’s 3G network that they started building in 2008.

    T-Mobile competes on price and gimmicks. They have certain areas that they work good but on the whole their network leaves a lot to be desired. Those who think otherwise must not use their phones outside metro areas much or go inside buildings.


  • Raptor Remembering Tmo of Texas

    Had vacation car trip from California to San Antonio last year with my then Tmo phone. The network was @#$% damn HELL. You know that their GPS needs the network access, right? Not only GPS often did not work, no single network was ones in one spot where i ran out of gasoline. And of course i quickly ran out of 0.2GB limit for roaming (do you know about that limit?) so my phone was a brick half of the time. Was good trip though without computers, consoles, phones, tablets, emails, Engadgets and all that s#$t

    • Raptor Remembering Tmo of Texas

      I was silent following with deep respect (like people follow a snake) one truck moving oversized 130ton Komatsu bulldozer when it passed me with 90 mph speed…Texas…. All the way in the head was melody from famous song about Texaaas

      • RaPToR Rattling United Salespeople of A&m

        ROTFL. downvoting reveals them LOL

  • Gary

    Taylor, great post. Exactly, what specific T-Mobile plan do you have? Is this the 2GB high speed before throttle plan for both lines or something else and thanks.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      My plan is as follows:

      $50 for first line + $20 for unlimited data
      $30 for 2nd line + $20 for unlimited data

      Total bill before taxes is $120.

  • donger

    Wow, talk about overprice.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      Do you mean AT&T is overpriced or T-Mobile??? Cuz $60/line for unlimited data isn’t bad at all.

  • sWeE

    jesus CR, thats not cheap all..

  • Jeff Bailey

    Loyalty has it’s rewards, i have been with at&t Wireless since the Cingular days. My AT&T iPhone 5 has unlimited data, 250 texts (more than i will ever use a month) 450 anytime minutes (more than i have ever needed my rollover minute count is somewhere in the vicinity of 2800 minutes). My wife has the same plan on her iPhone 5, each plan is 74.99 a month so a total of just under 150 a month.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      All text messaging should be unlimited and included with your plan. SMS messaging is actually a hack that the carriers found out about that allows messages to be transmitted across the airwaves. It cost the carrier the same amount to send and receive SMS messages as it does for you to receive a missed call. When is the last time you were charged for a missed call???

      Paying for texts is baloney!!!

  • k mack

    i have t mobile unlimited data plan & it say i only get 9.5 gb before throttle which is good but i only get edge @ my job so I picked up a att go phone & i get 4g lte when i go to atlanta but i also get 4g lte on my t mobile same speeds but more than half my trip from columbus im on edge with t mobile so i will switch my t mobile to att go phone cant beat the price $60 unlimited talk-text & 2gb data & you can bring ur own phone i have a samsung galaxy note 2 & data works just got to use samsung galaxy express gophone data settings