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After user backlash, Imgur app does away with ads


The Imgur app recently came out of beta, and with the finished product came advertisements. This is standard fare for a free app, but apparently a lot of people didn’t like it. Users voiced their displeasure, and soon after, Imgur updated their app and completely removed ads. Have they set a precedent for developers?

Consumer backlash and public opinion can be powerful tools in shaping corporate behavior, but don’t think adless free apps are going to become the norm. Often, advertising is the only revenue generated by free apps. I’m sure Imgur has plenty of ways of making money; they’re a fairly well-sized company. Apps created by smaller developers, on the other hand, won’t have that luxury. They may be putting bread on their table thanks to in-app ads. So, don’t go boycotting apps just because they have ads. Ads are necessary for developers to make money. If consumers begin heavily gravitating toward big name developers that can afford to forgo in-app advertising, the development community may feel the squeeze. Remember, if you don’t like ads but appreciate the product, you can always upgrade to the paid version of the app.

That said, we’re happy to see user feedback making positive changes. The Imgur app has definitely become more pleasant to use. What other apps have been substantially improved thanks to user feedback like this?


Source: Android Police

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  • renyo

    Wow! Typo in the heading…

    • renyo

      K… So now I feel stupid…

      • http://technicquill.com Jess Blanchard

        That’s what happens when Grammar Nazis step to the Ninja Edit.

  • http://technicquill.com Jess Blanchard

    I’ll take ads over pay to play every time. I’ve been stuck on level 65 of Candy Crush for a month. It’s bullshit.

    • Dustin Earley

      That level is KILLLLLLLING MEEEEEEE. I’ve been stuck for so long now.

    • Jorge Eslava

      I’ll have to agree. How do people expect developers to make money off of free software if they can’t use ads? As long as ads are not inconvenient there shouldn’t be a problem with them. Developers spend a lot of time making programs and should get some compensation for the time spent. Either put up with ads for pay for the product.

  • bbman

    “Remember, if you don’t like ads but appreciate the product, you can always upgrade to the paid version of the app.”

    This sentence should be corrected to state, “Unless the developer is Rovio which pushes ads even if you do pay.”

    • OneLonelyStoner

      do they really?

  • Dan Jones

    That’s stupid. They spent time and resources developing this application, and a few whiny little pricks didn’t like an ad or two in there? The developers deserve to be compensated for what they did, and looking at an ad once in a while is a good way for users to help compensate the developers without actually having to pay for anything.

    Those people who complained should be ashamed of themselves.

  • ihatefanboys

    Wow im in shock of the comments against the “whiny” people who dont like ads. Im still waiting for the whiny people to get here and say “Yea man , ads suck, i didnt pay a damn thing for this app but i dont want ads”

  • donger

    People need to pay up.