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Rumor: Vine-like video sharing headed to Instagram


Vine isn’t the first video sharing application to make it to smartphones in the last couple years, but it’s undoubtedly the most popular. Use of Vine has quickly overtaken similar long-standing media sharing applications, but Facebook isn’t willing to sit back and let Instagram fall into obscurity.

Citing an unknown source, TechCrunch is reporting that on June 20, Facebook will unveil Vine-like video sharing to its massively popular Instagram. According to TechCrunch, the videos will be limited to five to ten seconds in length and will be integrated into the normal Instagram app.

There isn’t much more information available on Instagram’s new video feature at the time, but we imagine filters would be making their way over, setting Instagram apart from Vine in that respect.

If the numbers from a recent report on Topsy Analytics’ website are correct, Vine shares have eclipsed Instagram on Twitter, in some cases doubling the active daily use. Have you been using Vine since in launched for Android? Would you switch to Instagram video if the feature makes its way over? Be sure to let us know.

Source: TechCrunch

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  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    Part of me finds this hard to believe, but who knows at this point, amiright!?

    • Dustin Earley

      Is this real life?

      • melissa ghoisington

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  • Joseph Garcia

    I would love for this to happen – if it is done right. The Vine app for Android is pretty terrible right now, no flash support, choppy audio/ video quality, nearly impossible to add friends even if you know their username, etc. The concept of Vine is great and the reason it is so popular, but the execution needs to be there or it taints the entire experience.

  • romy134

    This could be good, Vine as stated before is very bad on android, but man Instagtam is gonna take up so much cache vine took up so much and I barely could get it to work.

  • donger

    Would be great if true.