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Sign up now for Minuum keyboard beta, coming later this summer

Minuum keyboard believes that the spaced-out keys on a standard keyboard layout is a remnant of the past, unnecessary for our small-screened devices. They set out to create a new, small keyboard that can accurately predict what you’re typing. And where there’s a new keyboard idea, there’s a new funding project. Minuum turned to Indiegogo to find funding for their keyboard project. As you can imagine, they got what they asked for and more.

The Minuum keyboard has been sent to backers to try out, but what about the rest of us? Luckily, they’ve decided to provide a limited release of the beta version. It should come out later this summer and allow you to test out Minuum for yourself. Signing up only requires an email address and (optionally) a name, so go ahead and hit the source link to sign up!

Minuum is more than just a keyboard. Its design has so much potential for other uses. The team demonstrated how you can use it to type with anything from a watch to a piece of paper. An Android keyboard is only the start, and if they get enough support, there could be much more in store for us. We’re definitely excited to see what they can create. Watch this video to learn more about Minuum. Tell us, would you like to give it a shot?

Source: Minuum

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  • sandwich

    As everybody’s favorite Vulcan would say, “Fascinating!”

    • Raul W. Smith

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      • Randy J

        how long did your sister have to work to make that much or was it really your mother

        • Craenium

          Dude, relax. He’s not saying anything about your family.

          • Ground S

            that doesn’t excuse the fact that he is a bitch

  • 573W1E

    I still haven’t received my Indiegogo beta invite yet. Apparently they’re having issues with Google Play so sending out the beta invites to backers has been slower than expected. I can’t wait :)

    • bertberlic1

      Haven’t received mine yet either. Waiting impatiently!

  • jerrbomb

    I’m so afraid to try out anything else when it comes to a keyboard because I’m so dependant on my SwiftKey Flow as my daily go to.. But I’ll give it a go..

  • Matthew Tole

    I’ve just installed it, and I’m very impressed by its prediction ability. It currently feels very slow compared to typing with swiftkey, but I imagine a lot of that is down to familiarity.
    (this was written using Minuum)

  • brandon

    Thanks for the info

  • aryin

    really a game changer !

  • nimslake

    Looking forward to trying this. Tired of backspacing and spellcheck or just plain gooble-de-gook when I type.

  • donger

    Seems interesting, nice to try out.