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T-Mobile to debut LTE-Advanced features; here’s what that could mean


T-Mobile may have been the last of the Big Four carriers to debut a 4G LTE network, but that isn’t stopping them from moving on to bigger and newer technologies. Since they got into the LTE game so late, they built their network on 3GPP Release 10 specifications, which form the basis for an LTE-Advanced network.

This doesn’t mean T-Mobile is planning to debut an LTE-Advanced network soon, but they did say that they will be rolling out some LTE-Advanced features later this year. What “features” are they talking about?

Some features T-Mobile may have in store could increase¬† data speeds and improve connectivity.¬† Some LTE-Advanced features we may see include “carrier aggregation” techniques that bond together two or more separate radio channels to get faster data speeds; two-by-two smart antenna arrays (also known as 2×2 multiple input, multiple output, or MIMO) for faster uplink and downlink; and relay nodes– low-power base stations that provide improved coverage and capacity at the cell edge. They’ll also be upgrading 37,000 of their 52,000 cell sites and focusing on large towers before putting up micro cells to improve capacity.

T-Mobile’s LTE network is quickly growing, and they have some pretty lofty goals for the end of the year. If they can roll out things like carrier aggregation, they would only be making their service better. With their recent “Un-carrier” changes, they’ve been moving forward in an industry that’s been stagnating and relying on big numbers to entice customers. We love where T-Mobile is going. Do you?

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  • redraider133

    I hope this can really put pressure on the duopoly that is Verizon and AT&T and allows tmo to increase their coverage. I think this along with the recent sprint/SoftBank merger could be huge for shaking up the carrier model here in the US. Or we can hope that’s the case anyway.

  • MyMilan

    Yes I love T-Mobile. They aren’t perfect of course, but when compared to all the other carriers they are the best and working the hardest to make their customers happy. Great customer service and their plans are so much more reasonable. I am so happy with them that I plan to up my plan, and I don’t part with my money easily….

  • inviolable

    The pricing has always been there with T-Mobile. They definitely have come around and started offering the popular big name phones, on par with the competition. I don’t have an issue with coverage where I live, but that’s the one piece that I often hear most people complain about with the network. If they can get the coverage a boost and promote it properly, maybe they can make a noticeable dent in the market.

    • clocinnorcal

      So true. I also live in a great Tmo coverage area, so I enjoy reaping the benefits of their strong (under used) network; however, coverage is one of the most frequent complaints I hear and to be honest as soon as I drive in the “sticks” all I see is EDGE. Fortunately I don’t travel for work :P

    • c1liu

      Okay seriously, I like that T-Mobile has great customer service, low prices, and no contract. But the coverage is terrible… they should really expand/improve on that before they worry about the speeds. Coverage was terrible for me in Irvine, Ontario, and certain parts of San Diego. These are pretty highly populated cities in southern California. I mean we are not talking about the middle of nowhere in Montana here.

    • Tangent

      The coverage is really what I’m hoping they take care of next. I’ve been a TMo customer for about 8-9 years now and their pricing is still the best and customer service is so much better than any other company I’ve dealt with that I hate to think of leaving them. The problem is their weak coverage is getting unbearable. I’m in Southern California, and not out in the sticks either. The coverage ought to be pretty good here. Unfortunately data speeds are acceptable at best, and coverage at my house has actually degraded to the point that it’s about a 50% shot of making/receiving calls. My wifi calling developed such bad echoes on both my phones that I just shut it off, and the free booster they sent me didn’t help because it needs at least 1 bar of 3G to work. Something they could have mentioned before they shipped it out and I spent hours searching for a strong enough signal for the receiving station; even in my attic…

  • kimir

    where can I see the “lofty goals” set by T-Mobile? I haven’t been able to find their LTE Roadmap.

    • deitiphobia

      Yeah they are being quite mum on what cities are going to be getting the LTE rollout. What’s odd is that there are only 6 months left in the year. They have said that they will bring LTE to like 200 million people by end of year.

      So I’m wondering when in the hell are they going to get started and start flipping the switch on these locations? I live in Los Angeles so I’m hopeful that our city will be one of the ones to get 4G LTE.

      • Josh

        Here in Portland, OR my buddies Note II just got upgraded to LTE from a T-mobile update and has a download speed close to 50Mbps. My SIII has not :-( maybe the S iii doesn’t have a LTE modem chip inside.

        • Raptor

          Congrats everybody! Now you’ll run out of your 2GB monthly limit in 6 minutes, 4 GB in 11 and 10 GB in a half an hour. Our dreams come true

        • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

          Unfortunately, the S III doesn’t have an LTE radio. The Note II did, but it was software locked and unlocked later.

  • Carly F.

    T-Mobile – no bars EVERYWHERE!!!!!

  • xPurplexAnarchyx

    Unfortunately those 37,000 towers are the same towers that experience the great signal/coverage T-Mobile can provide while the remaining 15,000 will remain on edge. (For 2013 unless T-Mobile decides to change that.) Fortunately I’m in a market within those 37,000 towers.

  • RKSoni

    This is a very good move and we can expect that we will get LTE-A services at affordable price. It is the t-mobile which offer the cheapest data plans. Now it is the time to offer data plan at rocket speed at affordable price. http://www.telecomvibe.com

  • Tony

    It means a whole lot of nothing for me, since T-Mobile’s network is still GPRS/EDGE in most of the country, my entire area included.

  • donger

    Go T-Mobile!

  • Nathan D.

    Been with them since my first cell phone in 2005

  • cb2000a

    With ATT now and I miss T-Mo…will be switching back soon.