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Nexus Q dead, Google Play Movies found at the scene


The Nexus Q was a wonderful concept: a high end device that would stream content to your TV and media center using your Android device. It would be great for parties, allowing all of your Android wielding friends to add their own music to the playlist. And it would give you easy access to all of Google Play’s content. If this thing was actually released for a good price, it would be a wonderful product and a perfect gateway to Google’s media content. Unfortunately, things simply didn’t work out.

The device came with a massive pre-order price tag and limited functionality. Google decided to delay it and give out the pre-orders for free. This left the Nexus Q with an unsure future. We didn’t hear of it for a long time, and eventually, it seemed like it was dead.

Fast forward to a recent Play Music app update, which removed support for the Nexus Q. Suddenly, the device was a lot less useful than it already was. And now, the most recent update to Play Movies did the same, basically putting the final nail in the coffin and sealing the Nexus Q’s fate for all but the most dedicated of hackers.

So what’s next for Google’s Nexus Q? Nothing, it seems. The device is dead, and we can’t do anything about it. But will Google have another attempt at a media device like it? A Google TV box in this design would be awesome, if Google TV actually got some attention from Google. It seems that Google doesn’t care about GTV whatsoever, but keeps it alive for whatever reason. Giving it a good scrubbing and some new features, plus some good advertising, would do it wonders. Google TV is a great concept, but someone needs to make a great implementation.

Would you be interested in a true Google-designed TV box?

Source: Droid-Life

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  • Donald Walker

    Yes I would like to know how to get one.

  • Brandon Golway

    Well that sucks! Not that I have one but now it is almost truly useless for those that do have it. It was a nice looking device and had a lot of potential but like you said it was way too expensive for the little functionality it offered.

  • Bob

    All Google needs to do is lower the price and bundle a controller, and bam Ouya.

    • Bob

      And the next day, news comes out that Google is working on a game console. How about that?

  • uzunoff

    I’ve been waiting for over a year to replace my aging Logitech revue.

    Rumours about a Google branded TV device keep me from getting one of those Asus GTVs.

  • Gossipniinja

    Apple is adding controller support to IOS, methinks to position appletv has a “casual” game console.

    Google would be smart to move in the same direction. With Ouya and shield and gamestick showing that people are interested, Google would only have to announce a “Play Games” store, and tout they controller support they already have (xbox 360, moga, etc) to get people excited.

    The nexus q was a roku box for the google store and cost $300. It seemed both too distant from GTV to be a sibling, and too close to it’s own product.

    The Q showed to important things. 1. PRICE/VALUE IS CRITICAL and 2. Google doesn’t “get” (or care about) TV.

  • Arthur

    Before Google or Apple go the casual game console hardware direction, the OS’s for GTV or ATV would need to support upscaling to at the very least 720p or else no one is going to wanna play a game intended for a phone or tablet on a much larger screen if it doesn’t scale properly.

    I can see the Android and iOS FPS’s from Gameloft and Glu Mobile that are extremely popular on mobile being perfect for the big screen since they are graphically some of the best looking games available on either OS.

    • Jakob

      Most games are designes for 720p or 1080p anyways since most phones uses these resolutions.

  • renyo

    I hope they design the upcoming Nexus devices as well as they did the Nexus Q…

  • docsparks

    bummed to here about this. i really wanted a Q, look at it from this scenario:

    im a place, like a skatepark for example. there’s 2 sections to the building, and a office.

    if we put the stereo in the office, people are constantly having to go into the office (which means dodging park traffic) and change songs, or have them turn it up, or find a song, or switch devices, etc. the stereo is behind the counter typically, so that involves getting someone to get you your music device (phone, ipod, etc).

    if we put the stereo in the skatepark, lil bastard kids destroy it, one way or another. tugging on RCA cables or AUX jack or breaking knobs, we’ve replaced them too many times. and even then sometimes a war ensues over changing music players, or stolen phones, skateboards flying into it, all hassles.

    the idea of a wifi controlled music player that we could all connect to, see the playlist, add n share whatever we want, as often as we want, control volumes, and do it from our phones while being anywhere in the park, all of that sounded incredible.

    even a few months back i was wanting to find a nexus Q in hopes of finally putting music back in the park (our final receiver died) and just wasn’t able to get pull it together.

    now to read this, dreams shattered.

    • dragon788

      Look into SAM Audio Broadcaster, they have a radio station software that lets you queue and play requests via a webpage, and just roll standard programming otherwise, sounds like exactly what you need.

  • Perry

    I have the vizio co-star and its a great device. So much so that I put my roku into semi-retirement!

  • Perry

    I have the vizio co-star and its a great device. So much so that I put my roku into semi-retirement!
    Google TV is a great platform and highly useful. Their primetime guide blows away any cable/sat tv guide.

  • H0mncru5e

    Final nail in the coffin for Nexus Q

  • donger

    Wish I had gotten one.

  • Wesley

    I would buy a reimagined Q with GTV, especially if it could still stream other people’s play content when they came over with their own Android devices!