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Samsung ventures into carbon fiber; material for next devices?

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Samsung is famous for using “cheap” plastics in their devices. But plastic is not without its advantages. It’s cheap to produce, light and durable. It’s flexible and can take a beating. However, its flexible nature is also responsible for the creaks and cracks everyone hates. It’s not quite “high-end” when your $600 phone sounds like Rice Krispies in your hands.

The quality of the Galaxy S 4 improved greatly over that of the Galaxy S III, but people haven’t changed their mind about plastic. And I don’t blame them. Samsung did state that they’re looking into higher end materials for future products. Could they start using metals? I don’t much like metals in phones, but it could make a lot of people happy.

Today’s news suggests Samsung may not turn to metal, but rather carbon fiber. Samsung Petrochamical and the SGL Group (The Carbon Company) have established a partnership, each with a 50% share, to create and develop carbon composite materials and new uses. This means that they will work to create a stable long-term supply of carbon fiber.

In this partnership with Samsung, we combine our strengths and promote the use of carbon fiber materials in fast growing markets such as digital media. Carbon fiber materials play an increasingly important role in the material substitution process towards lighter products. Our joint venture underlines our strategy to enter new markets and develop innovative applications for our high-performance materials.Juergen KoehlerSGL Group

Carbon fiber is a very high-end material; it’s lightweight and very strong. It’s the material used to make the body panels of many sports cars. And if it’s good enough for a sports car crashing into a wall, it’s good enough for your phone. Samsung devices will get to retain their classic light feel while getting a big upgrade in strength.

This deal is by no means a confirmation that Samsung will use carbon fiber in their devices. All we know is that Samsung Petrochemical will start creating it and finding new uses for it in tandem with SGL Group. Still, the chances seem excellent, and the opportunity amazing. Would you like your next phone to be built out of carbon fiber?

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Source: SGL Group

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  • http://technicquill.com Jess Blanchard

    I want to be the first to make a joke about Han Solo!

    • erikiksaz

      Carbonite is not equal to carbon fiber, haha.

  • Arthur

    I wouldn’t expect anything to come from this partnership till the Galaxy S6 although the S5 starting with a brand new case made from something other than their typical plastic would be great.

    • Jon Garrett

      I swear I wish people (including so called tech blogers) would just STFU about metal vs plastic. I have both the S4 and the HTC one and I can tell you FROM ACTUAL DAILY USER EXPERIENCE and not some fan boy article that the S4 is a much better phone in many ways except the looks which HTC has always done well. so besides apple fans, who gives a damn about how a phone looks? really? how much time do you spend looking at the damn thing versus using it? further more, how often do you stare at the back of your phone versus the front of it?

      there is NOTHING I like about the HTC One besides its really nice design and I even prefer my S3 over it (which I traded to get the One–I decision I regret)

      Samsung has absolutely no reason to go with a metal phone, HTC has, they’re loosing money and now from this point forward they have to spend more money on future flagship phones because they got stupid and went with metal.

      99% of people who call Samsung phones cheap plastic have even cheaper and much uglier plastic on their “premium materials” phone–myself included. on for the first time ever, Im afraid of damaging my phone via dents and scratches. a problem I never ever had as long as I had a Galaxy.

  • da9el

    i like the idea with the carbon fiber but in the end the price determines whether i will buy the phone or not.

  • aufan1

    I just wonder how much more the phone will cost if it’s made from carbon fiber. I have an S3 and don’t have a problem with the plastic.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Would be nice of course, I mean who wouldn’t want something stronger than plastic but still be lightweight? As long as the case can be designed and colored in any way then I don’t see why anyone would be against this.

  • jerrbomb

    If Samsung makes this move for their phones.. Along with a new design them they get two thumbs. Up and the contents of my wallet for the next gen Galaxy..

  • TheKockyRooster

    Upgrading the body is the last feather Samsung would need in their cap. And it being a new innovative material like carbon fiber would be a brilliant strategic move.

  • Nate B.

    I hope it’s a unique design as well as with premium material. After this they need to update the way TouchWiz looks. Way to big and bubble like.

  • DannyT

    If this is true, I might actually get the S6 in a couple years. Besides touchwiz (Which I can fix with… what’ll it be then, Cyanogenmod 12?), the cheap-feeling construction is one of the last things keeping me away from Samsung phones.

  • Bart

    I really don’t understand what all the complaining is about. As far back as I can remember Nokia and Erickson had plastic cases. Yes, smartphones are costly but is not as if what we are paying for is hunk of plastic.They are extremely functional multi-faceted communication devices. Even when mobile phones were “just” phones, their costs were upwards of $200 – $300. In fact, the first mobile phones were over a thousand dollars and not even close to what can be done on smart phones.

  • Bradley

    This + Flexible screens = YES

  • Mix

    I love me some carbon fiber, I would hope that other people catch on as the cheap phone feeling sucks.

    The Nexus 4 is decent but the rattle when you shake or joust your phone sucks; however, my old BB9800 or whatever could take down a charging elephant if I threw it at it, that thing is a brick.

  • Nathan D.

    If it does come to there phone, then I’ll have a cool pattern with the black it comes in. I wounder how it’ll look in different colors.

  • donger

    Samsung took all the plastic from recycling centers and named it carbon fiber. Just great.