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AT&T offering half off all smartphones, no activation fees with a new contract


If you’ve been considering a new contract with AT&T then now might be the perfect time to make your move. AT&T is currently running a deal for 50% off the subsidized price of any smartphone from 99 cents up to $199. On top of that they are waiving the always irritating activation fee.

The two real caveats here are that you need to be starting a new two year contract to qualify for the deal and that you can’t opt for one of the higher storage capacity versions of the flagship devices as that will push you beyond the price boundary. Other than that this one is as straightforward as possible, just add the device to your cart and the discounts will show up automatically.

AT&T still doesn’t quite extend into all of the nooks and crannies that Verizon’s coverage offers, but as the recent nationwide PC Mag testing has shown their LTE is consistently outshining the rest where it is available.

I’m sure I’ve talked you into a buying frenzy by now, so let me remind you that two years is a long time and you should consider this carefully before clicking the buy button. It’s also worth noting that if the HTC One happens to be the AT&T device you are after that Amazon still has it available for $79.99 for new customers/lines or $99 for those that are upgrading.

Via: Android Police

Source: AT&T

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  • These blurred lines

    Its happening!!!

  • jerrbomb

    Good for AT&T

  • RoyalJoker

    Yeah right. Contracts are for noobs

    • CactusCat

      Yep, contracts are bad. Maybe Tmo’s new uncarrier stuff is starting to impact ATT some. Who knows…

      • VinylTaco

        VT doesn’t work well with T-Mo. Trust me I would love to have my old carrier back

  • donger

    AT&T is expensive still.

    • snowbdr89

      Eh I’m happy to pay 15 or 20 more to have coverage outside city limits!!

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      No question, but if you don’t happen to be one of the folks with great T-Mo coverage then paying the extra for AT&T or Verizon is kind of unavoidable if you want consistent connectivity and high speeds.


    looks like A&T attracting customers very well

  • Jorge Vieira

    I wish this was on tablets!

  • steve

    Confusing because I saw the ATT commercial last night and it clearly said with a trade in of your old phone

    • steve

      I know you dont have to trade in a phone but their language gets confusing. I realize this is an Android site but its interesting Apple is part of the promotion since they are usually not included. Yes, a new iPHone is probably going to be released in the Fall but a lot may be enticed by a $99 iPhone 5 with no activation fee. I personally think the activation fees and upgrade fees are bogus, but again they do because they can and the public pays. And they only tend to do these promotions when the phones have been out for a wihle. But the premium Androids at 99 is quite a deal , esp when considering the HTC is a 32gb version. Personally I have a GNex and I think when Ive exceeded that , Im going to switch to ios. I like a lot of features on my phone but constantly have problems and theres no way to get support for Android. In less than 18 months, Ive had to exchange/repair 3 devices and 4 USB. Its ridiculous

      • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

        I did have to read that a couple times to be sure I had it right, but it seems that they are just also pushing their phone trade in system which made it appear that it was related to this deal directly.

        And I completely agree that the inclusion of the iPhone 5 is interesting considering Apple’s normal stance on their hardware being discounted.

        Sorry to hear about the bad run with your GNex and I get the desire to have one central source for all repairs/complaints. I actually bought the iPhone 5 when it came out and I just found the OS clunky and for me it was also quite buggy, but it was really simple to deal with the return and Apple was great about it so impossible to argue with that being a real convenience.

  • Pramod

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