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Buy a Nexus 4 from T-Mobile, get a free wireless charger

white nexus 4

If you’ve been trying to decide on whether to buy a Nexus 4 on a payment plan from T-Mobile, there’s no better time than now. For a limited time, each purchase of a white 16GB Nexus 4 comes with a wireless charger, a $60 value.

When the Nexus 4 first launched, it was much cheaper to purchase the device outright from Google Play. That’s not necessarily the case at the moment. The T-Mobile white Nexus 4 comes with 16GB of storage and a wireless charger for a grand total of $408 upfront, or $20 a month with $0, yes zero, money down. For the same configuration at Google Play, you’d pay $350 for the phone and another $60 for the charger. It’s actually $2 more expensive to buy a white Nexus 4 and wireless charger from Google Play and you don’t have the option to pay it off over time.

As far as we’re concerned, the Nexus 4 is still an amazing device more than capable of holding its own against the competition. And it’s still guaranteed to get another couple big updates out of Google before it hits the end of the line. Don’t wait to jump on this deal.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Arthur

    The new LG WCP-300 Wireless Charger I think is a better product due to users reporting that after some use, the Google Wireless Charger will make the Nexus 4 slide off.

    Here is the WCP-300:


  • Jt

    If you want a phone that won’t be able to access LTE networks

    • Sean

      Well as you’re with T-Mobile all you have to do is flash the 4.2.1 radio and then turn LTE on and you have it

      • darwin

        Not that simple. It’s not FCC approved and it won’t work most places. Plus I think the latest models had the LTE radio removed.

        • vsp

          you are wrong and you are wrong…

          just flash old radio and *#*#info#*#* on dial pad (so maybe you are right.. not just flash the radio)

          i have lte enabled on my phone and boy it’s awesome.

          fcc not approved doesn’t mean it won’t work… they just didn’t pay the licensing fee that’s all. (not like the fcc designs the damn thing)

  • clocinnorcal

    Bought the phone my wife through T-Mobile a few weeks ago, called today to ask wtf. Getting a complimentary WiFi charger:)

    • clocinnorcal

      *for my wife

  • Trobing

    On the other hand, Google Play Store is including a matching color bumper with all Nexus 4 purchases. So if one plans to buy the phone + the official bumper + the official wireless charger, they would find Google Play Store is charging $10 less, if my calculation is correct.

    Shipping will probably throw it off, though.

    • darwin

      With tax and shipping it’s $451.70 from the Google Play store.

  • sweet

    just another reason to pick up nexus phone on the cheap with wireless charer

  • donger

    Great deal.

  • Jasmine

    I was already on it. Wish I saw this a few days ago, no idea how much longer this deal lasts. I had trouble processing it through the website, no order confirmation. The weird thing is that my bank account was charged. We will see tomorrow when I call T-mobile.

  • Suhel Sayyad

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