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Deal: Verizon’s HTC DROID DNA only a penny for upgrades, new accounts on Amazon


The HTC DROID DNA may not be quite as good as the new HTC One, but they aren’t too far apart. The DROID DNA features a gorgeous 5-inch 1920 x 1080 display, slightly bigger than the HTC One, but with the same resolution. The Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core processor paired with a beefy 2GB of RAM is no slouch, either. Of course, you won’t get the BoomSound front-facing speakers or the UltraPixel camera, but you will get three buttons below the screen instead of two! It’s still a very competent device, and for Verizon customers, it’s currently the only high-end HTC phone available.

Verizon has announced that the HTC One will come to their stores this summer, but it may still be a couple months off. Instant gratification is the flavor of the day, and Amazon is meeting that demand with a great deal on DROID DNA, if you sign a new contract. The device is selling for only a penny, and unlike most of Amazon’s sales, this applies to both new customers and old customers wanting to use their upgrades. You can’t beat that price, so jump on the deal!

Via: Android Police
Source: Amazon: HTC DROID DNA

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  • Jorge Vieira

    That is a good deal. And welcome! I Still have my DNA and every time i go to pick it back up it still puts a smile on my face just sense 4 is meh. 1st 1080p. HTC likes to be first at everything.

    • melissa ghoisington

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    • Jon D

      Sense 4 is just meh, agreed. One of the great things about the android platform is the ability to seamlessly install custom launchers. For this phone, I strongly recommend looking at Nova or Apex in the Play store. I installed Nova launcher back in November for my DNA — it’s awesome!

  • BigCiX

    Deal. This phone is still a beast!

  • donger

    Great deal for Verizon customers.

  • eric

    Best Buy has it for free for new and upgrades.