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Facebook asks Samsung to create Facebook phone, Samsung unlikely to comply

It looks like the failures of both the HTC ChaCha and the newly doomed HTC First weren’t enough to dissuade Facebook from making more Facebook-branded devices. If you don’t remember, the HTC First was discounted from $99.99 to $0.99 on contract soon after launch, and people assumed it was because the device wasn’t selling well. Then the entire launch for the UK was indefinitely put off. Finally, Facebook publicly stated that you can turn Facebook Home off on the HTC First.

Undeterred, Mark Zuckerberg visited South Korea and met with Samsung executives this Tuesday. According to industry watchers, they discussed the idea of a “Facebook-friendly” Samsung phone. I don’t know why, but that doesn’t sound like a great idea to me. This anonymous watcher said, “Facebook has every intention of becoming the second Google, and with that intent in mind, Zuckerberg is said to have asked Samsung to step up cooperation by launching a phone with a Facebook interface.” Luckily, it seems that Samsung is reluctant to actually create this device. “Samsung doesn’t want to help nurture a second Google, which is now becoming a formidable rival for Samsung in the handset business.”

Samsung thinks associating with the Facebook brand would provide them no benefit, and I’d have to agree. There is no reason for Samsung to make a Facebook phone; you can already install either Facebook Home or the standard Facebook app on a few high-end devices and be done with it. There’s no need for a dedicated Facebook phone, and as consumers have already dictated on multiple occasions, they will not buy it. What are your thoughts on the whole “Facebook phone” concept?

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Source: Korea Herald

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  • Nate B.

    So immature of FB. Why would anyone need a phone dedicated to a social network. Who wants a phone where your lockscreen is a news feed of your friends and annoying spam post. Who needs to be that damn connected to any social network? They honestly have no idea of what they’re are doing. It’s really embarrassing.

    • zerosix

      The problem of social networks is the following: they think that when you sign up, you can’t live without it anymore, you update you feed every 10 seconds, want to share all of your private data. Thus comes the most amazing decision ever: let’s allow users live in social networks, they want it so much!

      • Raul W. Smith

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          • MC_Android

            Google translate did not do a very good job for you buddy. Go to a different site, please and thanks :)

    • slimx30

      exactly. 2 failed phones and he wants to go for a third. It is a social network and he is trying to turn it into something it is not. Who wants their whole phone experience to be based around fb? fb is already getting annoying with every damn app trying to throw it in your face! That is so annoying

  • Oflife

    Worked out well for INQ and HTC didn’t it? ;)

    Either way, I have it on good authority that soon, an Android ‘phone’ will be revealed that does for (non voyeuristic) social media what the iPod did for music. And then some.

  • Greegoor

    Why would they not first try to develop Android apps that don’t suck? I mean this quite literally. The Facebook App sucks away way too much RAM and data when it is not even used, with my internet being turned off. And then there is the messenger which has the unique feature of reminding me of messages I have fucking read on my desktop already. Seriously, how does a compnay that develops software that crappy plan to beat Google?
    Sucking people into their ecosystem is clearly the only way and sadly that works exceptionally well for Facebook. I really hope the next big social network (if there ever is a next one) is decentralized.

    • SGB101

      You may say too much data, Facebook would say not enough ;o)

    • clocinnorcal

      Thank you! The app needs work bad, and I am also sick of messages reminding me of messages. I have my notifications turned off yet I receive notifications at least once or twice an hour. WTF FB

    • t3chn0s1s

      My thoughts exactly!! The official FB app sucks SO much and has for SO long. They seriously need to ramp up their development of the app (which I rarely use anyways) before they worry about creating another useless phone dedicated to the most annoying social media outlet of them all. Besides, the BEST thing about the HTC First is that you CAN DISABLE FB Home and run a nearly stock Android experience. I am an HTC One user and i use the First as my backup device and the REASON I bought the First (used, not new) is specifically because FB Home can be totally disabled. At this point, I’m wishing I had never created a FB page in the first place being that you’ve never been allowed to “delete” your account. I find it truly shady that even when you disable it – it still shows up in searches of your name. FACEBOOK SUCKS A$$!!!!!!

  • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

    “Sorry, Zuckerberg, we already made too many different kinds of Galaxy S 4s.”


  • R.S

    Samsung to Facebook, “Sorry, we don’t like to have too many phone models” : trollface:

    • R.S

      Lol, ^^^ beat me to it.

  • ___

  • jerrbomb

    I bet Samsung laughed at his faced when he proposed the idea.. Sorry Mark.. We will do the same.. And faceplate for you… Lol

    • jerrbomb


  • scubabum

    +1 for Samsung. Good job!

  • MC_Android

    I don’t understand how Google “is now becoming a formidable rival for Samsung in the handset business.” Maybe I’m not looking at this statement correctly but this doesn’t make sense to me? What are they exactly competing for? It’s not like the Nexus 4 is taking much sales from the Galaxy line, especially considering how little stock they had when it launched. Google is making money off all Android-based phones that are certified with Google Play from software/media sales and ad revenues, while Samsung makes its profit from handset transactions? Seems pretty win-win for both parties.

    Isn’t it much more likely that Samsung realizes a Facebook-branded phone won’t sell (at all) especially based on the trend? It doesn’t take a business major to see that they will lose money if they pursue this failed venture.

    Post thought: Who the hell are you guys quoting in this article – an “industry watcher”? Doesn’t seem like a great source just from the quote at least.

  • donger

    Just ask yourself why?

  • jp

    Glad for Samsung that they aren’t caving into Facebook.

    But I don’t they are rivals with Google either

  • moiyug

    in french we have an expression for that Mark : remove your finger from your ass and do the phone the same way google does its nexus line.

  • redraider133

    Facebook should worry about fixing their app and not another phone that will be taken off shelves a week after launch. Smart move by Samsung.