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Facebook officially unveils video sharing for Instagram, ready to take on Vine


Originally rumored on Monday to to be unveiled today, like clockwork, Facebook has just announced video sharing for its massively popular photo sharing network, Instagram, to take on Vine.

Video sharing through Instagram is similar to other social networks and apps in that videos are limited in time, 15 seconds in this case, and are able to be assembled in clips or chunks. Instagram will set itself apart from its fiercest competition, Vine, with the ability to delete clips and with filters. There are 13 brand new filters developed just for Instagram’s new video sharing. All of Instagram’s new video sharing features are built right into the existing Instagram app, and excluding custom image stabilization, are going to be available on Android from day one.

Over the last few days, concern for how Instagram with video will fare against Vine’s already established user base has been voiced by many, but we don’t think there’s anything to worry about. On Android, Vine has yet to live up to the hype. Missing features and simple functionality problems have prevented the app from performing well on Android. Vine is currently sitting in Google Play with three stars at over 30,000 reviews; Instagram will have a big opportunity here if they don’t screw it up.

What do you think? Will you be sharing videos through Instagram now, or are you still holding out for Vine to get better? The new Instagram with video should be available for download any moment now.

Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.



Source: Instagram

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  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    Annnd now we wait. Anyone got it yet?!

  • jamal adam

    I guess 6 seconds wasn’t enough.

  • redraider133

    I got it. Liking the update so far. Not sure if I will use the video much, but may stop using vine now that Instagram has photo and video.

    • sonny

      how did you update your android? mine is giving me problems.

  • zAck the hACKER

    got it!

  • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

    It won’t let me update! :/ any mirrors to an APK? (If this isn’t against rules – it’s a free app!)

  • jerrbomb

    Got it..

  • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

    For those of you that can’t get the update from the Play Store, here’s a mirror (not my own):


    Again, if this violates anything feel free to burn this comment, mods, but this is a free app, so I see nothing wrong.

  • Craig

    I’m on a stock, updated Nexus 4 and can not download this / see any changes in the app. Nor can a couple of people with an N4 i’ve asked.

    • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

      I’ve got a Nexus S running 4.2.2 – the link above your post worked for me fyi.

    • Tim Vacca

      Works for me. Nexus 4 with CM10.1-nightly. Just push the camera icon and then there should be the option for picture or video.

      • Craig

        @Austin I want to keep things “legit” and allow the update to come via the play store, thanks for letting me know though.

        @Tim, :-( I’ve tried, I can’t even play videos through the app, let alone create them. I’ll be patient and hope that it will roll out eventually for me. Another friend of mine at work and I are both refreshing and re-installing trying to get it to work.

        • Stacy Zavala

          I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it won’t show up the update:/

  • thecraigmcrae

    In other news, 7×7 updated with high scores and connection through your g+ acct… so that’s good news!

  • Armani Mitchell

    Did anyone get it for the android yet?

  • Kayla

    Have a Nexus 7. Haven’t been able to update. Help please?

  • Pravas

    Nice advert

  • cwjones4

    if you haven’t downloaded this yet, a link to side-load is here:

    i have a slightly off topic question: chrome on my computer will not play vines or any of the instagram videos. anyone else have this problem or know of a fix?

  • donger

    It came true.