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HTC Butterfly S unveiled, puts HTC One to shame with spec bump, 3200 mAh battery


Step aside HTC One, there’s a new titan to contend with. The HTC Butterfly S, featuring an impressive array of specs, was unveiled today in Taiwan. The HTC One is still considered to be HTC’s flagship Android device, but the those in the know have to admit that the Butterfly S is now the must-have smartphone in HTC’s lineup.

The HTC Butterfly S sports a quad-core 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600 processor, 5-inch 1080p (440 ppi) Super LCD3 display, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in storage, microSD expansion slot up to 64GB, front-facing stereo speakers with BoomSound audio, BSI UltraPixel camera sensor (we’re presuming 4MP like the HTC One), 2.0 µm pixels size, f2.0 aperture and 28 mm lens for the main camera, 2.1MP shooter on the front with a wide angle lens. To top things off, HTC has bestowed the HTC Butterfly S with a 3,200 mAh battery, enabling 3.5 days of continuous mp3 playback, 25 hours of talk time and an astonishing 659 hours of standby time on a WCDMA connection. On the software side, the HTC Butterfly S is running on Android 4.2.2 with HTC Sense 5. This means Butterfly S owners will be treated to features like BlinkFeed, HTC Zoe and the advanced imagine capabilities found in the gallery application.

The HTC Butterfly S is scheduled to make its retail debut in Taiwan in July with a sticker price of NT $22,900 ($766 USD). We doubt the HTC Butterfly S will arrive in Europe or North America any time soon (if ever), but other Asian markets should see the phone appear in stores later in Q3.

How do you think the HTC Butterfly S stacks up against the HTC One? Would you be willing to  sacrifice the full-metal aluminum construction of the HTC One for a slightly larger screen, expandable storage and a battery that’s guaranteed to last a full day?

htc-butterfly-s1 htc-butterflys-pearl-en-slide-01 htc-butterflys-pearl-en-slide-02-zoom htc-butterflys-pearl-en-slide-03-zoom

Source: HTC

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  • jerrbomb

    I love my HTC one but I love very expandable storage.. Lol.. So my second phone (my GS4) has that option..

    • MyMilan

      My HTC One dev has 64GB onboard AND a aux microSD expansion slot up to 64GB. All HTC Ones will be able to do this later this year. The only real improvement with the butterfly S is the bigger battery, and I’d prefer a removable battery than just a bigger one.

      • Vishnu

        HTC one dev ? htc one doesn’t have mircosd card slot.

        • CpuKnight

          Ummm apparently the Chinese version has a SD Slot and a removable battery? Thats what I heard though.

      • doc

        it has a removable battery the butterfly s… i hate phones that don’t just like the iphone garbage … basically need a whole entire phone its pointless

        • doc

          and to mention the butterfly displays a better screen, 5 inches is perfect 4.7 to small imo… it has faster processor, expansion memory card slot, removable battery… thats it tho lol u just mad u got the htc one. never buy the phones that have all the hype cuz they come out with a better phone a couple months later that are a total improvement over the hyped up phone… this phone is the htc one with everything that could be better…better.

          • doc

            I did read through some articles stating non removable too and some say removable… that would make me not get the phone even tho the battery is about twice as much as the ones… but this baby got the full hd screen and resolution… that sucks if it don’t have a removable battery… why make a phone like that makes zero sense to me… batteries never last forever half the time they die in acouple months to a year and u’ll be having to charge ur phone every 30 minutes…

    • Raul W. Smith

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  • redraider133

    This looks like a great device. That huge battery is one of the things the DNA was missing. Will be interesting to see if this comes to Verizon

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Since Verizon has announced that they will be getting the HTC One, it’s doubtful that that they would be working on a DNA+ based on the Butterfly S. that being said, I could see Verizon working with HTC in creating an exclusive device similar to this for a November/December launch with the new Snapdragon 800 processor.

      • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

        On the other hand, mentions of the “DLXPLUS” have been found in Verizon’s systems long before the HTC One was announced. The DLX was the original Butterfly, which turned into the DROID DNA. Verizon may very well get it.

  • epps720

    I have the One and honestly couldn’t care less that it has an aluminum body. It’s nice and all but once I threw on the case, they all look the same.

    Really, REALLY jealous of that battery!

    • epps720

      Also great they got rid of that stupid HTC logo on the front and replaced it with the home button.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Thank you for not saying “price point.”

    Also, please let this somehow translate to a Droid DNA2 or something on Verizon. That would be amazing and I would not hesitate to throw down $700 for that phone.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      LOL I am a gadget whore as well, happy with my S3, but… it’s always greener on the other side. I am really tempted at getting the One but I’d rather have an Xbox One and a new 1911 hopefully soon… wife will only let me choose 1 (but I want to choose 2 out of the 3)!

  • A. Tasso

    How much will that thing weigh?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The Butterfly S measures 144.5 x 70.5 x 10.6mm and weights 160 grams.

  • alexanderharri3

    HTC: Still putting out too many phones…. The One was your phone – now you’ve gone and made a Chinese One with micro SD card……now another Butterfly that’s really the king of specs….The One is still new and you’re out tarnishing it already…

    Pretty much guarantees the appearance of a HTC One+…..

    • SGB101

      Only yesterday I was saying Samsung was pissing off their customers with the advance, admittedly that is only a small upgrade. But this HTC is everything the one should of been, big battery expandable storage, the one thing that made me leave HTC after the one X burnt me.

      Wow HTC, you don’t have a huge amount of loyal users left, don’t go pissing them off too.

      • PaulieG

        I don’t think Samsung or HTC care to much about pedantic customers who might get bent out of shape because they can’t claim to have the latest model phone any more.. As long as they are still providing the necessary support and updates for it, what’s it matter? Mobile technology is probably the fastest evolving at the moment.. As a vendor, your in a position whereby no matter what you release, you can be assured your competitors are probably releasing something faster and more attractive to the consumer right behind you.

        Samsung have made a clear point that creating a range of models that appeal to the niche requirements of various consumers is a more revenue positive strategy. I would suggest this is HTC acknowledging Samsung’s success with this approach, and mimicking it. For my mind, it’s going to prove to be another very good (recent) decision from HTC.

        • SGB101

          I agree, but it would still smart! We all know the shiny device will be superseded within a few weeks/months by a competitor, but by the same oem so soon, isn’t quite cricket.

        • doc

          samsung is by far the slowest with the updates. and then to use kies on top of it the worse software for a phone ever invented… but htc just released the one… now they just released a one that is the same exact phone but completely better… i could see at least 4 months but so soon… of course they don’t care but if ur a company that makes good phones you come out with a good product first then go back to the lab not come right back out with the same exact phone and add what should of been the one to begin with right away… i get what other dude was saying… and they do care what customers think because the customer buys the products… lol u think these customers don’t care what we think? you obviously are not in the business world…

          “””Samsung have made a clear point that creating a range of models that appeal to the niche requirements of various consumers is a more revenue positive strategy. I would suggest this is HTC acknowledging Samsung’s success with this approach, and mimicking it. For my mind, it’s going to prove to be another very good (recent) decision from HTC.”””

          and range of models… what does this have to do with htc putting out the exact same phone right away with better specs and a better screen and a better battery? It doesn’t cater to any other customer than to the customer who just bought the one…

  • Danny Valenzuela

    Me quedo con mí HTC-One.

  • Ajalbert

    How IRONIC: First so much time was spent differentiating the One from the Galaxy S IV by emphasizing it’s beautiful metal casing, etc.,downplaying the lack of expandable storage… HM-M-M-M-M….

    • PaulieG

      haha.. Yes, wonder what the HTC Fanbois will have to say about this phone? I didn’t buy into the marketing fluff with the HTC One, and went with the GS4.. This particular phone would have made that purchase decision far more difficult than it was.. Alas, too late for me.. This is a great release from HTC,

      • doc

        the one is still smoother than the s4 hands down… specs do not show it to be faster from 1.7 to s4′s 1.9 processor but that means nothing when ur software slows down the phone… the htc one is faster and smoother than the s4 could ever be… but they are close in every other department besides speakers on a phone that blow any galaxy phone off the market… I have a note 1 I love samsung but beginning to dislike them… hate the kies software so much don’t matter if i run it on my mac or pc… I will never own a samsung phone until they get rid of that bullshit software…

  • Ajalbert

    I will say this: i LOVE the 2.0 aperature; it will make a huge difference in low-light fotos…

    • orangestrat

      They’ve had the 2.0 aperture since either the One X or the Amaze/doubleshot days. Its awesome, but not all that new.

  • glennw

    This almost looks enticing enough for me to upgrade from my HTC Evo 4G LTE (that’s a mouthful), I only wish it had bigger internal storage. Although I prefer a 4.7″ screen to a 5″ one (unless they do edge-to-edge to keep the overall physical size smaller), it makes sense that a followup to the original Butterfly remains at 5″.

  • Co1e

    I’d tap that.

  • Paul Atreides

    A kickstand would of been nice. I prefer those front speakers so much more than those of the One. Instead of grey they should of did a blue version and chrome in place of the red .However, i still think the Butterfly S is better than the One.

    • orangestrat

      If the Evo LTE worked on Canadian bands, I totally would’ve imported one. That kickstand was so slick.

  • Nate B.

    If you own a HTC One you have nothing to really be ashamed of. But things like this is why HTC struggles. Why make an S version? They should’ve made the One like this from the start or push the One to every carrier across the world. They’re still out of sync if you ask me when it comes to business.

  • renyo

    Would the phone be thicker than the HTC One due to a bigger battery? Or did they cut down on something else to make it happer?

  • PaulieG

    BAM! Finally, there it is! HTC finally unleash a worthy strike back on its competitors! Oh HTC if only you had released this 3 weeks ago I may not have gone with the Samsung GS4..

    Finally HTC have seen the light! Bigger screen, expandable storage and while the battery isn’t replaceable, it’s offset by the fact it has a monster battery capacity over 1.5 times it’s competitors. Practical features.. Not markety crap like… Aluminium…

    The last challenge for HTC is to sort out their supply chain issues that have held back a more positive response to the HTC One. If they have, and they get this beast out fast, my bet is they are going to see a very noticeable response from the market, and definitely put a dent in Samsung’s dominance.

    Well done and welcome back to the ring HTC! Pehaps that recent clearing of the house might have been a good move?

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC One

    • PaulieG

      lol.. I swear you just cut and paste the same comment on every page?

  • orangestrat

    Dayum those red buttons never stop being awesome

  • donger

    Go HTC.

  • Nemish

    I have the HTC One and I really feel jealous about the battery.
    But seeing the price tag i think the butterfly S is just too expensive bcoz the only major difference is the battery.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      It’s always hard to compare prices of phones since every country prices them different. A device like this would most likely be listed at $200 in the US with a two-year contract.

  • Brandon Golway

    So this essentially is now completely comparable to the S4 and the only thing that it has over the S4 are the 3200 mAH battery and the front-facing speakers.

    • PaulieG

      That’s 2 considerable features to have over the GS4?..

      From a baseline spec, the 2 phones are now pretty much equals.

      The GS4 has a few more sensors (temp, humidity etc), slightly larger screen, Samsung software enhancements (multiview and such).

      The HTC has the stereo front facing speakers, monster battery and HTC software enhancements (ZOE etc).

      It really now comes down to which of the value adds a consumer prefers. Better battery capacity ‘HAS’ to be in the top few features on any mobile users checklist you’d think. The GS4 has a serious competitor in this phone.

      • Wayne Green

        Most the reviews have the htc one over the 4 a already

    • Wayne Green

      Most the reviews have the htc one over the 4 a already

    • doc

      if you ever used the htc one you would have noticed that it is so much smoother than the s4 and so much more responsive and faster… htc sense kills samsungs software by a mile… I like samsung but after playing with the one you notice a difference even tho the s4 is has a faster process that you can not notice it is actually slower… this is what makes or breaks the deal for anybody who purchases a phone… so no the big ass battery and the sweet facing front speakers are not only the better features to the s4… the whole software is completely better.

  • Donnieace

    Love it but too expensive. I can get a nice TV with that kind of cash. Its a shame that these phones costs so much.

    • doc

      it’s a shame that all phones are expansive it’s called technology… just like buying a candy bar… just like buying a car… prices go up… if you can’t afford a couple hundred on a sweet phone than why are you posting on here? go get one of those $50 phones that came out 5 years ago … must suck being broke

  • James

    The HTC Butterfly S looks pretty damn nice. I think I will still go for the HTC One, simply because I cannot get the Butterfly S. I actually think that I would prefer a smaller phone that’s a bit lighter and thinner. I don’t want to go for the GS4 because it is just too big for my preference. I do really love the expandable storage and the faster processor on the Butterfly S. All in all, Butterfly S has much better specs, but I would probably still go for the HTC One.

  • Jayps21

    This can be the phone that puts HTC over the top in the US…specially with the ONE grabbing so many of apple and samsung customers.

    I hope Verizon does get it and they keep the SD slot! This will be the best move Htc and Verizon can make. It would make no sense to release the ONE on Verizon this late and the upgrade from 4.7” to 5” display will separate the DNA from the ONE.

    Fingers crossed….if not Galaxy S4 will be my next phone, 5” display and SD slot has me sold.

  • JAK

    Built in memory = u r secured. Think that you lost the and you have sensitive data.

  • Roeshak

    The butterfly S should have been released instead of the One. It’ll be going into competition against phones rocking the 800 cpu. This phone doesn’t stand a chance against the likes of the upcoming Sony Honami with it’s 20mp camera with cybershot technology.
    The note 3 too will have the 800 cpu as will the nexus 5. Personally, I just don’t see how this phone can survive with the 600 cpu and same crappy 4mp camera. No chance!

  • mason

    Yea the butterfly is better in small specs but I still love my HTC one. Has everything I need. And 4.7 screen is big enough for me. I don’t wanna look stupid holding a big ass cell phone to my ear more less put that Damn thing in my pocket. I’m keeping my HTC one for 2 yrs. After that then I’ll upgrade to whatever bad ass device they got going on then

  • mason

    HTC all the way

  • Cj Escuadro

    I love my HTC Butterfly S!The front facing speakers is superb!Maybe one of the reasons why I scour the internet just to have one! :D I also love that I could always update the software now, credits to merimobiles.com where I bought my unit.

  • myk

    i dont care about HTC haters… try to gather round your friends using different smartphones and ONLY iPhone competes with how HTC performs. its HTS for me all the time, everytime!