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Jay-Z partners to give Samsung owners an early release of his upcoming album


When it comes to the music industry, one of the biggest names out there is Jay-Z. He’s a brilliant producer and a massive music mogul who’s churned out many hits of his own as well as helping other artists rise up through the ranks. But it seems that he has a new twist for the release of his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Jay-Z and Samsung have signed a deal together to give one million Samsung device owners a chance to win the album free of charge three days before the official release. That means that owners of the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S4 will all have a shot at scoring the album at 12:01 a.m. EST on July 4, 2013.

To download the new album, you will first download the free app set arrive on the Play Store June 24. Samsung says that the app will feature a special look at the album and have personal stories and inspirations from Jay-Z. There should be some interesting stuff in there. Supposedly, Jay-Z will provide a better look at the story behind his music and some of the meanings of his lyrics. Interestingly enough, they released a video on the album’s website that showed off some big names working with Jay-Z. People like Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, and Swiss Beatz were all in the video; musical genius Rick Rubin was also seen.

If you own one of the aforementioned Samsung devices, then this is pretty exciting news for you. The fact that you get to keep the entire album for free is an incredible offer and Samsung reportedly paid through the nose for it. said to be $5–a serious chunk of change when you consider Samusng purchased one million albums. The entire contract price was about $20 million. Clearly Samsung was serious about this partnership. How many of you will try to snatch up a copy of the album before it runs out?

Via: The Verge
Source: Magna Carta Holy Grail

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  • epps720

    Samsung continues to throw their money around while HTC watches in the corner with their budget the size of my son’s t-ball team.

    • jerrbomb

      Dude.. Wtf.. Stop being a fan boy.. Samsung isn’t throwing their money around while htc sits in a corner.. They are making a marketing move.. ONE that Htc is just catching on to again.. It will take time and effort for htc.. Keep calm dude..

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        I wouldn’t say HTC is sitting in the corner, but it’s obvious that the two companies are operating under very different rules. $20 million to drop on a promotion like this just proved that Samsung has money to burn.

      • epps720

        I recently bought an unlocked HTC One, so I’m definitely not a Samsung fanboy. Just making an obvious comparison. Outside of tech sites I haven’t seen any marketing even though HTC did say they were going to spend a lot more this year. Just a shame b/c the One is an amazing phone

    • www.phonewbie.com

      HTC is giving away $25 Google Play Credit for purchases between june 14 and july 15. That’s not bad.

  • www.phonewbie.com

    if I had one of the devices I would try. Since I don’t, I won’t.

  • Chuck Mullen

    Who really cares? Seriously… lower the price of the devices not pay some “musician” used loser than well, never mind… seriously, 20 MILLION for this? I have 2 SAMSUNG devices that I paid good money for… (not on contract) and I was planning to drop some more $$$ on the NOTE 3… now that I know this will go fund more stupidity LIKE THIS, I doubt I will…

    The miracles of stupidity never cease to amaze me.

    • Chuck Mullen

      HAHA, HAHA… -1 for you…BUTTHEAD

  • breckdroid

    Take that Apple;) HOV! My favorite spoof of Jay-z was some comedian quoting him on his premature retirement back in the early 2000s. He was playing up Jay-Z’s voice as if he was in perpetual puberty, voice cracking and what not. “I didn’t say I was Retired, I just said I was Real Tired. HOV!” But i digress…

    I don’t have either of those devices. I’m still rocking the Galaxy Nexus, but if i had one I’d definitely download his new album. Samsung is thinking outside the marketing box.

    • hatesamsung

      I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The promotion says it is for GALAXY phones. Forgive me, but doesn’t the title “Samsung Galaxy Nexus” contain the word “Galaxy”?

      I’m so sick of Samsung – and LG, Asus, etc – treating their Nexus products as unwanted rape orphans. It’s unfair. I paid good money for my phone. Cost the same as S3 when they came out, and the Galaxy Nexus is a better phone than the S3.

      Samsung needs a bullet in the throat.

  • jerrbomb

    The fact of the matter is.. Samsung has Jay-Z.. And HTC has Play Store credits to give out.. Lol.. One can give a way a million albums and the other as many credits within a specific time frame granted you purchase a device from now till said date…

  • Joel

    Yep, im taking advantage of this one! Just wanna know what the app is going to look like. Jay-Z is truly a mogul and this is why. By agreeing to this deal, he’s having his album go platinum before its even released. Genius.

    • Joel

      LMAO!!! Absolutely right how could I forget? Classic

  • donger

    Samsung is rich.

  • jg

    Jay-Z is not a producer..