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Join the Splash Into Summer giveaway presented by PhoneDog Media


It was only four days ago now when we first announced Android and Me was being acquired by PhoneDog Media. We said some things might change around here, and in case you haven’t noticed, they have. We’ve been pushing out extra content, including news and editorials, and have been engaging with you, our dear readers, to make sure things are headed in a direction you like. When we announced Android and Me’s new owners, we also mentioned that we wanted to participate in more giveaways, which is exactly what we’re doing.

PhoneDog Media is proud to announce the Splash Into Summer giveaway. Every week, PhoneDog asks readers what they think is the best smartphone available. By tallying the votes over on the official smartphone rankings page at PhoneDog.com, a winner is chosen. By entering the Splash Into Summer giveaway, you have a chance to win that phone. Right now, it’s the HTC One. But who knows what you could end up with.

So how do you enter? The rules are simple:

Entering is easy. Head over to www.phonedog.com, login or set-up a new PhoneDog login, then cast your vote for your favorite smartphone at phonedog.com/rankings. That’s it! Once you vote, you’re entered to win.

Splash Into Summer contest details:

  • Voting dates: Monday, June 17th through Sunday June 23, 2013 before 11:59PM Eastern Time
  • Eligibility: Anyone from the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada that voted and is 16yrs or older with a valid Facebook or Twitter account (minimum 10 friends/followers)
  • Prize: The smartphone receiving the most votes between June 17-24, 2013 will be the selected prize awarded (ONE smartphone will be given away)
  • Drawing day and place: Tuesday June 25, 2013 at 6 PM EST – LIVE at youtube.com/phonedog

Good luck, and stay tuned to Android and Me where we have a lot more going on you’ll want hear about. Who knows what we could have up for grabs next time…

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  • Arthur

    No voucher’s for the next Nexus 7? Lol, that would be a contest worth participating in.

    • jonathan3579

      What kind of ungrateful person are you?

  • YMS123

    Why is a Twitter/Facebook with 10 friends required? Being an active reader/member is too old fashioned?

    • You got a meth mouth

      Agree, i hate twitter

  • slimx30

    I have twitter and follow alot of people like android and me, and other websites, but I don’t have any followers. Does that still count? I don’t want to use my fb to do it.

  • renyo

    Too much work to enter the contest…

  • jerrbomb

    Yeah I’m not knocking the contest but the requirement for Facebook/Twitter crazy.. This is AAM.. Lol.. Make being a member a requirement… At least.. But still a good giveaway contest nonetheless…

    • R.S

      “This is A&M”

      With the many HUGE Sprint ads plastered all over the site, I honestly wasn’t sure I was on A&M.

      Stay tuned for the hovering Gorilla Glass ad that comes back no matter how many times you click on the x in the corner.

      • jerrbomb

        Tell me about it.. Well.. There goes the changes we were looking for.. Lol

        • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

          I totally respect what you’re saying and it’s something I’ll address with the PhoneDog team. That being said, this isn’t really a “change” in either direction, just cross-promotion of a now parent site contest. Either way, we’ll be running two contests this week, with one beginning tomorrow which will both be handled in the traditional AAM format. There was a reason that Nexus 7 picture was teased!

      • MC_Android

        Yeah, the mobile version of the site has something like one Sprint ad for every two articles.

        I don’t even see why Gorilla Glass needs to advertise when their main clients are the phone manufacturers…but point taken though :)

  • Humberto H

    What a weir contest =S I mean, the rules and how to enter… it’s not usual… I dont like to use Twiter or fb to being able to join a giveaway… i feel like you are tracking me =\

    • NotRelevant

      Better get off the internet then, since since you leave behind personally identifying info at each website you visit.

  • ashok pai

    Ho Hum. what a stupid set of requirement. what’s next ? handing over your facebook password ? or have your login to spam our contact list ?

  • thymeless

    A social requirement means that one unmentioned requirement is that the winner will have to post that they won. They’ll require a link to the post. Strange how that’s not mentioned. And as it’s not mentioned as a requirement, I don’t think they can legally hold you to that.

    Otherwise, they have no way of knowing if you meet that requirement.

    I bailed on facebook years ago and I only use my twitter account to follow. I don’t tweet.

    • MC_Android

      I think the social requirements is kind of stupid to be honest as well, but I guess they want to deter people from making multiple accounts for the contests. Anyhow, I occasionally check Twitter but none of my friends use it so why would I have any followers?

  • jerrbomb

    I think it’s that along with the crazy ads.. Which to me on the mobile version is annoying.. People are like why can’t AAM operate apart from phonedog.. Especially when that was promised.. And I have the proof on my thread to show it.. But nonetheless.. My point is.. It’s a crazy requirement to most here on AAM because we are used to being a member as a requirement at points in time.. I only hope the tegra giveaways aren’t like this.. And that they keep to the tradition.. Maybe I’m way off here.. But still..

    • http://Androidandme.com David Beren

      As I responded to your earlier comment, I don’t think any “proof” is required considering technically, this isn’t a “change.” Just a cross-promotion. Stay tuned for more Android and Me specific contests which will be far more to your liking in the traditional way contests have been handled around here. You’ll see those as early as tomorrow morning/afternoon.

  • Raptor

    In a classical pyramid scheme when you come to salesman to buy something and bring 3-4 (number is approximate) friends with you then you get your purchase for free. This is possible because the customers base, volumes, click traffic etc are exponentially increasing. The rules of the phonedog giveaway are employing the same basic idea modifying it in our information age so the money do not explicitly change the hands but has the same trick and the same goal: I’ll give you something for free but i need your friends to know that, may be 3-4 of them will come here too

  • donger


  • Laurentiu V.

    Big big giveaway… LOL
    I guess you forgot that many readers are from Europe (you know from other countries than UK, US or Canada).
    There are 20 replies after 2 days of contest. This may rise a red flag.

  • Jorge Eslava

    Isn’t having an AAM account enough anymore?
    No thanks.

  • Jmburks42

    The information on this site is worth more than the gifts.