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Leaked HTC T6 sketch shows extra-large HTC One design


According to a new leak, the rumored HTC T6 will feature the same design as the beloved HTC One. An outline sketch of the HTC T6 posted on MobileLeaks features all the usual characteristics of the HTC One’s design. Measurements suggest the 5.9-inch display on the device will increase the length of the phone a mere 3mm over the HTC One – something we find hard to believe.

Regardless of how big the HTC T6 will actually be, the rumored specs will certainly catch the attention of most tech enthusiasts. So far, the T6 is expected to feature a 5.9-inch 1920 x 1080 pixel display, the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.3 GHz, a 3300 mAh battery and the same UltraPixel camera and BoomSound experience as the HTC One. While the sketch above does not hint at the inclusion of an active pen, there are some rumors that the HTC T6 may deliver advanced pen functionality to challenge the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

We’re not expecting HTC to launch the T6 (aka the HTC One Max) any time soon, so don’t be surprised if the rumors keep tricking in as we move into the summer months. Do you think HTC has a shot at competing directly with Samsung in the extra-large device space?

Via: HTC Source

Source: MobileLeaks

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  • TheDave

    Need to see how the form factor plays out – 5.9 in a 140.4mm tall device? But very excited about this One

    • SGB101

      With out sketching it out, I don’t know the width, but it’s going to wide.

      That was a problem with the note1, the width made it look massive, the note2′s dimensions make it look smaller than it actually is.

      • Cody

        I can’t believe how short it will be while maintaining Boomsound! And the width should be fine looking at those almost non-existant bezels! If this sketch is any indication of the real deal then HTC has NAILED it.

    • Girondinho

      With HTC BoomSound speakers and sensitive buttons, I don’t think it will be possible to have this 5.9″ screen (+/- 131,5 mm x 74 mm) into a 140,4 mm tall device…
      The only way will be to have virtual buttons but HTC won’t seam to be ready for this.
      If this device will come with these specs and in a smaller device than my Galaxy note II, it will be mine ;-)

    • ___

    • Richard Yarrell

      All I will say is let’s see. I find it very funny how 2yrs ago Samsung was crazy and nobody wanted I big phone factor. Everyone stood on the sidelines laughing and talking crap when the original Galaxy Note landed in 2011. Now 2yrs later Samsung has made this category prominent and legitimate with it’s Galaxy Note and last year’s Gold standard Galaxy Note 2. Now it’s time for everyone to jump on the bandwagon with all these rookie devices flooding the market. Htc, Sony, Lg all want to join the party well guys let’s keep it real the Galaxy Note family line is a industry leading proven product with game changing software solutions and feature implementations unmatched by any manufacturer. Nobody will beat the Galaxy Note 3 period.

      • Jorge Eslava

        It is true that Samsung was the first to break into the phablet market but theres is nothing wrong with other manufacturers trying to break into the market. This will just give us more choices.

        • Rising33

          I remember Dell being the first to implement the idea with the Dell Streak 5, although I dont think they were aiming for that. But yeah the idea was floating around in someone’s head and it wasnt Samsung’s. So to look at other manufacturers in twisted manor because they seem to be ( jumping the band wagon ) makes me think people dont know to well the history of phones.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Like I said Samsung made this category prominent which is where we stand today. The Dell streak years ago made the first 5 inch device which was a total FLOP. It’s Samsung who opened up everyone’s eyes to the Phablet category. Plain and simple a proven product as well as a proven track record is exactly what Samsung has. Based on that they are the industry standard and leader of the android platform period.

      • clocinnorcal

        I’m sorry but Samsung didn’t invent the “big phone factor”. I credit Samsung for exploiting what everyone wanted… a bigger screen. Also, I find your statement questionable regarding “game changing software solutions… unmatched by any manufacturer.” Most of the software bundled with touchwiz is gimmicky at best. There are some nice shortcut features, but Samsung really needs to trim the fat and focus on the UX being smooth rather than tons of bells and whistles that are at best a novelty. Example: Call logs with touchwiz become extremely latent after a month or so of activity. Also, what is up with the GingerBread style theme? Can we finally change that Sammy?

        • Richard Yarrell

          Just as I stated Samsung software and feature implementations are unmatched period. No current manufacturer is offering anything that even comes close from a skinned feature standpoint. Samsung has millions upon millions of dedicated customers people who purchase yearly Samsung products faithfully. They know what they are getting and they look forward yearly to these enhancements. What you claim to be a gimmick is legitimate features that are industry leading. Pop up browser, pop up video player, Snote, Ssuggest, multi window, and every camera feature pisses on anything currently on the market from a feature standpoint. Stop fooling yourself

          • snowbdr89

            Your an idiot yarrell, only good thing about my s4 is cyanogen running on it touch wiz an all that crap your talking about is garbage!!

          • squiddy20

            And yet there’s already 3rd party apps that do most of these “features” you speak of, but better. The best part? If you don’t want them, you don’t have to install them. Can’t get rid of all the crap Samsung’s thrown on there!

          • clocinnorcal

            I feel like the “S pen” functionality is the biggest gimmick of all. Sure it has the Wacom digitizer stuff, but it does not come close to replacing a real Wacom tablet. I feel you could buy any cheap stylus from eBay and get the same results on the Note besides taking remote pictures and seeing the little circle on your screen as you hover the S pen above. So yeah, gimmicks!

      • Sgb101

        I hate all the Sammy crud on my note2, it now has cm10.1, and is a lot better for it.

        My only regret is I put it off for so long.

        By the figures the gold standard of last year was the sgs3, not the note2. Even tho the wife’s sgs3 feels like a toy after the note

      • squiddy20

        As if you’ve never “jumped on the bandwagon” yourself…
        When HTC/Sprint were big, you were saying they were “the best” and “could never be beat”.
        Then you jumped to Verizon, and the Galaxy Nexus. You wouldn’t shut up about how “stock Android is KING” and how “pimp slapping” Verizon’s LTE was. Then you jumped ship to T-Mobile/Samsung and started bragging about how cheap it was while contradictorily rambling on about how you could now afford “2 devices per year” (which you haven’t done since you still have a Note 2).
        Amazing how you were signed up with each of these carriers or manufacturers when you had their devices, and claimed each of them were “the best”. Coincidence much? What a hypocrite and a joke.

        • Rising33

          Man Ive read a lot of that guys comments and u summed it up pretty well in a few short sentences LOL, dam ur good lol.

          • Richard Yarrell

            @Rising33 don’t be as clueless as squiddy20 the comments I read concerning you are all that bright. Go buy a clue.

          • squiddy20

            Richard, since when can anyone “buy a clue”? The phrase is “get a clue”. Moron.

          • clocinnorcal

            LOL ^^

        • Richard Yarrell

          Mr. Squiddy20 the androidandme troll of course you would respond. Someone that hasn’t owned a decent device in years. You lugged around that crappy Samsung Moment for over 2yrs then you finally bought a outdated Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. You are one of the biggest lower this site has ever had. You can only wish you were able to have or purchase the last 7plus devices I have owned these last 2yrs. I get what I want when I want and I pay the cost to be the boss. I’m not laying up at mommies house looking for a handout. You are definitely comical at best.

          • squiddy20

            “You lugged around that crappy Samsung Moment for over 2yrs” Hmmm, I had the Moment for 2 years, which just so happens to be the same period of time for a standard contract on most carriers. Coincidence? Try using that pitiful brain of yours to think things through. You might not come off as a complete idiot then.

            “then you finally bought a outdated Galaxy Nexus on Sprint.” I bought it not even a month after it was released on Sprint. How the heck is that “outdated”?

            “You are one of the biggest lower this site has ever had.” Uhhhhh…. What? Come back when you can formulate a sentence without misspelling simple words and phrases.

            “You can only wish you were able to have or purchase the last 7plus devices I have owned these last 2yrs.” No, I don’t. Want to know why moron? Because I know for a FACT that 2 of those 7 devices you claim to have “owned”, you had for no more than 3 weeks, well within the trial period most carriers offered. As for the remaining 5? I really don’t care. It’s laughably ridiculous that you think you’re “rolling with the big dogs” simply because you claim to be able to afford 2 *carrier subsidized* smartphones a year (which hasn’t turned out to be true since you still have that “pimp slapping” Note 2). What a sad little man. Using ridiculous smartphones to bolster your self esteem.

      • JIM

      • Rising33

        Well as far as the Dell streak 5 the Tech wasnt there but it was with the Dell Streak 7 with its Tegra dual core processor. I kept thinking when they first came out, why the heck didnt Dell smack that dual core in the Dell streak 5 rather than the 7? It wouldve been a sure hit. I most definitely wouldve been all over that, As far as Android 2.2 ur right it did suck be all thought it was cool when it became available. We will be saying the same about Jellybean 4.1+ when android 6.0 hits the market, hypothetically speaking.

  • redraider133

    If those dimensions are right and they got a much larger screen without adding much size to it i will definitely be interested.

  • john in brisbane

    Well I’m interested. Its great to see HTC on the move again as well. An HTC desire was my intro to smart phones but when it stared the restartings-of-death, I went to the big S. Samsung has its own quality issues though so, HTC, make me an offer I can’t refuse!

  • john in brisbane

    OK so I just ran the numbers lol and that screen is about 128.47mm high which would leave about 12mm for top and bottom bezel etc. Even if the assumptions i made about screen proportions etc are wrong, it does not seem like that diagram could be internally consistent. I’m therefore calling Bravo Sierra.

  • Jimmy_Jo

    The mere 3mm increase in length is possible because the HTC One has an absurd bezel. The amount of space between the screen and the device’s edge is much bigger than most 2012 flagship devises let alone a 2013 device. So by trimming that and making the device a little bigger I can see how the dimensions work out… The screen is almost edge to edge.

    But lets talk about the elephant in the room….AKA the big black bar on the phone. With no dedicated menu button you’re still going to have ot deal with that dumb black bar with 3 dots for an on screen menu button.

  • Rick

    if you look closely they swapped the power button and headphone jack

  • www.phonewbie.com

    Based on the last article about the One coming to verizon this summer, it may be safe to say that this is not coming to verizon. (that thought just popped in my head) I know the S4 and Note sell on all carriers but you all know how verizon is especially launching a relatively new One line around a similarly new T6, it doesn’t look good.

    Anyway, I love HTC and wanna see them have success so, let’s go!! I’m all for this device.

  • Brian P

    At 140.4 mm, that’s only a hair over 51/2 inches. I love the sound of it but I really don’t see how they can cram a 5.99″ screen in a device this small. Do we have any dimensions on the width?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I don’t think the sketch accurately represents how big the HTC T6 will be. The numbers simply don’t add up.

  • jamal adam

    We’ll have to wait and see but I think that HTC should be able to pull off a good balance in dimensions to make this phone great. I’m also excited for the stylus (an obvious and necessary addition) and what they will bring to that front.

  • David

    Based on the drawings, it appears to be 16:10 rather than 16:9, so that would mean a 1920×1200 display. That works better with the extrapolated width also, which I estimate at 86.3mm. This makes for a wide device but allows the big screen in a shorter package.

    I love this aspect ratio on my OG Note. Hopefully the pen rumors are true. A Nexus User Experience would make this perfect.

    • cb2000a

      I have the OG Note and like it’s aspect ratio as well.

  • Co1e

    3300 mAh!

  • David

    Actually I miscalculated. It is 16:10 display in the pic, but the device width based on given height is only 71mm which cannot accommodate any 5.9″ display.

    • David

      Looks like a 5.09″ display

  • Richard Yarrell

    Mmmm bigger the better for me.

  • Xperia ZR
  • jj

    I LOVE that HTC will be making a device to compete with the Note 3. I have the original Note and am anxious to upgrade. Would love to go with HTC or Sony. BUT… an absolute DEAL BREAKER for me is NON-REMOVABLE BATTERY. I change the battery in my note before the end of the day about 98% of the time. I will not buy a phone that I can’t have a spare battery charged up and ready to go.

    • Raptor

      Have you ever heard about hot swappable batteries?

  • Zach


    Glad to see the Apple yuppies didn’t kill you in their frenzy leading up to WWDC. ;)

  • Brian

    Based on a 5.9″ screen the screen itself would be 130mm tall. Extrapolating that into the above diagram actually makes it 166.7 mm tall.

    Love the idea but that might make it a tad too big for me.

  • Rising33

    HTC has proven the point that they can do the pen Tech when they pushed out the Flyer, they should make that point again now more than ever to level the playing field with the next gen Galaxy Note, though the software is what will give it the winning edge. So if someone from HTC is reading this, throw the pen in there with some nice solid software to complement it. Definitely like the design. HTC at one point or another has manufactured a phone each one of us has liked. Companies like HTC have pushed the bar making other companies like Samsung to break it and in the end we are the ones to benefit from it.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Based on the rumored specs of this Htc One Max it’s already a FAIL before it even reaches production. A 5.99 inch 1080 p device with a 3300mAh battery will be Piss poor you can count on that. Htc is famous for handset’s with drastically poor battery life and boring features with no enhancements. My current Galaxy Note 2 has a 3100mAh battery that is clearly industry leading today. Only the Razr Maxx Hd is better. Face reality the Galaxy Note 3 will launch with a 4200mAh battery with better software solutions and feature implementations. The Htc One Max won’t come close to the overall standard of the Galaxy Note 3.

      • squiddy20

        Show me where he stated anything even related to this supposed “HTC One Maxx” -__-

      • HALO/KRATOSfan

        Reading your troll comments…you should be banished from the internet..Please stop commenting…no need to keep performing digital fellatio on samdung..

        HTC will make another pretty looking device..definately will be watching this Motos offerings..

      • clocinnorcal

        Richards favorite words: Samsung, industry, leading, Galaxy, Note, two (2).

  • scubabum

    Good move, HTC, taken a page from Samsung’s playbook.
    Give users more choices to choose from.

  • Raptor

    My guess is that it will cost in the region of 700 bucks despite its $70-100 to build. Another my guess is that by this time next year there will be pretty of choices of similar spec Chinese phones for just $200.

    /* i know i rattle parasitic class of middlemen and salespeople here who benefit from the rolling price fixing for all that gear. Keep downvoting.

  • donger

    This is gonna be Epic.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I think the Epic is a Samsung phone. ;)

      • clocinnorcal

        Another baaaaa-zing

  • surg3d

    Looking forward to this phone. I’m a huge HTC fan but Samsung does have more experience in the phablet space. It’ll be a showdown between this and the Note 3 for me for sure!

  • thymeless

    Hope they include the SD card and battery swap of the Asian One version. Would make this a very compelling device.

  • gest

    It gunna be a flop with no removable battery.Galaxy note 3 or 4 will kill htc. Htc will die with apple and samsung. T6k

  • Deveal2014

    Can’t wait ! HTC started the big ass android phone movement with the 4.3 in HTC evo , which many deemed to big at the time. I’m glad they are back at it .

  • Deveal2014

    The Galaxy Note is a shrunken down HTC Flyer. Samsung does not innovate