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LG holding media event August 7, ready for Optimus G2?


LG sent us a brief message last night, telling us that the “LG Mobile Communications Company will be hosting an international media event on August 7 in New York City. More information will follow in the coming weeks, but we wanted you to be aware so you could plan your schedules accordingly.”

What’s the event about?  We’d be willing to bet money that this event will be announcing the successor to the popular LG Optimus G.  Yesterday morning, LG and Qualcomm were teasing us about the next G series device running the beastly Snapdragon 800 processor.  And do you remember those leaked screen shots from a while back of that beautiful LG device with the tiny bezels and possibly a lack of capacitive navigation buttons?  I think LG has come a long way since I first picked up my first Android device, the LG T-Mobile G2x.  I hated that device.  LG has really stepped it up with their latest releases, and it seems like they have some big plans for their next flagship.

So, it’s obviously not confirmed that LG will be announcing the next G series device on August 7, but things seem to be pointing that direction.  Do you think LG will be able to release something that can compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One?  If this next G series device is as good as it sounds, is it your next device?  It’s looking like we’ll be getting all the facts August 7, but I hope we keep getting teased with details because whatever LG is announcing, it seems legit.  Stay tuned!

Brooks is an engineer living in the Bay Area recently dislocated from the Great Northwest. He's an Android enthusiast who decided to start doing something (productive?) with his countless hours Android modding and theming. He has a hot wife, is a father of three, an avid F1 fan, and enjoys watching sports when he can. His current devices include the Nexus 6 and 7 (2103) both running stock roms and may or may not be rooted. You can follow Brooks on Twitter @Brooks_Barnard.

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  • Arthur

    LG is becoming a legitimate force in the mobile handset world and with each new flagship they are only improving not just spec wise but hardware keeps getting better as well where as their fellow Korean neighbour is going the Apple route and releasing minor iterations, keeping the phone primarily the same.

    It is looking more and more like the next Nexus will be based on the latest Optimus G series phone with a Snapdragon 800 SoC which will of course be awesome.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Brooks Barnard

      I agree. I think LG has come a long way. I love my Nexus 4. I hope they continue to kill it.

  • G2

    Yes im very interested to see my next smartphone from LG.
    LG is now the new King of Smartphone innovation.

    Im expecting the following;

    a huge 3,500mAh battery
    TRUE HD IPS 5″1080p Display.
    Beautiful Classy elegant design
    Snapdragon 800
    13mp Camera
    And fast worldwide realising of the phone.

    Kudos LG!

  • XC
  • CactusCat

    Interesting indeed. I did something this past week since I sort of got tired of waiting and tired of ATT exclusives. I purchased full price an LG Optimus G Pro, the 5.5″ bad boy with 32gb storage, 2gb RAM, Snapdragon 600 at 1.7, and that gorgeous 1920×1080 screen. The phone is quite the monster in just about every category. Nice part is the price. ATT is getting $549.99 for them. With tax, it was $596. Since I’m on Tmo, I unlocked the phone and then set it up on Tmo’s network. I get everything perfectly. 4GLTE included. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase and the phone. Of course, in a few weeks, it’ll be obsolete, but voila!… I have no contract with Tmo now. Just that great unlimited all you can eat for $70. The phone is paid for, so if this Optimus G warrants it, I’ll simply sell the G Pro and go that way. Life is good ATM.

  • donger

    Go LG, love my Nexus 4.

  • BigCiX

    I’ve said it numerous times. LG makes real good phone but lack in the software department. If they can just leave their phone stock or make a better UI then they can make it big in this smartphone war.