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More Motorola pitch leaks; “hello again”

Motorola Hello Again (2)

After last night’s cryptic leak about a possible ad campaign for Motorola, we’re back today with some more info. Once again posted on B.A. Bäkken’s Behance page, these pictures present a different story. A story of Motorola’s return; emphasized with the phrase “hello again”.

Motorola Hello Again

The mock-ups tie in with the ones from last night. They’re in a very different style that implies the new Motorola will reinvent the way it looks and works. As you can see, the mock-ups are simple and typographical with a pleasant color palette of slightly muted colors. They bear a striking contrast to the dark and bold design that we saw in the farewell mock-ups.

But the text in the mock-ups plainly tells us that there will be massive changes. Phrases like “Nothing won’t change” and “What could change? How about everything” have not a hint of subtlety about them. Unfortunately, this set of mock-ups didn’t include any sort of date to give us a hint. But if this set of rumors and leaks is to be believed, then we should see some big changes coming from Motorola.

How will this affect Motorola’s plans for the Moto X phone? We have no idea. What is Motorola going to look like when they come back? We don’t know that either. All we can do at the moment is speculate about what this could mean. With that in mind, what do you guys think could be in store for Motorola? What are your predictions?

Source: Behance

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  • http://nickvettesephotography.com Nicholas Vettese

    I believe that the Motorola/Google conglomerate is going to change the face of mobile computing. These are two powerhouses combining to bring out the best in each other, and the rest of mobile computing.

    I look forward, with excitement to see what is next, and I hope it is everything we could want. Maybe even some of GoogleX is been added to this? :)

    • vforvortex

      If we are to go by the comments Google and Motorola have made in the past and confirmed recently about there being a firewall between the two companies and essentially treating motorola as a 3rd party OEM & operating as two seperate companies, then i dont think Motorola will have access to google X labs.. Perhaps down the road.

  • Carlos Estremera

    The different colors used could imply what we’ve heard about customization options to the exterior of the phone; “What could change? How about everything.” – ability to change almost all aspects of the phone to one’s liking (exterior colors; interior specs; as past rumors suggested).

  • jerrbomb

    I honestly can wait until Motorola actually comes back.. I mean they know how to make phones.. And I’m not knocking any other manufacturer by any means because I love Htc when especially now they are making a come back.. Because I started with the original Evo.. But anyhoo.. MOTOROLA needs this.. They need to show the world that they can make not just a comeback but a COMEBACK.. I love the color schemes as well.. I can’t wait..

  • Ryan O’Neill

    Why would they use the Razr HD in these “Hello Again” images? I thought they were trying to put their past behind them?

  • faun

    As with the previous “goodbye moto” article, this article is complete rubbish.

    These are just mocks some graphic designer has created as a hypothetical portfolio piece. They’re not leaks!

    I expect better from this site…

  • jimb42

    How about “we’ll never lie again” – well those of us still stuck with a Photon a year after their promise to upgrade it to Ice Cream Sandwich and with a year to go on our contracts before we can ugrade to a phone sold by somebody that cares, we won’t believe that one either. Actions speak louder than word and I’ve experienced their actions – so until Motorola actually proves they’ve changed their concept of truth in advertising, no advertising campaign will ever convince me that I can trust their brand name again.

  • donger