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Motorola XT1055 passes FCC with US Cellular bands; possible XFON variant?


The Motorola X Phone is one of the hottest rumored devices on the planet. All sorts of crazy rumors have popped up about this device, and it’s been entertaining to say the least. Now the mysterious Motorola device has popped up in FCC filings for various carriers: AT&T (XT1058), Sprint (XT1056) and Verizon (XT1060). The latest to pass through the FCC was the Motorola XT1055, which has compatibility for the LTE Band 12 that US Cellular uses. Hopefully we’ll soon see a T-Mobile model, too.


The AT&T model’s filing revealed an image that looked exactly like previous leaks of a device titled the XFON, which looked like other leaks that were showing off the X Phone. All of these model numbers are close together, so they should all be variants of the same device. This means we just might see this X Phone across all US carriers.

Yesterday, evleaks revealed the specs of the Motorola X. Evleaks is known for accurate leaks of high profile devices, so we’re inclined to trust him. The specs revealed a Snapdragon dual core, 2GB of RAM, a 720p display, a 10MP camera and Android 4.2.2. These specs aren’t high-end by our fancy standards (especially compared to the quad cores and 1080p displays in the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4), but they’re definitely nice for a mid-range phone.

With FCC filings left and right, this device may come out very soon. We still don’t know of a release date or even the price, but we’re sure the info will come soon enough.

It’s surprising to see even regional carriers get the same Motorola device; we haven’t really seen a truly cross-carrier Motorola device in a long time. Naturally, we’re excited to see what Motorola and Google cooked up. With Google’s guidance on this device, it may be something very special. What would you like to see from the X Phone?

Via: Droid-Life
Source: FCC

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  • T1392

    As long as its real world performance is better then what the specs are to be or suggested I’ll be happy enough to buy it.

    • Bpear96

      Performance should be pretty similar to the Nexus 4. Considering it has the same amount of ram, same GPU , but it does have 4 krait cores clocked at 1.5ghz however. This has 2 at 1.7ghz. Most things on android probably only take advantage of 2 cores max. So performance should be pretty similar for most things. And 720p under 5 inch is plenty.

      • Graham Steffaniak

        voice of reason. thank you.

    • uzunoff

      I am still hoping that those specs will be only one of many options this phone will be offered with.

      From what I know FCC is interested with the radio performance and not with the hardware the phone ships with.
      So I am hoping on a high end phone in addition to this nice mid range phone.

  • www.phonewbie.com

    All high end devices should be available across all the major carriers. Give customers what they want…choice and options. Sony and Motorola are lagging, let’s go! Carriers stop extending upgrade times and cut loose the contracts. No new taxes. And I approve this message!

    • ResoluteComa

      Sony and Motorola aren’t lagging at all. They’re giving people phones that can handle what people need them to. There is currently nothing out that requires 4 cores so why put them in? It increases price and drains batteries. Plus Sony and Motorola know how to optimise the cpus. The other big names (Samsung & apple especially) are only after money. A good dual core is plenty and with 2gb ram and a decent gpu this will match any ‘top’ model in day to day use.

  • surethom

    Motorola has not released a new phone in over a year, it’s about time.

    As long as the camera is as good or better than Nokia then all the specs look good too me, I hate 5″ screen phones but want a very good camera phone but not the Samsung brick zoom.

    • jb

      They announced phones last fall….it has not been a year yet..

      Their product cycle for the past two years has been fall releases, like the iPhone or nexus devices…

  • sandwich

    I’m hoping that those mid-range specs are an indication that this phone will indeed have the multi-day battery life I think it was rumored to have.

  • CTown

    I cannot wait to find out why this phone has been so tightly wrapped up until recently; hopefully, it wasn’t kept secret so the specs don’t cause people to blow it off before it was ready to be shown.

  • Andre

    I’m just ready for a carrier to actually confirm the dang phone!!…well, some official specs, pricing, and release date would be nice also but I don’t want to get too carried away :-)

  • Graham Steffaniak


  • Pravas

    One thing for sure…this phone looks good..

  • donger

    They’ll announce this phone soon then.

  • Nathan D.

    Let the official press announce this already