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NVIDIA planning to license Kepler GPU to OEM’s

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We all know NVIDIA and their Tegra chipsets, but now some big news has come out regarding their technology. NVIDIA has announced via a blog post that they’re planning to license out their Kepler GPU architecture to mobile manufacturers. The Kepler GPU architecture is the most advanced and efficient mobile GPU that NVIDIA makes, and it serves as a part of the reference design for the next-gen Tegra processors. But now that NVIDIA has agreed to license out the technology, it could make huge waves in the mobile sector.

You see, both Apple and Samsung make their own SoCs, or system on a chip. To date, they both have always had to license their GPUs from companies like ARM, with their Mali GPUs, or Imagination Technologies, creater of the Power VR GPUs. With NVIDIA’s Kepler GPU now available for license, we could see one of Samsung’s Galaxy devices using a high-end NVIDIA GPU. Or possibly even an iPhone with an NVIDIA GPU. Either of those would be a huge breakthrough for NVIDIA, who has long struggled to have a major impact in the mobile phone market.

Companies who choose to license the Kepler GPU will get designs and support to integrate the Kepler GPU into their chipsets. But NVIDIA is also planning to license out their visual computing portfolio to allow manufacturers to create their own GPUs. This means that rather than putting their own Tegra chipsets in different devices, NVIDIA can instead get their renowned technology inside of them which should help save money for both them and the manufacturer. If you’re interested in reading their full post, follow the source link below.

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Via: Android Central

Source: NVIDIA

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  • lxgeorge

    This is fantastic! Always a good thing when technology is spread around. Also, as Jeremy Clarkson would say: “MORE POWER!!!”

  • donger

    Yes, would be nice in the next iphone or android phone.

  • arafko

    You can’t go wrong with Nvidia. Can’t wait to see what the future holds !