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Samsung to launch first LTE-Advanced smartphone, Galaxy S 4 variant

samsung galaxy s 4

Samsung plans to make history by releasing the first smartphone that supports LTE-Advanced, a new network technology that can be twice as fast as current LTE. The device is set to be a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, powered by a Qualcomm chip with LTE-Advanced support built in (network radios are usually integrated into the SoC, and the Exynos Octa does not support LTE-Advanced). According to co-CEO JK Shin, the device may be released as early as this month in their home country of South Korea.

Here’s the downside: no carriers in South Korea support LTE-Advanced. In fact, only a single carrier in Russia called Yota currently has LTE-Advanced enabled. But who better than Samsung to push this new technology ahead? With the hardware now available to the public, carriers will have plenty of reason to pursue LTE-Advanced technology. Verizon received major recognition as the first US carrier to support LTE. We can safely assume that the first carrier to implement LTE-Advanced will have customers rushing to try it out, especially when the flagship is a Galaxy S 4 variant.

Samsung says a movie download that would usually take 3 minutes on 4G LTE would take a little more than a minute on LTE-Advanced, so the increase is nothing to scoff at. And with Sammy talking to carriers about LTE-Advanced and their new phone, we might just see this technology emerge fairly soon. Are you excited?

Via: Android Central
Source: Reuters

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  • SGB101

    The new bosses are really cracking the whip, been more posts in the last hour than the past week.

    How many sgs4 do they want to launch. The other variants like active, camera, mini, are aimed at different sectors but this version is just going to piss the early full sgs4 owners off.

    • SGB101

      Come to think of it they done this with the note2, a 3g and then a 4g about a month later.

      Which did pee me off a little, until I seen the 4g prices.

    • jamal adam

      I think it was mentioned somewhere that a Russian company already has LTE-A, if I’m not mistaken.

      Also, I agree with you in that I think that T-Mobile might be one of the first if not the first to roll out LTE-A because in a TmoNews article (http://goo.gl/xLMsK) it was stated that since T-Mobile has newer hardware than it’s competitors, they were more likely to be in a better position to move to LTE-A before the companies like Verizon, AT&T, etc.

  • APM

    Too many phones. So i9500 / i9505 will be “dated” after a few months ? Im was Samsung user but after SGS1, SGS2 and SGS3, I decided to get HTC One this year and it was great and right move.

  • Co1e

    I’m sorry buts what’s the point of having an LTE-Adv. phone if you don’t have a network to run it on?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      For science!
      But seriously, if Samsung pushes this by making hardware available to the people, carriers will have far more incentive to start building the network. It’s future proofing and pushing innovation.

      • Co1e

        I’m all for innovation moving forward, but I guess this just feels like the OEM equivalent of a “FIRST!!” forum post.

    • SGB101

      They have it in Russia apparently

  • jerrbomb

    Good Post and shout out to you the new staff members… I’m down for LTE-A..

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Thank you!

  • jamal adam

    Looks like Samsung wants an S4 for every single person. Perhaps the reason they are launch this in LTE-Adv version is so that they can call themselves “first,” unless another company has already produced one before them.

    On another note, the new leadership means business and I like that. Good on you.

  • CTown

    Since, T-Mo got a LTE GS3 really late in the game I’m going to guess that will also eventually make its way to T-Mobile. I mean we all know how T-Mobile loves to refresh Galaxy S devices:

    1st gen: Galaxy S 4G
    2nd gen: Galaxy S Blaze
    3rd gen: GS3 w/ LTE and Relay 4G
    4th gen: Probably this…

  • BigCiX

    When is LTE advance coming stateside?

  • donger

    so many variants, hope Samsung can keep up.

    • melissa ghoisington

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  • Jerome

    I still think that the Samsung Galaxy S Advance is the best especially the Internet. I was having a good time using it especially when browsing.