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WSJ: Google is working on a game console, watch and successor to the Nexus Q


The Wall Street Journal has dropped a bombshell tonight, detailing several products slated to come out of Google as early as this fall. According to the WSJ, Google is working on a game console, a smartwatch and successor to the Nexus Q.

With the success of Ouya, it’s not surprising Google is looking at game consoles as the next big thing. At just $99, Ouya just went on sale this week, and has already started selling out at major retailers and online. Google would presumably take the same approach as Ouya, offering up a cheap box optimized for games, but capable of running other Android apps as well. However, Google’s console wouldn’t be built around media.

Also tipped by the Journal, Google is said to be working on a successor to the Nexus Q that would be sold in Google Play for much cheaper than the first iteration. As stylish as it was, the first Nexus Q was far over priced. The new Nexus Q will be centered around Google Play media, like music and movies.

Rumors of Google working on a new Nexus Q come hot on the heels of news that Google has yanked Play Movie support for the original device, effectively killing it. If Google were to be making a second Nexus Q, killing support for the first generation model would make sense. It will be interesting to see how Google differentiates the Q from its game console, when either of which could fill both roles. We have a sneaking suspicion there may actually only be one device in the works, and that the original information was misinterpreted.

Finally, Google is said to be working on a smartwatch. Fueled by the success of Pebble, news that Samsung is working on a smartwatch and rumors that Apple will enter the market sooner than later, Google wants to provide a first-party Android watch that would connect to your smartphone and provide real-time information. We imagine Google’s smartwatch would be similar to Google Glass, offering a Google Now like experience.

With one of these devices likely to launch this fall, stay tuned for more details soon.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    I read the full WSJ report and I didn’t really see anything new here. Anonymous sources repeat things that have been rumored for months. Still pretty exciting if any of this comes true soon.

  • jamal adam

    This is some very exciting news. As you said, I also think it would make more sense to have one product for both media and gaming. I assume this will come installed with KLP (both the game console and smartwatch), hopefully. Hope this comes to pass in the fall.

  • Vance

    Hmmm, no mention of Google TV in the game console or Q successor? Surely there’s a natural synergy here and an easy way to add value to either/both device(s).

  • rantmo

    The problem with centering a device around Play TV and Movies is that everything is a la carte; without some manner of subscription service like they’ve done with Music, I just don’t see how the service competes with all the established options out there. Which is to say that they should make that happen and I will happily subscribe.

  • renyo

    Peeps at Google on a roll!



  • redraider133

    I can see them getting into the console business, especially with the recent addition of games to google play. Google does not want to sit around and let another potential revenue source go untouched. Now it might not be like xbox or ps4 but maybe more along the lines of the shield or ouya. I am interested to see what google can do.

  • lou2cool88

    I think a Google TV box would be really great if they make it compatible with tablet apps instead of having separate “TV apps.” They could have some sort of touchpad remote or kinect-like gesture and voice controls to navigate.

    • lou2cool88

      Also, I’m really excited for the watch and the game console!

  • HeadDoc

    Google TV should BE a gaming console. Google TV 3.0 supposedly has full Play Store access, yes? And some of the GTV consoles out there have trackpads on the remotes that are essentially substitutes for a phone’s screen. If Google could just get their act together and make the Google TV standard include full ability to play Play Store games (which would be ridiculously simple), people might forget all of their terrible mistakes in this area so far. I would pay $150 for full access to all Android games, maybe more.

  • Douglas Fry

    Now that Google has killed the Motorola Actv….I hope that their smart watch version will give us a solid replacement for the sport/gps category.

  • h0ruza

    As ideas go I don’t think its a bad one. It just doesn’t seem or sound like a great idea just yet.

    What I want is something to bring those world’s together. Yes make a smart watch if you like and for the love of god make my living room cohesive with the Nexus Q but don’t give me three new things that live in there own eco systems doing a average job of handling a part of my media and won’t integrate with my xbox, playstation, Nintendo, hifi and whatever TV & Movie service I use.
    I’m baffled as to why not one single tech company sees this as the ultimate goal.

    Android should be a platform for ‘Our Media Life’ and it should be that by taking the complexity out of the current state of our media at home.

    Anything short of that is leaving room for a competitor to do so before you.

    This is my definition of ‘Android at Home’… Remember that notion from an IO not too long ago? 

  • donger

    Very nice. But that’s when the next gen consoles are coming.

  • EolianPipes

    I hope that the Q turns more into an Apple TV type device. It would even make sense to just combine that with their upcoming game console.

    I have an iPad as my tablet, but an Android phone, and love the use of airplay to my Apple TV.

    As many commenters here have already said, it should also integrate with Google TV. Why not just have one device that utilizes all the features that they’ve been building up over the last couple of years. Turn it into a competitor against Apple TV and the Roku for a box that gets connected to your TV. At the very least, that would be a dream scenario (especially if it all worked).